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Approved Aug 27, 2015 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


LMS Task Force Steering Committee Meeting
August 27, 2015
Hunter Walker (SRC Administrator)
Stephen Furman (SRC Public Works)
Beckie Cato (SRC P&Z)
Shawn Ward (SRC Transportation)
Mary Ann Vance (SRC P&Z)
Michael Schmidt (SRC Engineering)
Brad Baker (SRC Emergency Mgmt)
Karen Thornhill (SRC Development Services)
Sheila Fitzgerald (SRC Grants)
Erica Grancagnolo (SRC Grants)
Tony Gomillion (SRC Public Services)
Joe Zwierzchowski (Florida Forest Service)
Donna Bullock (Town of Jay)
Stephen Schoen (City of Milton)
Randy Jorgenson (City of Milton)
Linda Carden (Town of Jay)
Dennis Reed (Villa Venyce HOA)
Don Richards (UPA)
Courtney Winstead (SRC Resident)
Lou Green (Navarre Resident)
Beth Walter (Holley by the Sea Resident)
Scott Kemp (Woodlawn Resident)
Earl B. Dean (Holley by the Sea Resident)
Meeting was called to order at 1:33 p.m.
Hunter Walker introduced himself and called the meeting to order. He asked the attendees to introduce
themselves. Minutes from June 25, 2015 meeting were unanimously approved. Mr. Walker asked Ms.
Fitzgerald for an update on mitigation projects.
Ms. Fitzgerald stated that grant agreements are fully executed for two Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
projects, Patterson and Pace Lane and Ranchettes, and we have an RFQ for engineering services that
should be advertised next month. We expect the grant agreement soon for Chipper and Maranatha,
and will then put out the RFQ. Villa Venyce has gone from a small scale project to a large scale project,
for which we will pursue additional funding through the Tier Process. This may be more of a long term
project as we work to find funding. Settler’s Colony is ready to bid out for construction, with
construction possibly starting as early as November. Ms. Grancagnolo provided an update on the Flood
Mitigation Assistance projects underway, Harrison Ave, College Pkwy, Glenview Rd, and Saddle Club Rd.
Ms. Fitzgerald added that we have submitted five applications for the 2015 FMA funding cycle.
Additionally, we should hear back in a couple of months on Midway Water Systems CDBG applications,
andREBUILD Northwest Florida still has funding.
Ms. Cato walked the group through the draft Combined Hazard and Vulnerability Section of the LMS
Update, including a description of the hazards, methodology for analysis, and overview of development
trends. When Ms. Cato described the development trends in Santa Rosa County, neighborhood
representatives brought up certain commercial and residential infill development projects in the south
end that they feel are cause for concern. Ms. Cato and Mr. Schmidt discussed some measures the
County has taken over time to be more effective in stormwater mitigation planning. Ms. Cato stated
that she will have the site inspector check on the projects to ensure they are being built in compliance
with County regulations. Ms. Cato also stated that she will email out an informational paper on
residential infill development to the Task Force.
Mr. Richards suggested better education for tornadoes and waterspouts. Ms. Cato stated that we can
also increase education on fire hazards. Mr. Zwierzchowski, with the Florida Forest Service, discussed
educational outreach that he does through the Forest Service, and offers to provide educational
brochures. He also discusses on-going fire mitigation that the Forest Service conducts in Santa Rosa
Next, Ms. Fitzgerald presented STAPLEE project scoring methods for Wakulla County and Polk County as
a reference point for Santa Rosa County to potentially implement. Ms. Fitzgerald also provided a FEMA
“How to Guide” for utilizing STAPLEE. Ms. Cato appreciated how the FEMA “How to Guide” helps to
interpret the scoring criteria, since this was difficult during the RESTORE scoring process. Mr. Richards
commended Santa Rosa County for the scoring and selection process for RESTORE Projects.
Ms. Thornhill announces she has Flood Mitigation Brochures for everyone to take and distribute.
Mr. Walker closed the meeting at 2:31 pm.