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Approved Jun 3, 2014 - Marine Advisory Minutes


Marine Advisory Committee

June 3, 2014

Milton, Florida

The Marine Advisory Committee met on above date with the following members present:

Jeff Marker, Scott Mason and Scott Walker. Also present was the County Administrator,

Hunter Walker. Chairman Jeff Marker called the meeting to order at 5:00p.m.

The minutes of the March 4, 2014 meeting were approved.


Jonathan Kanzigg, Fire Chief of Midway Fire District, was in attendance requesting

Santa Rosa County submit an application for dredging at Oriole Beach Boat Ramp to

Florida Department of Environmental Protection due to that area being too shallow to

launch Midway's rescue boat. He added that they average 12 water rescues a year and 2-

3 of those are critical. There were two water rescues this past Memorial Day weekend

and they were unable to deploy, one reason being that outside the ramp area it was too

shallow and the boat had to be physically picked up and carried to the deeper water and

the second reason being that boats were stuck on the sandbar.


Marker stated that with this request we will more than likely run into problems withMr. Marker said that a maintenance dredge could bein the past to allow it be done unless absolutely necessary. Mr.

Marker added that there are new methods available to successfully plant seagrass. He

then made a motion for the Marine Advisory Committee to make a recommendation to

the Board of County Commissioners to support dredging Oriole Beach ramp in a manner

that will be sustained and resolve the problem, not just a maintenance dredge so the water

would be deep enough for boats to consistently get in and out of that area for water

rescue and it was passed without objection.

Hunter Walker said the reality is that it is going to be difficult to permit. He added that in

the short term if there is maintenance that could be done to make it work, that would be

his recommendation on how to approach DEP.

temporary has to be done that it would be okay but that it won't solve the problem. He

added that the Marine Advisory Committee is respectful and conservative regarding the

marine environment but when it comes to saving lives, we must exercise common sense

and hopefully no one would deny that.

Mr. Marker said that if something



another ramp somewhere that has better access but more than likely we would run into

the same problem with the water not being deep enough.

Kanzigg to inform those living near the ramp with boats because they would be

supportive of the dredging as well.

Mason said the only other option would be to find suitable waterfront and put inMr. Mason encouraged Chief


a possibility of a 20 x 20 non-grassy area that would help and if it could be done as

reasonably as



Boater Registration Fees as of May 31, 2014 is $163,122.


The next meeting is scheduled for August 5, 2014 at 5:00p.m.


There being no further business to come before the Committee the meeting was

adjourned at 5:25p.m.

Walker said he would get with Roger Blaylock and Avis Whitfield because if there isMr. Whitfield has described, we will try to get some type of maintenanceMr. Marker added that the best time to do that would be in the winter.I ISSUES UPDATE

DEP. It has been turned down in the past when it's been a public service personal usage

issue. He added that in this case we are talking about people's lives and it will need to be

approached in that way with DEP.

done without a permit but added that he felt for it to be functional for Midway Fire

District's usage, it would need to be dredged out beyond 75-100 feet from the end of the

pier. He said that it would have to be engineered to alleviate the channel filling back in.

Seagrass, specifically turtle grass, will be the issue that DEP is mostly concerned with.

They have been hesitant