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Approved Apr 13, 2010 - Navarre Area Architectural Review Board Minutes


April 13, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 3:02 p.m. with the following members and staff present:
· Mr. Gaius Bruce, Vice-Chairman
· Ms. Joanne Connor, Committee Member
· Mr. Kenneth Walters, Committee Member
· Ms. Lisa Epstein, Committee Member
· Ms. Leslie Statler, Planner I, Staff to the Committee

Mr. Gaius Bruce opened the meeting by asking the committee to review the minutes from the March 9, 2010, meeting and if there was discussion of the minutes. Ms. Lisa Epstein asked for clarification of the term “evergreen” (line 33). Ms. Joanne Connor stated that an evergreen is a plant or tree that has foliage year-round. Ms. Epstein moved to approve the minutes as amended. Mr. Kenneth Walters seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously for approval.

The Board then moved on to consider the first item on the agenda.

Mr. Bruce introduced the first case, 2010-NAARB-002, located in the Heart of Navarre (HON) overlay zoning district at 8697 Navarre Parkway. Mr. Baker Clark was present as representative for the request. Mr. Bruce asked if the Board had questions or if Mr. Baker had anything to add. Ms. Epstein asked about the grade change for pedestrians. Mr. Baker explained that the pathway would continue around and provide easier accessibility. Ms. Epstein moved to approve the project as presented. Mr. Walters seconded the motion which was then unanimously approved.

The Board then discussed other business. Ms. Epstein inquired about vacancy on the Board. Ms. Leslie Statler advised that the Planning Department was reviewing the applications previously submitted but that it was likely the County would advertise for the vacant position concurrent with the positions whose terms are due to expire.

Ms. Epstein then made a motion to adjourn and Mr. Kenneth Walters seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved. The meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m.

Minutes approved by the Board on May 11, 2010