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Approved Mar 19, 2008 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Emergency Services Advisory Committee
March 19, 2008
2:00 p.m.

Members present:
Stephen Cozart
Joe Diamond
Ryan Jenkins
Jason Kimbrell
Werner Panchenko

Members absent:
T.J. Doherty

Staff present:
Brad Baker
Deb Grinde

Agenda approved as submitted for this meeting.

Minutes for meeting held on January 16, 2008 approved as drafted with no exceptions.

Persons to Appear

Reports and Statistics
Report some minor problems with the Fire Department reports still exist. S. Cozart reviewed the reports including the “No Response” statistics. This committee also reviewed the volume of calls also.

Lifeguard Response Statistics
J. Kimbrell provided the stats to the committee for Lifeguard’s performance for the months since the last meeting.

Since the start of the contract Lifeguard has exceeded the compliance requirements and have been performing in the low 90”s percentile range overall in both the urban and rural areas.  They have continued to add units in the area to increase coverage for the county.

J. Kimbrell stated that they have established a “schematic” in the Jay area in order to increase coverage within the City of Jay; if there is a QRV in the Jay area then they want an ambulance in Berrydale or, the other way around.  Theyare also attempting to update the station itself.  They recognize an additional need in the City of Jay.

J. Kimbrell stated that starting on March 20 they will kick off their spring coverage and that is, to add a unit from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

They will review all of the data to make further decisions regarding the needs of the county.  Last month (February) they had 1,188 responses and transported 944 patients.  That is more than the numbers that were used to establish the initial plans for coverage in Santa Rosa County.  They will continue to monitor and adjust accordingly.

J. Diamond, Avalon VFD, commended J. Kimbrell and LifeGuard for their performance.

This committee was provided an information sheet regarding the activities of the Navarre CERT Team.  It provides an overview of their purpose and focus.

Review of this document was tabled until the next meeting.

Old Business
Fire Services Plan
The MSBU Executive Group has been fine tuning specifications for the apparatus that is scheduled to be purchased this year, more specifically the vehicles and the equipment for the trucks, fire apparatus, etc.  Safety gear has already been purchased.  The service vehicles have been ordered from Orville Beckford and should be received shortly.  The bids for fire apparatus should go out some time next week.

J. Diamond questioned whether the engines (fire) would be from one manufacturer or more than one.  B. Baker stated that the goal will be to acquire a standardized piece of equipment.  There may be different vendors but the equipment should be standard.  It has been determined that the costs have increased 13-15% per year and we are requesting that the prices be valid for three years if possible.  B. Baker explained again that the vehicles will be purchased by the county and allocate them to department that have the most need.

Santa Rosa County Firefighter’s Association
B. Baker updated the committee by explaining that the FFA has decided to redirect their focus and mission.  The by-laws will be modified to reflect the changes and officers were re-elected.

President John E. Reble, City of Milton Fire Dept.
1 st Vice President Nick Anderson, Bagdad VFD
2ns Vice President Les Slocum, Holley-Navarre FD

Treasurer Sandy Luntsford, Avalon VFD
Secretary Pat Wadkins, Pace FD
The association recognized the need for a change and acted upon a restructure.

B. Baker re-addressed questions regarding the fire trucks that are already in the system.  He stated that, yes, a re-deployment plan was written and some of the vehicles will be placed at different districts due to the age of the vehicles, the call volume within each district, and the actual need for equipment within each district.   There are some very old vehicles that need to be replaced.  There are no vehicles in the re-deployment plan that has any liability owed.

R. Collins, Pace, FL

  • Mr. Collins stated that one of the county’s best kept secrets is the MSBUExecutive Board! He would like to know what the meeting schedule is, where the meetings are held and what types of web announcements are published about the meetings.  The county always announces where and when their meetings are held and he would like the same type of information provided about the Executive Board meetings.
  • B. Baker stated that the last meeting was cancelled.  The next meeting will be held in April.  They should be held on a monthly basis and they are preparing to address budget issues.  They have scheduled the next meeting to be held at the new fire station in Pace so that they might tour the new facility. There is a new web page that will appear shortly and may include a link to the MSBU Executive Board.  He also suggested that there are two citizen members who can be contacted regarding the activities of the Board at any time.  They are Ricky Smith, Jay, and David Cook, Pace, FL.
  • R. Collins suggested that the meetings be held in this location (BOCC meeting room) so that a recording is made available through the internet. B. Baker said that he would look into the possibility of that idea.
  • Mr. Collins questioned what kind of C.E.R.T. Team participation (if any) has occurred in north county in the past 6 months.
  • B. Baker advised that a 4H group and their parents recently completed a Teen CERT training session (approximately 21 participants).  There is some interest in forming groups in the north county area.  These children are well-behaved and very driven.
    It is more difficult to address the CERT team concept as the population is spread out in the northern part of the county.

    Mr. Collins suggested that we contact the ROTC groups at the schools.  B. Baker stated that he did address the School Board.  He believes that Pace ROTC is including CERT as part of their curriculum at the start of next year.

    Mr. Collins then suggested addressing the Veteran’s Program also.  The Veteran’s include older people; however, an invitation to them would be appropriate.

    B. Baker stated that Dan Hahn, Plans Chief, is developing the Citizens Corps program and it is possible that he has addressed that along with all of the programs that Citizen Corp supports.

    B. Baker stated that the more education we promote the better it is for the county!

New Business

J. Kimbrell advised this committee that the compliance statistics for the month of February follow:
Urban 91.58%
Rural 94.14%

Public Forum
R. Collins, Pace, FL
Mr. Collins stated that since LifeGuard has taken over, he has seen more QRVs (rapid response vehicles) in the Chumuckla area than ever before.  They have made a major difference! It seems to be more of a vested interest than a corporate interest…

Next meeting date and time will be: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 2:00 PM