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Approved Nov 20, 2013 - Aviation Advisory Minutes



 Aviation Advisory Committee (AAC)
November 20, 2013
Milton, Florida
The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Ted Rhodes (District 1), Mike Harris (District 2), Brian Watkins (District 3), Michael Wooley (District 4), and Jeff Fanto (Eglin Air Force Base). County staff present: County Administrator (Hunter Walker), County Engineer (Roger Blaylock), County Assistant Engineer (Michael Schmidt), and Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons).
Rhodes called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. The minutes of the September 18, 2013, meeting was approved unanimously.
Review/Concerns on Airport Minimum Standards and Airport Rules and Regulations
Riley G. Hoggard stated he is not completely satisfied with the response to his concerns from the Consultant, he requested a one-on-one meeting with the consultant to discuss his concerns. Some of Mr. Hoggards concerns are as follows:
·         Final draft to be sent to FAA for compliance.
·         County oversteps its authority, especially in controlling aircraft, in Rules and Regulations.
·         Restrictions that are imposed have to be justified and supported.
·         Restrictions cannot discriminate against different types of aeronautical activities unless there is a clear and present danger for safety and efficiency.
·         The FAA looks hard on restricting the right of aircraft owners to service their own aircraft; these rights need to be maintained.
·         Issues with washing and fueling aircraft, if not allowed to do just outside the hangars, then County should build a community hangar where owners can work on their own airplanes.
·         3.1 (16): “As long as “property or equipment of a non-aviation nature” does not “constitute a nuisance or interfere in any way with the use and occupancy of other buildings and structures” or does not impede the routine inspections of the hangar facilities by County personnel, what justification is used to prohibit such property or equipment? As long as the hangar is used to store a flyable aircraft (or other as provided in the lease agreement), why is this such an issue for the County? What justification is there for such a regulation? This regulation needs to be re-written to simply address any justified safety concerns. Otherwise, it is arbitrary and capricious and needs to be removed.
·         There are a lot of rules and regulations promulgated for the airport that gives the local law enforcement authorities they shouldn’t have and may cause them to overstep their bounds, for example, FAA requires a pilot to have their airworthy certificate and registration in their plane, with the county placing this too in their rules, a pilot can be stopped by any law enforcement officer in the county. FAA should enforce federal aviation regulation and the county should enforce regulations to provide a safe and efficient airport.
Walker stated the county received a memo from AOPA today with feedback addressing some of Mr. Hoggard’s concerns and further stated it would be productive to have Mr. Hoggard, staff, the consultant, and any other concerned individual to review all feedback received concerning the Airport Rules and Regulations as we are going through the FAA review process. Walker stated some of the concerns need attorney clarification. The County wants to protect the airport but it does not want any more rules than necessary.
Walker stated the FAA review will be beneficial.
Walker stated some of the draft rules and regulation is based on the hangars no being fire rated between the hangars.
Walker stated allowing for storage of non-aviation related items has always been an issue and the committee may want to discuss this again.
Heath Jenkins, Project Engineer, Hatch Mott MacDonald, stated one of the most important items Mr. Hoggard brought up and should be noted is the Advisory Circular No: 150/5190-7, Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities, Section 1.2. Developing Minimum Standards, b. Authority Vested in Airport Sponsors which states the sponsor may establish such reasonable, and not unjustly discriminatory, conditions to be met by all users of the airport as may be necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the airport. Our intention was to provide documents that provide a level playing field for all the tenants at the airport and give the administration guidelines. Jenkins further stated the minimum standards document needs to be updated once a year, as it is meant to change with the airport as the airport and advisory committee sees fit. Jenkins stated rules and regulations are optional; however highly recommended by the FAA. FAA will review to make sure they have no objections from their jurisdiction, make comment and request explanation in making sure we have not stepped over any federal boundaries. Our final action from the last meeting was to send the Rules and Regulations to Orlando and have the document reviewed.
Blaylock stated the minimum rules and regulations establish an annual review; however at any point this committee can recommend edits and changes for the Board of County Commissioners review and approval, which will then be sent to FAA for review. It is recommended we send the draft that we have right now to FAA to allow the ADO in Orlando to begin their review process and at the same time we meet with any concerned parties to discuss further changes to the document. Blaylock stated any specialty maintenance needed on an aircraft that is not available at the airport can be brought in. Blaylock stated we adopted the rules and regulations to be consistent with the existing hangar leases.
Harris stated the committee needs to discuss if a tenant can work on their own aircraft and/or bring someone in without utilizing the current FBO’s, he doesn’t believe the FAA is going to comment on this because there is no rule in the FAA guidelines that has a restriction for that, and this item is the biggest issue with the current tenants. 
Terry Ogle, tenant K-4, AOPA representative at Peter Prince, sent the Rules and Regulation to AOPA and Mr. John Collins, Manager of Airport Policy, responded in a letter to the County dated 11/20/2013 addressing issues of concern.
FBO Issues
Aircraft Management Services, Inc. (AMS) – Dave Glass stated the north gate is operating very well; however, the south gate has been inoperative for quite a while. 
Glass stated the jet tank is down for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance and believes there is a venting problem on top of the tank which will have to be replaced or repaired.
The 3rd annual Santa Fly-In is scheduled for December 21, 2013 at Peter Prince Field; it will benefit the Santa Rosa Kids House.
Harris reported he received a complaint from a tenant concerning student pilots starting airplanes outside the hangars while leaving the doors open and causing the dust to fly into the hangars and getting the planes filthy.
Glass responded he will speak to the linemen about closing the hangars before they start the planes.
Blaylock stated they have not had any more complaints concerning noise.
Blaylock stated the county is proceeding with the design/build for an A type hangar on the east side with our new taxi-way and taxi-lanes.
Blaylock stated the Board of Commissioners approved the replacement of the Super Unicom in the amount of $57,000 which will allow for radio check, wind direction, etc.
Blaylock stated AMS will get two wind socks from the fuel supplier and have them installed.
Blaylock stated rehab of 18/36 is in the 5 year work program to either mill and resurface or just resurface the runway, at this time the runway will be totally repainted and restriped. We will touch up the painting of the number if necessary until the rehab takes place.
Other Business/Adjournment
Fanto apologized for his absence over the last several months and explained it was due to the Sequestration; however those restrictions have been temporarily lifted so for as long as they will allow he will try to be a faithful attendee.
Fanto stated he has the opportunity through staff to review all the documents that comes before this committee and should any issues arise as related to Eglin, he will be able to communicate that to us through staff.
Fanto updated the committee on the F-35 program, they now have over 40 airplanes on the ramp at Eglin and all the services are now training. The syllabus continues to improve to where they are looking at some very limited night operations and the program is ramping up slowly but steadily. The program is maturing, the flying continues and it is increasing.
Mike Guidrey, hangar tenant, stated his safety concerns with the need for a weather announcement system at the airport, the need for new wind socks and the runway numbers being faded to the point you cannot see the number when you are landing.
Walker stated the next meeting will be January 15, 2014 unless any issues come up that needs to be addressed before this date.
Meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m