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Approved Nov 12, 2014 - Building Code Board of Adjustments Minutes



The regular meeting of the Santa Rosa County Building Code Board of Adjustrnents and Appeals was held November 72,2074, *2:30 p.m. in the conference room of the Santa Rosa County Building Inspection Departrnent located at 6057 Old Bagdad Highway, Milton, FL 32583. Board members present wete Chades'?ete" Southedand, acti.g Chairman; Mark Cotton, George "Bunny" Jemigan, William "Billy' Mayne, Jr., Gary Mooneyham, Stephen Reyes and Sam Vickets.
Santa Rosa County Development Services staff in attendance was RandyJones, Code Compliance Supervisor and Bobby Burketg Compliance Invesrgator. Minutes were taken and prepated by Robyn kverton, Board Secretary.
Meeting attendees included Roy Andtews, Santa Rosa County Attomey and Tony Gomillion, Public Services Dfuector.
A court reporter was not present for the meefing.
This meeting was recotded via cassette, but not transcribed by a court reporter.
Pete Southedand, acring Chairman, called the meerirg to ordet *2:30 p.m.
Approval ofAgenda Gary Mooneyham made a mod.on to accept the agenda as presented; Mark Cotton seconded the motion. The motion canied without obiection.
Next Meeting There was a discussion amongst the Board regarding the meeting schedule. They deternined the cufient schedule was agteeable amongst them all. Therefore the next regulady scheduled meeting is Wednesday,Janvary 14,2015, at2:30 p.m. in the Santa Rosa County Development Service Center Media Room. They also agteed that if there are no agenda items, a rnee. ng isn't necessary.
Approval of Minutes Stephen Reyes made a motion to approve the minutes ftom the October 77,2012meeting as presented; Billy Mayne seconded the motion. The motion carded without objection.
General Discussion Tony Gomillion introduced himself and those present from the office of Development Senrices. He welcomed the board membets, thanked them for their seryice and asked that they provide any input they felt would benefit the meetings ot the meeting process.
Each board member inttoduced and provided a little background information about himself.
Roy Andrews introduced himself and bdefly covered the Sunshine Laurs. He also provided each with a handout.
RandyJones provided the Boatd with a copy of the Building Ordinance. He explained that this is a disciplinary and an appeals board. He also stated that the mafodty of the cases will be dealing with tegisteted" ot locally licensed conftactors. He listed some of the disciplinary actions that the Boatd is authotized to impose.
New Business
tL Election of officers for this newly established Board The Board voted, without objection, to nominate Mr. Pete Southedand as Cheirman and Mr. Mark Cotton as Vice Chaitn'an.
The meerirgwas adioumed at 3:05 p.m.
Prepared by Robyn Irverton Santa Rosa County Development Services Compliance Division [a Cfia,|ilal)