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Approved Aug 2, 2006 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Task Force
Steering Committee
August 2, 2006
Milton, Florida

The Santa Rosa County LMS Task Force met on the above date with 21 members present. A copy of the sign in sheet showing attendees is attached. Walker called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m.

Royals moved approval of the minutes from the April 26, 2006 meeting; Gomillion seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

Approval of Community Shelter retrofit projects

Marsh said the county is in the process of identifying potential buildings for possible shelters in the north end of the county. She said the countyhas hired a structural engineer who is assessing three buildings for possible hardening as shelters (Chumuckla Community Center, Fidelis Community Center, and Berryhill Elementary School). Marsh said these hardening projects need to be added to the LMS projects list for possible grant funding. She said the county will be submitting a grant application to retrofit these shelters. Marsh said the applicationdeadline date is August 15, 2006.

M. Adams asked if grant funds will pay for the structural engineer. Marsh said a structural engineer’s analysis is required to apply for the grant. Walker said the county will cover the expense of the structural engineer. He said this is a new requirement to identify safe buildings as shelters. Walker said these shelters will be used during disaster events.

Marsh said the county is considering using East Milton School as a test site to shelter animals. M. Adams said he wishes to make it very clear that no dogs will be allowed at the public shelters. Marsh agreed there is some confusion and this pilot animal shelter may help to defuse citizens’ wishes to bring their animals to the public shelters. Furman suggested sending a press release to confirm no pets will be allowed at public shelters.

Walker reviewed the shelters used during Hurricanes Erin and Opal. He said in 2001 American Red Cross encouraged the government to consider certified shelters. Walker said the county is working to upgrade its shelters and meet capacity needs. He said the county needs to find a way to shelter animals as well. Marsh said public input is needed during the planning stage of sheltering pets. There was further discussion regarding shelter needs for citizens and pets.

D. Adams moved approval to add Chumuckla Community Center, Fidelis Community Center, and Berryhill Elementary School to the LMS projects list for hardening as shelters; Gomillion seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

Approval of new Private Residence Hazard Mitigation Project Proposal & Assessment application

Marsh reviewed the revisions of the residential hazard mitigation application (Attachment in File). Royals asked if these monies are for structures that have not been rebuilt and
considered to be repetitive loss. Marsh said no. She said these funds are for retrofitting or hardening of existing homes. Marsh said it does help to have repetitive loss but repetitive
loss is not required to receive funding. She said it is important to encourage citizens that need to harden their homes to do so.

Carden moved approval of the new Private Residence Hazard Mitigation Project Proposal & Assessment application; Royals seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.

County resident shutter application waiting list

Walker said this is an information item regarding the current waiting list of residential shutter projects (Attachment in File). Furman asked the amount of funding available. Combs said projects totaling approximately $350,000.00 have been submitted but all the projects will not receive funding. Furman asked how many citizens have benefited thus far from this program. Combs said 26 applications have been sent to FEMA for funding. There was discussion regarding the application process and required documentation.

Royal said insurance companies are providing a discount on certain items that require verification. She said the county requires a building permit and inspection on hurricane shutters. Royals said homeowners will receive documentation from the Building Inspection Department when the hurricane shutters pass inspection. There was discussion regarding the use of hurricane shutters that comply with Florida Code and the cost limitation based on the value of the home. There was further discussion regarding the benefits of the program and advertising to inform the public about this program. Combs said residents pay 100% for the shutters up front, and 75% of the expense is reimbursed.

Update of Ivan and Dennis Hazard Mitigation project applications

Marsh asked the representatives from the City of Milton and the Town of Jay if they have received any information regarding their project applications. D. Adams said the City of Milton is providing additional information on the Locklin Lake project. Stubstad said currentlythe project applications are supposed to be at the Federal level.

Marsh said thus far the county has signed three contracts for hardening projects. She said it is her understanding three additional projects have also been approved. Marsh provided
a brief updated on the status of the county projects. She said Santa Rosa County submitted 26 projects, Milton submitted 2 or 3, Jay submitted 2, and Gulf Breeze submitted 2.

Walker said the grant application process is long, and when additional information is requested it needs to be sent to be successful with funding. He said it is his understanding the hardening projects are being approved first, the stormwater projects will be approved second, and wastewater projects will be approved last.

Other Business & Public Comments

Royals said county staff is scheduled to provide an annual update of the LMS Plan to the Board of County Commissioners. She said the updated plan will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners during the August 24, 2006 Regular Commission meeting.

Billy Neal requested an additional LMS committee member from the incorporated area of Navarre or from Holley by the Sea Homeowners Association. Walker said private citizen and business representation is welcome. He said private citizen and business representation helps to reflect the needs of the community. Walker provided a brief history of recent disasters affecting Santa Rosa County. He said this committee exists to be flexible and address different types ofdisasters.

Marsh requested the committee members review the current projects list before the next LMS meeting. She said it will be helpful to have two lists of projects. Marsh said the first list will be Hazard Mitigation projects, and the second list will be Preparedness and Response projects.

Next Meeting Date/Adjournment

The next scheduled meeting of the LMS Committee will be Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. in the Emergency Operations Center.

There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.