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Approved Jun 25, 2015 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


LMS Task Force Steering Committee Meeting

June 25, 2015

Hunter Walker (SRC Administrator) Stephen Furman (SRC Public Works) Brian Watkins (City of Milton)
Jim Cox (City of Gulf Breeze) Beckie Cato (SRC P&Z) Shawn Ward (SRC P&Z)
Roger Blaylock (SRC Engineer)
Daniel Hahn (SRC Emergency Management) Nance Koslik (SRC Emergency Management) Paul Gardner (Holley Navarre Water)
Dale Long (Municipal Engineering Services)
Linda Carden (Town of Jay) Dennis Reed (Villa Venyce HOA) Rob Williamson (SRC BOCC) Karen Thornhill (SRC P&Z)
Sheila Fitzgerald (SRC Grants)
Erica Grancagnolo (SRC Grants)
Meeting was called to order at 1:34 p.m.
Hunter Walker introduced himself and called the meeting to order. He asked the attendees to introduce themselves. Mr. Hahn made a motion to approve April 23, 2015 meeting minutes, and they were approved unanimously. Mr. Walker asked Ms. Fitzgerald to provide an update on flood mitigation.
Ms. Fitzgerald stated that the Flood Mitigation Grants Program opened in May, with applications due July 17th. She notified SRL and RL property owners of this opportunity. Mr. Walker asked if we think they will all be funded. Ms. Fitzgerald stated that the funding levels have increased each year, and the State has recommended that we submit the applications for SRL as well as the RL properties.
Ms. Fitzgerald provided an update on the HMGP projects. Three of the four submitted have been approved by the State and FEMA. The state is waiting for the approval letter from FEMA, and will then draft the Phase I grant agreements. The fourth project, Villa Venyce, is undergoing revisions, and will hopefully wrap up soon. Settlers Colony Phase II has formally been approved by the State and FEMA.
The State anticipates sending us the grant agreement in July. We should have construction start by early fall.
The elevation project that is underway at 3135 Harrison St. is nearly complete. There were 3 homes that were approved in the 2014 grant. Those will go up over the summer and the fall. Ms. Fitzgerald passed around a binder with before and after pictures of past projects.
CDBG Block grant application was submitted for Midway Water Systems waterlines and fire hydrants. We will know later this year if that is selected for funding. Ms. Fitzgerald brought REBUILD Northwest Florida fliers for everyone to pass around and distribute. REBUILD has grant money that will expire if not used. They have completed 2,195 projects in Santa Rosa County. There are currently 32 under construction, 30 that are waiting for homeowner match payment, 75 awaiting FEMA approval, and 57 with submitted applications. Ms. Cato asks what the projects typically cost. Mr. Long states that he participated in the program, and his match was $1200. Ms. Thornhill states that it depends on the house, but the range is up to $12,000 total cost (with a 25% match). Mr. Furman mentions that you have to do all the mitigation activities; you cannot pick and choose. Mr. Long states that the improvements will result in a decrease in insurance. Waiting on approval for CMP funds to offset the
25% match requirement for low income families.
Ms. Fitzgerald recaps the EPA and FEMA utility resiliency workshop held earlier in the week. The reason for the workshop is to inform utilities of the LMS process and how to get their activity on the list. Ms. Fitzgerald will be adding those utility contacts to her distribution list. Mr. Hahn asks for the REBUILD flier in electronic form.
Mr. Walker asked Mr. Ward for an update on the Hazard Assessment. Mr. Ward states that he updated all information, contacting DEP, NOA, and other appropriate agencies. Mr. Ward asks the Task Force to review and make comments or suggestions. Mr. Ward states that the Dam and Levee section applies to retention ponds, not large dams. DEM states that this could be included in the flooding section. DEP states that information on dams is a national security issue. Mr. Ward recommends incorporating dams into flooding section. The group agrees that it can be removed as a separate section since we do not have any large dams that would cause large scale death and damage if breeched, and since it would allow the LMS to match the CEMP.
Ms. Cato discusses Section six of the LMS. Ms. Cato would like the Task Force to agree on basic goals for the LMS. Ms. Cato guides the group through the powerpoint presentation she had prepared. She recommends that the focus be on a mitigation strategy rather than just the specific project list, and that the goals be more concise and meaningful. There needs to be a direct connection from the goals to the hazards. Ms. Cato recommends that we model our goals on Pinellas County goals. Ms. Cato suggests
the following four goals:
1. Become a more disaster resilient community
2. Minimize coastal, riverine, and inland flooding losses throughout the county
3. Minimize storm wind losses throughout the county
4. Minimize wildfire losses in the forest/ urban interface areas
Ms. Cato would like to incorporate sewer extensions and septic tank abatement activities into the goal list. The group agrees that these activities are covered by Goals 1 and 2. Ms. Cato asks the group to consider her recommendation and bring back any comments to the next meeting.
Ms. Fitzgerald presents her ideas for potentially changing the scoring system for projects on the LMS list by first identifying weaknesses in the current system. She then asks the group to consider incorporating the STAPLEE Method. After some discussion, Ms. Fitzgerald agrees to continue to work on a revised scoring system to bring to the Task Force.
Ms. Fitzgerald asks for approval of the bylaw changes. Mr. Hahn makes a motion to approve the changes and the task force agrees unanimously.
Mr. Walker closed the meeting at 2:58 pm.