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Approved Jun 25, 2003 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Emergency Services Advisory Committee
June 25, 2003
2:00 p.m.


 Members present:

Joe Diamond                                                             Chris Rucker
Gerry Goldstein                                                         Tony Simmons
Lew Oliver                                                                  Don Vanderryt
John E. Reble

Staff present:

Sheryl Bracewell                                                       Dave Ling
Deb Grinde   

Distributed and reviewed reports on the activity of each Fire Dept for the month of May 2003.  Reviewed protocol for “ALPHA” calls.  Discussed the following issues that are included in the monthly reports:

  • No Response
  • Response Times
  • Fractile Response (90% of the time per the current contract)

Discussion held regarding the following issues:

  • Will also need to track firefighters on scene, e.g. 4 firefighters on scene, then 2 in/2 out
  • At what point do we achieve 90%
  • Call volume must be taken into consideration when discussing the data for each dept
  • Mr. Goldstein questioned whether departments are compensated according to performance or conformance; determined it is probably not ‘formally’ accounted for
  • Are benchmarks established from National Standards; determined there are one or more National Agency Standards; optimal response criteria is in the benchmarks

Determined that members will review the same reports for the month of June 2003, and then will look for more basic reporting such as the total number of calls, percentage of medical and fire calls, percentage of ‘No Responses’ by departments.

Distributed CD with all of 2000 NFPA standards including:

  • Training
  • Firefighter I
  • Firefighter II
  • NFPA 1710 (Paid Departments: City of Milton, Midway, Whiting Field)
  • NFPA 1720 (Volunteer Departments)

These are not mandated until adopted by the governing body.  Discussion held regarding usefulness to departments.

Minutes for meeting held April 23, 2003 approved and accepted.

Old Business

Email from G. Goldstein regarding bulk fuel

Discussed the mechanics of using the bulk fuel versus the savings involved.

Discussed detailed questions for the departments to answer; these are necessary to help the committee members make good decisions.

Many departments are already using bulk fuel.

Discussed the option of purchasing from the county yard or purchasing bulk directly from the fuel companies.

Questioned whether the county yard will be easily accessible and will it be accessible to all volunteers.

Les Slocum, acting chief at the Holley/Navarre Fire Dept, advised that his department has a bulk tank on site and is currently purchasing approximately 500 gallons per month; he mentioned that some of the other departments are able to purchase from the gas stations on a tax-exempt basis and pay less for their fuel.

Determined that Chairman J. Reble and Vice Chairman G. Goldstein will fine-tune the form letter prior to distributing to each department regarding their purchases of fuel.

 Fire Department Survey

All members should have reviewed for changes, etc, prior to this meeting.

Completed Parts I and II; determined that it will take some time for completion prior to distributing to the departments.  It was noted that information regarding the population and area of each department could be obtained by contacting the Property Appraisers office and then contacting the Tax Assessor’s office.

Public Forum


New Business

Tony Simmons advised that a First Responder class is being offered and will be held in the North end of the county.  This is in response to a request from Mr. Richard Collins.  First Responder class will also be held for Munson, East Milton and the Town of Jay.

It was noted that Randy Hendrix, of the City of Milton Fire Department, did not receive a lot of interest from the departments in the central area of the county.

The Chiefs will be sending representatives from their respective departments for the instructor’s class in order to have more trainers available.

L. Slocum, Holley Navarre Fire Dept, mention that their class filled quickly and they have discussed a schedule for additional summer classes.  These classes will include Firefighter I, Firefighter II, and Building.  It will be held at Midway Fire Department.  The cost is $425.00 and does include books.

Meeting adjourned.