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Approved Sep 17, 2008 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes


Santa Rosa County

Emergency Services Advisory Committee

September 17, 2008

2:00 p.m.


Members present:

Stephen Cozart Joe Diamond

T.J. Doherty Jason Kimbrell

Werner Panchenko

Members absent:

Ryan Jenkins

Staff present:

Brad Baker Deb Grinde



approved as submitted with the following additions: T.J. Doherty requested


for meeting held on July 16, 2008 approved as drafted with no exceptions.

Reports and Statistics

Reviewed reports for July and August, 2008. Reports are able to be generated and will

become current by the end of the calendar year. S. Cozart reviewed the reports

covering the “No Response” statistics for the months of July and August 2008. The

statistics are exceptional for July. However, the calls for Bagdad in August seemed to

have spiked. Overall the numbers are fantastic.

Lifeguard Response Statistics

J. Kimbrell reviewed Lifeguard’s Response Reports for January through August 2008.

They reflect call reliability for both urban and rural. It indicates that they are within the

contractual requirements.

B. Baker explained the fluctuation for the average response times. He stated that the

fewer number of calls….the greater the effect on the average response times.

J. Diamond stated, too, that the Fire Departments’ First Responders arriving on scene

prior to Lifeguard’s arrival can also have an effect on some of the delays.

J. Kimbrell also described some of the issues that are covered through their monthly

reports available on line that covers response time performance, system resource

utilization, community education and service, cost recovery and financial performance

and system improvements to name a few. There is a link to the county reports on the

Lifeguard website.

Old Business

Disaster Preparedness

T.J. Doherty asked what action might be taken on the listing he provided this committee

in regard to disaster preparedness throughout Santa Rosa County.

S. Cozart stated that it was not included on this agenda in order to shorten the meeting.

It was determined that this agenda item would be tabled until the November meeting.

T.J. Doherty will provide a copy of the listing to D. Grinde for distribution to the

committee members.

Fire Services Working Plan

B. Baker reported that the budgets were finalized and they will be moving into the new

fiscal year. The state contract bids have been received for two new pieces of

apparatus. They are a tanker pumper for Allentown and a rescue mini pumper for


S. Cozart questioned whether any audits have been completed since the

implementation of the new Fire Plan. The audits will start to take place in October. B.

Baker will provide copies of the results of each of the audits to this committee upon


New Business

Holley-Navarre Fire District

T.J. Doherty advised this committee that he has learned the Holley-Navarre Fire District

has determined that their budget has been underfunded by approximately fifty thousand

to two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00 to $250,000.00). They are trying to

determine how they will get through the fiscal year under these conditions. T.J. Doherty

is aware that they do not fall under the tutelage of MSBU but would ask if there are any

suggestions or ideas from this committee that might assist them through this budget


Discussion ensued regarding this issue. J. Diamond pointed out that they have paid

firefighters in their district and, consequently, their salaries and benefits will be high and

may also include overtime. He also noted that with a deficit of that range they should

look to see what the money has been spent on to date.

B. Baker stated that they did purchase five (5) apparatus at one time which generated a

fairly large debt. He said that the current administration also inherited an extremely

large debt from the previous administration. It was emphasized that their funding

mechanism or tax structure is not millage based and that any requests for increases will

most likely not pass during these economic times.

T.J. Doherty questioned whether there might be grant monies available or possibly a

loan from the county. J. Diamond stated that Chief Slocum was very skilled at locating

grant funds for that district.

It was suggested that they pursue the Safer Grant which is a federal (FEMA) grant that

Midway utilized.

J. Kimbrell explained in response to a request from some of the citizens of that district

that they attempt to recover revenue from Lifeguard is not an option. The fire district

requested that they be reimbursed as first responders to medical calls.

B. Baker explained that the MSBU fire districts budget to 95% of their entire forecasted


Public Forum

R. Collins, Pace, FL

Mr. Collins commended this committee in that the statistics for both fire and medical

services are getting better and better. He reiterated the idea, again, that we need to

educate the public! He stated that we need to make Public Safety Announcements!

We need to tell the citizens where their tax (increase) dollars are going; we need to tell

them how much all of the equipment costs!

B. Baker responded that a PSA was published regarding the Berrydale VFD when there

pumper arrived and a schedule has been developed to cover other agencies; the next

article will be a year end summary for Lifeguard’s completion of their first year. We will

be publishing a PSA about Fire Prevention too.

R. Collins stated that the public always heard the bad news; we should tell everyone

about the good news too!

B. Baker will confirm the dates and send a copy to R. Collins for each of the

announcements that have been sent out.

R. Collins asked if there has been any word about acquiring property to expand the

Allentown/Chumuckla fire station. B. Baker stated that Allentown is preparing a request

to take to the Fire/Rescue Executive Group regarding the station. It was not included in

the five year strategic plan and consequently the issue will have to be re-evaluated.

There is an issue regarding the Harold fire station also that will be handled the same


R. Collins suggested that someone approach Sandy Wyatt, who is a community minded

citizen, and he might consider donating an acre of land in order to expand the facility.

Discussion ensued regarding the fact that there may be a stipulation in effect that the

property goes back to Champion Paper if it is not used for a fire station. B. Baker

invited R. Collins to the board meeting scheduled for Thursday evening to discuss this


J. Kimbrell stated that the Public Safety Announcements for Lifeguard issues have been

very consistent.

Meeting recessed to reconvene at the Santa Rosa County Emergency Operations

Center for a short tour.

Next meeting date and time will be:

Wednesday, November 19, at 2:00 PM

that Disaster Preparedness be included under Old Business. He also requested that

the Holley-Navarre Fire District be included under New Business.