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Approved Aug 7, 2012 - Marine Advisory Minutes


Marine Advisory Committee

August 7, 2012

Milton, Florida

The Marine Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members

present: Rick Harris, Pasco Gibson and Scott Mason. Also present were the County

Administrator, Hunter Walker; Chris Verlinde, Marine Extension Agent; Roger Blaylock,

County Engineer and A vis Whitfield, Public Works Director. Rick Harris, ViceChairman

called the meeting to order


at 5:25p.m.


County Commissioners start the process for no wake zones at the Archie Glover Boat

Ramp. Rick Harris noted that bait fishermen do use that area and would appreciate the

no wake zones. Pasco Gibson made a motion to recommend establishing a no wake zone

from the eastern side of the dock out to the island and west to the mouth of the bayou.

The motion was seconded by Scott Mason and passed without objection.


Walker suggested that the Committee consider recommending that the Board of


Resolution supporting comments to the Gulf Islands National Seashore

Management Plan dated December 8, 2011 adding language under Section 2 (H) which

states "Establishing an advisory committee consisting of local representation to include

the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners." There were no other changes to

the Resolution. After Committee discussion it was decided that no action would be

recommended to change the Resolution entered by the Santa Rosa County Commission

on December 4, 201. The Committee feels that Santa Rosa County would be invited to

participate on the advisory committee


Walker noted that Escambia County approved a Replacement Resolution to theirDraft Generalif established without amending the Resolution.


this year. He also advised the Committee that FWC required that the language

Ordinance for boating restrictions

County Commissioners will start the ordinance process again this week.

Walker advised the Committee that the FWC Artificial Reef Grant was funded forin thein Indian Bayou be more restrictive and the Board of


purchased and staff will begin the permit process to establish a parking area for the Live

Oak boat ramp.

Boat Registration fees as of July 31, 2012 is $189,973 after purchase of the Live Oak


Walker also advised the Committee that the property on Live Oak Street has been

Mr. Walker stated that the bids for clearing the Escambia River log jam were excessive

and were rejected by Escambia County.


The September 4, 2012 meeting will be cancelled due to a conflict with the first public

hearing of the County's tentative budget and the next meeting is scheduled for October 2,

2012 at 5:00p.m.


There being no further business to come before the Committee the meeting was

adjourned at 5:40p.m.

The minutes of the June 5, 2012 meeting were approved.