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Approved Mar 22, 2006 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Emergency Services Advisory Committee
March 22, 2006
2:00 p.m.


Members present:

James Chalmers                                                       Joe Diamond
John E. Reble                                                            Tony Simmons
Don Vanderryt 

Members absent:

Stephen Cozart                                                         Werner Panchenko 

Staff present:

Brad Baker                                                                Sheryl Bracewell                              
Deb Grinde

Agenda approved as submitted for this meeting.  Motion made and carried by this committee.

Minutes for meeting held on January 25, 2006 approved as submitted. 

Richard Collins requested that his physical residential address be removed from previously published and any future minutes.  Motion made and carried by this committee.

Persons to Appear

S. Bracewell introduced Brad Baker, Santa Rosa County’s Division of Emergency Management Operations and Training Chief.  A part of his job responsibilities include working with the Fire Services and Emergency Medical Services within the county.

Review of Reports and Statistics

Reports for the month of January and February were reviewed by this committee.  Discussion held noting the improvements to the No Response dispositions.  Reviewed those districts that have made vast improvements possibly due to the change in response levels.

Old Business

Inmate Work Crews

S. Bracewell will request that each fire district get a price quote for lawn maintenance services and the issue will be addressed at the next firefighter’s association meeting.  Chief Reble suggested that the ARC organization may be able to provide this service at this time also.

No-Response Rates Issues

This committee noted that restructuring in some of the districts is having a positive effect on the on changes that are occurring.  B. Baker advised that the Allentown VFD is working on re-structuring their department at this time and are gaining new members.  During a recent conversation with the Pace VFD it was noted that recent weeks have shown an increase in the number of new recruits.

J. Diamond reiterated the need to identify the crew complement and especially for fire call types.  He suggested that the districts be requested to identify the firefighters that are 160-trained especially during the daytime hours.  Suggested that this occur at the next Firefighter’s Association meeting.  S. Bracewell advised that the CAD system will be upgraded within the next 30-60 days and the system will provide more and improved statistics.  We will be changing from an NT system to a 2000 system.

MSBU Fire Department Budgets

B. Baker advised that the fire districts are looking forward to better direction regarding the completion of the new budgets.  Discussion followed regarding leases, the length of the leases, etc, including a policy or procedure for the disposition of assets.

J. Chalmers pointed out that the county should be able to provide the districts with a type of debt service in order to provide them with better interest rates whether that would include better financing or purchasing a different apparatus.

Chief Reble suggested the possibility that the county might purchase the equipment and/or apparatus and then collect from the fire districts.  S. Bracewell advised that these types of issues will be reviewed with OMB employees during the preparation for the budget submission which will occur shortly. 

MSBU Fire Department Audits

S. Bracewell advised the B. Baker has been spending some time reviewing the audits and wondered whether it might be advantageous to enlist the help of an outside auditor.  B. Baker stated that we should see a good improvement with the Berrydale VFD documentation as they were very happy with the information provided by Brad during their first review meeting.

B. Baker stated that the other departments will probably follow as he is meeting with each department individually and each item on the audits.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance Project

Reflectors have been ordered and should be received the week of April 10.  This committee is expecting the county to issue a RFP for the maintenance contract work project.

Water Purveyors

Determined that a meeting with the water purveyors will be scheduled
The meeting will take place during time allotted for the ESAC meeting, not in addition to
Scheduled meeting for Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Staff will notify water departments 

Review of Correspondence


Public Comments and Questions

Debra Roche, LifeGuard Ambulance, Gulf Breeze

Ms. Roche took the opportunity to introduce herself and her company as an aerial transport provider currently for Sacred Heart Hospital and the VA hospital.  They provide service within six (6) states and are interested in any RFP that may occur.  They are very interested and would like to participate.  This committee may contact her with any questions at 473-6776. 

She noted that she and her husband, John, are very grateful for the kindness and support that was shown to them during the recent loss of their father, Tom Roche, former director of Santa Rosa County Emergency Management.  She also took the opportunity to introduce Robert Sims their operations manager who accompanied her to this meeting.

Richard Collins, Pace, FL

Mr. Collins noted that on March 6 he proposed to the BOCC that the contract bid for emergency services include more responsibility to the First Responders on the part of the bidder.  He stated that Rural Metro should be responsible for recruiting and training first responders.  He also believes this will lead to a quicker response time throughout the county.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Next meeting is Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 2:00 PM