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Approved Jul 15, 2009 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes



Santa Rosa County
Emergency Services Advisory Committee
July 15, 2009
2:15 p.m.


Members present:

Stephen Cozart
T.J. Doherty
Ryan Jenkins
Jason Kimbrell
Werner Panchenko

Members absent:

Joe Diamond

Staff present:

Brad Baker
Deb Grinde


for meeting held on April 15, 2009 approved as drafted.

Old Business

Disaster Issues


ESF- 4 Fire Fighting

It was noted that Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) should be included in the listing of supporting agencies. B. Baker will amend document. SRC Communications is the primary dispatch point for all county fire districts and are listed as the primary agency for the emergency support function. Upon activation there will be a lead person, ESF 9 – Search and Rescue and a state liaison supporting this function.

ESF15 – Volunteers and Donations

Unaffiliated volunteers are coordinated under the direction of ESF15. Affiliated volunteers will also be tracked through ESF 15 as they come through TRACKER. The EOC staff determines what assignments they participate in and where they will be located. B. Baker believes that all related activities will be managed through ESF 15 wherever they are working throughout the county. Emergency management staff will also determine how to manage all types of donations, including warehousing, etc.

Communications Interoperability

Handout issued by S. Bracewell provided to this committee regarding communications interoperability in Santa Rosa County. It explains the procedures for communicating between different agencies. First responders do have the ability to be patched to responders on different frequencies. B. Baker explained the procedure during major incidents. He also described the motobridge which provided interoperability throughout the state of Florida.

MSBU Audits

Discussion held regarding the audits for only a few of the fire districts.

  1. Navarre Beach VFD is structured differently than the MSBU districts. They operate under a separate MSBU for the leaseholders on Navarre Beach.
  2. B. Baker would approach the Navarre Beach Fire Board and discuss their lack of accountability.
  3. It was determined that all of the departments be equally accountable for their methods of spending and accounting for the same.
  4. R. Jenkins made a motion that this committee drafts a letter requesting an explanation for the discrepancies with specificity regarding each issue. Motion was seconded and

Persons to Appear

Chip Fox, DOM, Santa Rosa Baptist Association

Mr. Fox is the Chairman of Safer Santa Rosa, a group of non-profits, churches, businesses, and government agencies committed to providing resources in the event of a disaster in Santa Rosa County. C. Fox represents the churches who participate in the faith based group that assists the citizens of Santa Rosa County. It has been determined that there are greater than 190 churches in our county. He described the process of the churches assisting in the event of a disaster. They provide storage space, staging areas, feeding stations; they house volunteer workers and perform wellness checks for people. Their disaster relief efforts are coordinated by the group that he represents. This will eliminate duplication of efforts within the county. The churches are partnered with major agencies such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Etc.

The churches have learned from Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis and are located all throughout the county. Information regarding the various churches will be available on the Safer Santa Rosa (COAD) website.

C. Fox provided success stories and answered questions of the committee.

Disaster Topics for Next Meeting

Law enforcement will be invited to the next meeting to address the following Issues regarding traffic light outages:

Posting of law enforcement officials

Law enforcement responsibility to this issue

CEMP statistics outdated – based on 1995 study

Reports and Statistics

    Lifeguard Response Statistics

    • J. Kimbrell reviewed their performance and stated that Lifeguard is finishing their second successful year in Santa Rosa County. Over the last 23 months of service they have exceeded the contractual requirements.
      1. B. Baker will include Lifeguard statistics on the quarterly reports.
      1. The new report format indicates that the EMS response times are more often much quicker than the FD response times to medical calls.

      Fire Dept Statistics



      New Business

      ESAC Chairmanship

      Public Forum

      R. Collins, Pace, FL

      Next meeting date and time will be:

      Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 2:00 p.m.

      Mr. Collins reviewed the faith based data base and contents for this committee.

      Meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

      W. Panchenko nominated S. Cozart to remain as chairman of this committee. R. Jenkins seconded the motion and the motion carried.

      W. Panchenko nominated R. Jenkins to remain as vice-chairman of this committee. J. Kimbrell seconded the motion and the motion carried.

      Water Purveyors

      B. Baker would like to address some issues regarding the water purveyors and related activities. He would like to invite the groups to the next meeting. Some are doing very well and are very positive. Others may need to be motivated.

      • B. Baker provided a new report format and discussion followed regarding the method of measuring the fire department statistics.

      Handouts provided to this committee by B. Baker; this information is also readily available at the SRC Emergency Management website at: