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Approved May 26, 2011 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County

Local Mitigation Strategy


(LMS) Task Force

Special Steering Committee Meeting

May 26,20




FloridaSanta Rosa County LMS Task Force met on the above date. A copy of the


Administrator, called the meeting to order at 1:30

-in sheet showing attendees is attached in the file. Hunter Walker, Countyp.m.


for meeting held March 31, 2011 were approved as submitted.


S. Harris

State of Florida and

-2015 LMS Plan Discussionadvised this committee of the news received in letters from both theFEMA notifying Santa Rosa County of our 'approval pending

adoption' of the SRC

the Board of County Commissione

S. Harris stated

Upon receipt of the local adoptions Santa Rosa County will receive a formal

approval. She will follow up with the jurisdictions


Local Mitigation Strategy Plan. The plan was adopted byrs this date after the final public meeting.that local participating jurisdictions will also be adopting the plan.to assure local adoption of the. The plan would be approved for a period offive (5) years.

S. Harris

the plan. She then proceeded to explain some final changes made to

commended P. Miller for playing such a large part in the completion ofthe plan

prior to approval


• W

to (e.g. will not address snowstorms)

• Vulnerability assessments were broken down by jurisdictions; assessment

ill only address those hazards that the county is reasonably vulnerable


• Goals were updated

• Methodology for ranking and scoring of prioritization systems

• Modified the tracking system in order to categorize

were completed

• Incorporation of the Flood Mitigation Plan

both Hazus and GIS analysis techniquesthose initiatives thatinto the LMS Plan

No further discussion on

the LMS Plan.

LMS Working Group Activities

S. Harris

I Discussionprovided a revised Member Information Form for review by this


annual planned maintenance activities, prioritizing on a regular basis,

In an effort to get back to the regular activities of the LMS includingand

reviewing the membership,

the form is designed to gather information about the

participants and to determine different skill levels and levels of participation.


Quarterly Meeting Schedule

Proposed regular meeting schedule to be held the Thursday afte

meeting was distributed to committee members as

July 28

October 27

Both the Member Information Form and the Quarterly Meeting Schedule was

approved and adopted by this committee.

r the 2"d boardfollows:, 2011 January 26, 2012, 2011 April26, 2012


preferably after the July 28 LMS meeting.

to provide the BOCC with an annual update and a meeting must be held biannually.

She also said that a report is due in August and would be better

prepared by meeting in July.

. Harris stated that the Flood Mitigation Plan team will need to meet in July,K. Thornton stated that it is required

S. Harris

the next scheduled meeting. She also asks that members recruit more attendees

for the LMS meeting.

also asks that members review the current by-laws and bring ideas to

Additional Business

S. Harris

approved but not added to the list of initiatives. P

Vulnerability Assessment scoring for the project and it had a total score of 62

stated that during our April 2010 meeting the Agri-plex Project was. Miller performed the.

This score placed the project in the range of prioritized projects numbered 42 to

48, all of which have a score of 62. This initiative will be included as an update to

the state.

LMS Exercise


hurricane exercise regarding post disaster redeve

The correct response was obtained in 10 minutes! D. Hahn reviewed the

exercise and S. Furman's solution.

. Hahn held an unscheduled LMS exercise via email related to yesterday'slopment plans for the county.

Next Meeting Date

Committee members will be notified of the next meeting tentatively scheduled for

July 28

, 2011.



There being no further business to come before the committee at this time, the

meetin adjourned



Dr. Lorilee Medders,

Risk Management Center provided a presentation entitled

Special Financing Options for Residential Wind Mitigation." Her purpose was to

help community leaders explore the creation of innovative financing programs for

funding residential wind mitigation projects.

Associate Director for FSU Florida Catastrophic Storm: "Presentation of

Rod Scott,

Shoring, LLC and

"Elevation/Relocation Industry Update." They reviewed the history of structura

Director of Development with Patterson Structural Moving andJeremy Patterson provided a presentation entitled:l

manipulation and the rapid advances in capabilities of the structural moving and

elevation industry.