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Approved Mar 31, 2011 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County

Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Task Force

Special Steering Committee Meeting

March 31,2011

Milton, Florida

The Santa Rosa County LMS Task Force met on the above date. A copy of the



-in sheet showing attendees is attached in the file. Hunter Walker, CountyI Discussion

Revision of the Methodology for Ranking of Projects-


referred to as 'initiatives.' It has been requested that a new method of numerical

ranking be implemented for ranking our initiatives. It is preferred that a cost

benefit ratio be utilized for each initiative. The numerical value would be

determined based on how much the project would cost and how many would

benefit from the initiative. Other criteria would be considered.

. Miller stated FEMA is reviewing the plan at this time. Projects are now

Review and Confirmation of Project Specific Information by Jurisdiction-

Each municipality has been provided the opportunity to rank their projects. They

have been requested to confirm the ranking that has been assigned to them

Miller attempted to rank according to their populations. He gave an example

using the shelters in the area. Gulf Breeze did respond by recommending that a

number of their projects be deleted as they have been completed or no longer

require mitigation.

utilizing the capacity rather than the population due to the fact that a shelter may

be serving the population of the entire county. Discussion ensued.

. P.K. Cromer suggested that the at-risk shelters be measured

Revision of Prioritization List

of Non-Mitigation Action Projects

Based on Revised Scoring SystemRemoval-

This committee reviewed most items on the listings

can be removed. FEMA does not consider some to be actual mitigation issues.

Table 10 is a listing of those particular items. It may be necessary to remove

these items from the list and place in another plan.

The new scoring system changes the prioritization dramatically. They are

arranged strictly by the numerical scores. It

rankings will carry for consideration; the most important criteria is whether or not

the item is actually on the

. Some are complete, someis unknown how much weight thelist.


This comm

ittee reviewed many items on the list and the committee was


the next week.

on the listing as 'non

be revisited every two -three months.

Approval of the LMS plan is pending any changes to the list of initiatives. P.

Miller reiterated that this committee must look at the listing periodically and

update the listing. He requires approval from this committee to submit the packet

with the approved methodology based on the upgrades made to the initiatives

to review the entire listing of initiatives and submit toP. Miller withinB. Cato suggested that FEMA's non-mitigation initiatives remain-mitigation' projects. P. Miller stated that the listing should.


were removed; some titles and/or words need to be removed and/or changed.

P. Miller asked all members to review and advise him of any further changes by


P. Miller requires approval to change methodology and to re

changes for approval. K. Holley made motion that this committee

1) Approve the revised methodology for ranking initiatives as presented this date

committee reviewed many items. Through much discussion several items, April 6.-submit the plan with


Confirm project-specific information by jurisdiction

3) Revise prioritization listing based

4) Non


D. Hahn seconded the motion and

on the newly revised scoring system-mitigation action projects will be removed with committee'smotion carried.




Mitigation Plan Update I Status of ApprovalThornhill advised this committee that all jurisdictions have adopted the Floodigation Plan as a resolution and it has been submitted to the Insurance

Services Office

who performs the insurance CRS ratings. Our plan scored 273


one of 1,164 in the nation



percentile in the Uni

. David Stroud indicated that Santa Rosa County's plan was rated numberincluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. A new ISOwill most likely rank Santa Rosa County to a Class 5 pendingfrom FEMA. This would make us fall into the top 4-1/2ted States! ... and may also indicate an approximate 5% cost


K. Thornhill is working with

indicate the plan ranking and then an announcement regarding the CRS rating.

She is requesting that the task force meet


monitor the plan for any necessary changes

eduction in insurance premiums to the residents of Santa Rosa County.J. Tsubooka to prepare a possible press release totwice a year right after this committee. The purpose would be to discuss outreach strategy issues and/or.

Some discussion followed regarding the issue of a property being acquired by

the county that took place during a BOCC meeting

to the Flood Mitigation Plan policy regarding the elevation of the home versus

property acquisition. K. Holley suggested that the task force may address this

issue as one of their first modifications at their meeting. H. Walker stated that the

Board would encourage the elevation of the property unless there is a compelling

reason for it to take any other actions.

. There was an issue related


Next Meeting Date

Committee members will be notified of the next meeting tentatively scheduled for




There being no further business to come before the committee at this time

meeting adjourned.

, the


Administrator, called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Minutes for meeting held October 28, 2010 were approved as submitted.

2010-2015 LMS Plan Revisions

P. Miller provided a handout of plan revisions for review with this committee to