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Approved Jul 21, 2010 - Emergency Services Advisory Board Minutes


Santa Rosa County
Emergency Services Advisory Committee
July 21, 2010
2:10 p.m.

Members present:
Stephen Cozart
Joe Diamond
Jason Kimbrell
Ryan Jenkins

Members absent:
T.J. Doherty
Werner Panchenko

Staff absent:
Brad Baker

Minutes for meeting held on April 21, 2010 approved as drafted with the exception of adding R. Jenkins as Members absent.

Persons To Appear: None

Old Business
Fire Dept. websites
In an effort to have more current and user-friendly websites S. Cozart contacted the University of West Florida (UWF) and spoke with Dr. Leo terHaar, the head of the computer science department. He registered ESAC with the career services office in order to obtain some students who might work on the sites. He is hoping to have a student lined up to work on the sites prior to the next ESAC meeting.

Commendation letters
S. Cozart distributed a draft of a letter that would commend the fire department’s efforts to increase their responses to incidents, their response times, etc. He asked for input from the committee as to whether all departments should be included, not just the MSBU districts, etc.

J. Kimbrell stated that individual letters would assist districts with grant eligibility. He also indicated that indicating their scores in the letter would provide each of them with goals to meet or exceed.

Discussion ensued and it was agreed that all departments would be included, not only the MSBU districts. J. Diamond also indicated that the fire commissioners of the districts would be more aware of their performances.

The letters will be prepared so that each member of this committee will have the opportunity to sign the letters.

R. Collins, Pace, FL
Mr. Collins indicated that he liked the idea of the commendation letter and also believes that they should be more personal.

Reports and Statistics
Fire Dept Statistics
Due to the fact that the county has been in a local state of emergency since May 1st, many reports have been tabled until more time is available. The fire department statistics will be available at a later date.

Lifeguard Response Statistics
J. Kimbrell provided update on Lifeguard performance. He advised this committee that Lifeguard has completed three (3) years of service and during that time they have maintained complete compliance. He noted that their volume has been increasing and they may be adding an additional ambulance. They are preparing to review year-end statistics.
J. Kimbrell advised this committee that Lifeguard has added BP support in the Navarre Beach area. This service is being contracted directly to BP Oil.

They continue to succeed in Santa Rosa County.


New Business
Fire Hydrants
The question was brought up as to whether or not this committee should address the issue of fire hydrants. This committee has sent a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners in the past, requesting that they enact a form of ordinance regarding the subject.

J. Kimbrell suggested that this committee coordinate our handling of the subject with the Board’s activities regarding the hydrants. J. Diamond stated that the Pace FD is taking over the responsibility of the maintenance of the fire hydrants from the Pace Water System. They are performing the flow tests, painting the hydrants, etc.

S. Cozart questioned whether there has been any response from the water purveyors. He also suggested that we contact the fire departments in order to see if they received any response to the issue.

J. Diamond suggested that the water purveyors be contacted by email and by letterhead in order to reiterate the request for information.

Dink Helms, East Milton Water System, Milton
Mr. Helms advised this committee that the East Milton Water System has provided the county with all that was requested of them to date.

First, they provided the county with a listing of locations for each fire hydrant located within their system.

Secondly they have maintained the hydrants, including painting, etc. They have placed the blue reflectors on the pavement.

They have completed the flow testing of the hydrants but have not provided that information to the county.

They report issues about individual hydrants to the dispatch center as instructed and also advise the dispatch center when the hydrant issue is resolved.

Mr. Helms shared a letter they received from the East Milton Fire Department commending them for the work they have performed. He also provided a listing of the flow tests.

Mr. Helms stated that the East Milton Water System is waiting for direction from the county.

This committee will check with B. Baker to determine whether the information is current and up to date. R. Jenkins stated that the trouble tickets for the hydrants should be routed through the dispatch center and on to the fire departments. In many cases the hydrant may affect more than one fire district.

J. Diamond stated that it is possible the information is not getting communicated properly. He also stated that Pace Water System is collecting one ($1) dollar from each customer for maintaining the hydrants. He indicated that the money should be passed to Pace FD.

The question of who would pay for the blue reflectors arose. That will need to be determined.

Finally there was some discussion regarding the effect of narrow banding on the use of the pagers. It may be that they will not be functional at that point in time.

New Business
Topics for Next Meeting

R. Jenkins stated that this committee needs a better line of communication with the BOCC. He believes that this committee should have specific tasks.

J. Diamond suggested that we have fire chiefs come to the meetings and make a presentation to this committee explaining what their needs are, what is working best for them and what might not be working at all.

S. Cozart stated that the Sunshine Law tends to limit local conversation regarding local issues.

R. Jenkins said that one of the commissioners should consider attending the meeting. S. Cozart stated that we would determine which commissioner is assigned to Public
Services and invite them to this meeting. If they are unable to attend, he said that it would be possible to invite T. Gomillion or S. Bracewell to the meetings.

The ESAC members, as volunteers, would like to know that they have a value; they need to know that they are, in fact, completing tasks, and that they are making a contribution to the county.

Public Forum
R. Collins, Pace, FL
Mr. Collins reiterated the idea that the students at UWF would serve as interns in order to update the fire districts websites.

He also suggested that at least three (3) different fire districts be invited to a meeting in order to have them make a presentation on the state of their department.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Next meeting date and time will be: October 20, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.