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Approved Apr 21, 2010 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Emergency Services Advisory Committee
April 21, 2010
2:04 p.m.

Members present:
Stephen Cozart
T.J. Doherty
Jason Kimbrell
Werner Panchenko

Members absent:
Joe Diamond
Ryan Jenkins

Staff present:
Brad Baker

Minutes for meeting held on October 28, 2009 approved as drafted.

Chairman Cozart corrected the date on the agenda. Also added fire hydrant issue.

Persons to Appear- None

Review of Correspondence
Letter from Navarre Beach for review and discussion. No representative present unless ESAC wants Chairman Cozart to request them to appear. Discussion followed about discrepancies noted in the audit that were addressed in the letter from Navarre Beach. TJ suggested that he should attend a Board meeting at the Navarre Beach Fire Department as the representative from that area. Chairman agreed and will place it on next agenda for follow up report. Richard Collins offered additional suggestions.

Old Business
No old business

Jason reviewed LifeGuard statistics. Discussion on LifeGuard contract and renewal increments. Discussion on rate structures with Jason providing details as they relate to fee structure. Richard Collins asked for clarification of response times. Jason provided details about the response system. Richard Collins asked additional question on alerting system for elderly people to activate EMS. Jason provided response on a system they are looking at to address community needs. TJ followed up with discussion on a system that the volunteers at the South SRSO annex has implemented.

Review of statistics from fire service. Discussion followed about no response calls. Jason suggested the ESAC send a letter to the fire departments to compliment the great response from the departments. Agreed without objections, Chairman Cozart will draft letter and bring to next meeting.

New Business
Discussion on updating fire department websites followed by updates Brad. Jason suggested a letter from ESAC to the local colleges to use this as a internship project. Discussion followed. Jason pointed out the shrinking budgets and that ESAC did not need to recommend tasking the computer department. Chairman Cozart will take the lead and contact UWF about this project. TJ discussed using Microsoft office live, TJ gave a brief description of the program. Richard Collins requested a presentation at the next meeting. TJ followed with a question about the status of the fire departments being a 501C3. TJ pointed out that the fire departments are a business and that the fire departments should be marketing themselves to their citizens. Chairman Cozart agreed and thought that ESAC should help facilitate the process if possible but agreed that it should fall on the fire departments to market their own areas.

Discussion on fire hydrant issues. Chairman Cozart recapped ESAC previous involvement on this issue and felt the responsibility still falls on the water purveyor. Chairman Cozart pointed out that the water purveyors had no interest in the effort that ESAC had previously addressed with the joint effort to do annual maintenance. Discussion followed about the information sharing request by the BOCC. TJ asked for clarification on the issue that ESAC was addressing and followed with discussion. Brad gave some clarification on the previous discussions about water mains and clarification on responsibility. Jason brought up the point that we still need to figure out how to assure the water purveyors are flow testing the hydrants and reporting the findings. Chairman Cozart followed with a recap of ESAC task and added points that each system is different. Jason added that there is a lot of diversity within the water systems and the fire departments that it causes confusion. Richard Collins followed with discussions about guidelines and statutes. Richard also asked about a follow up written letter response from the BOCC back to ESAC. Jason addressed Richard’s issues and Chairman Cozart wrapped up discussion with no action from ESAC except monitoring the status.

Next meeting agenda topics will be IT updates, Navarre Beach update, and fire hydrant updates. Jason added request to discuss hiring practices or regulatory board appointments for the Fire Department Executive Group, also provide update for operational issues. Brad addressed that each MSBU department has bylaws by which their board of directors are elected. Chairman Cozart followed with discussion and asked for specific direction on Jason’s request. Jason advised that ESAC should look into ways to make the system better not just take it that it is working today and not adjust for the future. Jason requested to look at efficiencies and best practices of the MSBU districts.

Meeting adjourned.