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Approved Apr 23, 2003 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes


 Santa Rosa County
Emergency Services Advisory Committee
April 23, 2003
2:00 p.m.


All members present:
Joe Diamond      Chris Rucker
Gerry Goldstein  Tony Simmons
Lew Oliver            Don Vanderryt
John E. Reble
Staff present:
Sheryl Bracewell
Dave Ling
Deb Grinde

Agenda for meeting this date approved. Minutes for meeting held March 26, 2003 approved and accepted.

Reviewed report to be used as ‘standard form’ brought to table by G. Goldstein. Survey taken from “Needs Assessment for Fire & EMS Services” distributed by FEMA dated 12/2002. First four (4) pages would be distributed to the Fire Departments. There are three (3) items to be reviewed at this meeting that would require some tailoring for Santa Rosa County. They are:
#36 Number of occupants
#38 Size of acreage
#25 Number of stories in height

Noted that Table 11 by Community Size will assist in determining how many firefighters are necessary.

Questioned whether data base program is available from FEMA? FEMA would address all concerns. However, transferring data to a new database would be prohibitive. Vice Chairman G. Goldstein will contact FEMA.

Numbers generated will indicate shortfalls, both locally and nationwide, and will also indicate our capabilities.

Request that committee members review the survey form and recommend any changes, comments, questions, etc. These issues must be brought to the table prior to distributing to departments.

Questioned whether we will operate by and measure against the NFPA guidelines.

Noted that D. Vanderryt address has been corrected.

Reviewed correspondence from R. Collins and duly noted that a Firefighter I includes responsibilities as a first responder.

Discussion held regarding funding for Fire Departments.
  • Special district’s data is available from S. Bracewell
  • Seventeen (17) departments of which 3 are municipals
  • Whiting Field is included in the seventeen (17) depts.
  • Of the seventeen (17) departments, three (3) are considered special districts; those are Avalon, Midway and Holley/Navarre
  • Avalon and Midway are funded by ad valorem taxes; Holley/Navarre is funded by fees similar to MSBU and based on property type
  • May want to consider MSTU (taxing) for the future
A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) draft was approved at the last fire chief’s meeting. That is an agreement between the EMS provider for Santa Rosa County (Rural Metro) and each of the fire departments regarding first response to calls.

County ordinance requires ninety percent (90%) of all calls be responded to within a twenty (20) minute time range in rural areas of the county.

Reviewed the EMS Task Force Report, which indicated that Rural Metro is equipped beyond the minimum requirements of the county.

Per C. Rucker, Rural Metro Ambulance, costs to reduce response times by an additional two (2) minutes could reach up to $8 million dollars.

S. Bracewell advised there is a video available in conjunction with Midway Fire Dept. regarding signal control devices.

FFOSHA update will have a substantial impact on all counties.
  • A minimum of 160 hours training also applies to volunteers
  • Jay has completed their FFI class and will test for same on May 1, 2003
  • There is a possible 2 year window for compliance
  • There is possibly up to 300 people in Santa Rosa County that may require 160 hours of training
  • Costs for ‘Train the Trainer’, books, manuals and any other necessary supplies are prohibitive
  • Training provided in Jay was funded through a grant from FEMA
  • The dollar amount for subject training may cost up to $200,000.00 in Santa Rosa County and discussion held regarding how the training will be funded.
  • H. Walker advised that the funds have been set aside for this project and can be readied for release; it is necessary to set up a funding mechanism
  • The funds can be set up for both in-house training programs and those provided by PJC
  • Committee will support a request for the release of funds set aside and designated for training according to the FFOSHA Code, Chapter 4A-62 and routed through S. Bracewell
  • Each department will coordinate their needs through the Firefighter’s Association; S. Bracewell to make requests by and for the Firefighter’s Association

Focus Issues

Committee will explore concerns brought to the Board of County Commissioners by the Santa Rosa County Firefighter’s Association. Those issues are published on correspondence dated February 25, 2003 and provide a starting point for this committee.
Public Forum
Recognized Mr. Richard Collins, Chumuckla Hwy, who suggested that T. Simmons, Jay Fire Station #27, promote the fact that his personnel has been trained and is making progress in completing the basic requirements of the FFOSHA; suggested that he “advertise” this information on the ESAC web site.

S. Bracewell advised that the information is listed on Jay Fire Department’s web site; that if posting on the ESAC web site, we must include Midway Fire Department and any others already trained; suggested that staff determine the posting of such information.

D. Ling announced two (2) meetings that may be of interest to committee members: CEO Roundtable for Schools/Emergency Responders 
                 Tuesday, May 29, 2003 09:00AM Berryhill Complex
                Domestic Security Task Force
                Tuesday, May 29, 2003 01:00PM Crestview
G. Goldstein requested reference to the Fire Task Force Report, 1996-1997, page 3 regarding Operating Expenses. Mr. Goldstein noted that the Volunteer Fire Departments purchase fuel from the local gas stations. It was confirmed that the departments continue to purchase from local gas stations. Mr. Goldstein suggested that the departments be allowed to purchase gasoline from the county at cost. He will investigate the issue and report his findings to this committee.

Next meeting is May 28, 2003 at 2:00 p.m.

Meeting will be moved to the EOC because of a scheduling conflict with this meeting room. A tour will be held in place of the regular assembled meeting.

R. Collins questioned whether the meeting could be taped at the EOC and then brought to this site for transfer to the web site. H. Walker advised that would not be possible, as we have no video taping capabilities at the EOC.

C. Rucker advised that the week of May 18th is national EMS week.

Request was made that staff issue email notices regarding all festivities and open houses to all committee members.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by:
D.A. Grinde