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Approved Aug 28, 2014 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force Meeting

August 28, 2014

Present: See attendance list

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. c.d.t. by Hunter Walker. Hunter Walker introduced himself and

called the meeting to order. He asked the attendees to sign in and to introduce themselves.

Mr. Walker asked for changes or questions regarding the minutes of the July 24, 2014, meeting. There

was a motion to approve said minutes made by Karen Thornhill and seconded by Stephen Furman and a

vote taken approving said minutes.

Mr. Walker introduced Sheila Harris. Ms. Harris shared that 20 new project applications have been

received. She explained the procedure for today’s meeting would be to go through some items and

then look at the projects. She shared that are about 10 projects that the County is working on, with

about 4 or 5 homes that repetitively flood but they are in areas in which would not be cost effective to

do stormwater drainage enhancement, but would be more cost effective to buy these properties, but

we are still working on that aspect of the project.

Rebuild NW Florida submitted one project, not asking for priority but asking to file application only for

tier 3 funding. City of Milton is present and can help me with discussion of their 2 projects. The City of

Gulf Breeze has submitted 7 projects, they are here and can help with discussion as well. At the bottom

you will see several projects from the county that for various reasons will not be pursued at this time.

That does not mean that Public Works or Engineering are not looking at them, just that we are not

pursuing them under LMS at this time.

Mr. Walker asked where the recent funds received by Rebuild were tier 3 funds and Ms. Harris said she

believes there were. There was further discussion regarding tier 3 funds and applying for them for the

LMS. Ms. Harris explained the process of applying for tier 3 funds.

Ms. Harris asked for questions and Mr. Gomillion asked about the utility departments. Ms. Harris

advised we had not heard from utilities regarding LMS but we do no partner with them for particular


Mr. Walker asked about the order of priority of the projects on the list and Ms. Harris advised they are

in random order. David Szymanski, the representative from Gulf Breeze, advised that their items were

in the order they were emailed and there discussion regarding the order of the projects. City of Milton

confirmed that their projects are in the order as they appear.

Ms. Harris discussed the prioritizing and scoring of the projects referring to the scoring material in the

packet emphasizing that it is important for the applications to be complete for review. There was a

question regarding an area in Gulf Breeze near Calvary Chapel and Mr. Furman and Mr. Blaylock

explained these areas had been addressed in years past in an LMS project. It was stated that the area is

still flooding and Mr. Walker stated we will have to look at it. The impact of the April rain was discussed

as to this area and several areas.

A question was asked about the scoring of the projects, for example, what if the high scoring properties

were all in Gulf Breeze. Ms. Harris explained that was one of the functions of the LMS is not just looking

at the paper score but looking at the projects as a whole and going from there. There was further

discussion regarding this issue. Ms. Harris asked everyone to look at this section so that everyone will

know what a good project is supposed to look like. Mr. Walker reiterated the need for a complete

application and how it will aid in evaluating the project. Ms. Harris discussed the form in more detail

and the need for complete packages, preferred electronically.

There was no more discussion or questions and Ms. Harris moved forward to the list of projects at the

back of the packet and the need to update the list. She asked for emails requesting removal of projects

that need to be removed for whatever reason. There was further discussion regarding the list.

Ms. Harris moved forward to the projects on the list. She began with Gulf Breeze projects (with Dave

Syzmanski providing additional information). She began with Beach Drive (Outfall Treatment of the

existing stormwater conveyance system) displaying the map of the project and sharing description. Mr.

Syzmanski explained there had been prior flooding in this area. He explained they were going after

Restore money for this project as well for these projects. There was discussion regarding the priority of

the projects and Mr. Harris shared from the order of emails received from Gulf Breeze that the order of

the projects is: (1) Camelia and Driftwood, (2) Beach Drive and Eufaula area, (3) San Carlos/Gilmore and

Shoreline Drive and (4) Baycliff Drive and Mr. Syzmanski confirmed that Baycliff would be last so it

appears this order is correct.

The next project reviewed was Camelia/Bear (stormwater improvement). Ms. Harris shared summary

and shared building inspections summary. Mr. Thornhill remarked that there were 87 properties

affected. Ms. Harris pointed out information received from the residents regarding the flooding. Mr.

Syzmanski shared that the fire department had visited each property and marked the height that the

water had reached in each property. Ms. Harris pointed out that this was great information and would

be very helpful in scoring this project. Mr. Walker asked and Mr. Syzmanski answered that this project

was either the top of their list or close to it. Mr. Gomillion asked a question regarding the location of

the property. Mr. Walker asked about a cost estimate. Ms. Harris answered that the estimate on this

one is 1.1 million. Mr. Syzmanski asked about the amount of money that may be available and Ms.

Harris answered she has not received this information as of yet, that there has been communication but

no definite number yet, possibly 3 or 4 million.

Next project shared was Driftwood/Navy Cove/Berry Stormwater Improvement. Ms. Harris shared

summary and that the estimated cost was a little under $700,000.00. Beach Drive has already been

covered so moved forward to discussion of Eufaula (Outfall treatment of the existing stormwater

conveyance system) with an estimate cost of $260,000.00. There was general discussion about this

project. Mr. Walker asked a question regarding number of homes affected and Mr. Syzmanski answered

that it was less than a dozen.

Next discussed was San Carlos/Gilmore (septic tank abatement program), involves the abandonment of

58 septic tanks, designed and ready to advertise for construction, estimated cost of $760,000.00. Ms.

Harris asked Mr. Syzmanski if Gulf Breeze applies for CDGB and responses indicated income of residents

a factor. There was discussion about the income factor for applicants. There was discussion regarding

gravity and lift stations. Ms. Harris discussed specific streets. Mr. Walker discussed the CDGB aspect of

this project.

Next project is Shoreline Drive (also a septic tank project, abandonment of 61 septic tanks), with a

projected cost of $769,000. She referred to the map. Mr. Gomillion asked about the location and there

was a discussion regarding location and force main.

Ms. Harris continued with the last project for Gulf Breeze is Baycliff (septic tank abatement program) of

61 tanks with an estimate cost of $630,000, sharing building inspections list for this project, and

commenting that at some point she will have total number of residences impacted in each area for

which an application has been filed.

Mr. Walker asked another question about the projects that involve septic tank abatement and homes

that were flooded and this was discussed further. As part of this discussion, Mr. Gomillion asked a

question of Mr. Thornhill regarding the specifics of the terms minor, affected and major water damage.

Ms. Thornhill explained the criteria, as defined by FEMA, is affected is 0% to 25%, minor is 25% to 50%,

major is 50% to 75% and destroyed is 75% to 100%. Mr. Baker further explained in response to more

questions that affected could be water in the yard or in the garage, minor could be water in the house

but not up to the receptacles, major is over the receptacles where you have electrical issues and

destroyed is destroyed. Mr. Baker further explained that it could qualify as minor if the water is in the

yard and garage (which would normally be classified as affected) prohibited the homeowner from

leaving home. The classification assigned to each instance would depend upon the interpretation of the

examiner. Mr. Harris about other data available to clarify the circumstances of these examinations and

there was discussion about different sources of information being pulled together to get a complete

picture of the damage. Ms. Harris explained that a survey form will be sent to each property owners

and ask for detailed information and documentation, photos, etc. There was more discussion and

explanation about the levels of flooding.

Ms. Harris moved on to City of Milton projects, the first of which is Oak Meadows. Brian Watkins

described the damage and the reason for the application to work on the stormwater system. There was

discussion regarding the specific placement/flow of the water in the incident, the fact that were was one

home damaged and one home possibly considered affected. Mr. Harris stated that the anticipated cost

is $130,000 to $150,000. Mr. Watkins confirmed.

The next City of Milton project discussed was the comprehensive stormwater management plan update

for Basins B, G & H. Mr. Watkins explained that the event may have only affected 1 or 2 homes but the

real issue was clogged up streets, cars stranded, etc. The prospective plan is similar to Holley by the Sea

project, an update from the one done 15 years ago. Ms. Harris stated that the projected cost for Basin B

is $46,000 , Basin G is $42,000 and Basin H (inaudible) for a total of around $120,000.00.

Mr. Harris reiterated that Rebuild Northwest Florida does not want their application prioritized, that the

project is for the coding of homes built after 2002 (60 homes) with a projected cost of $350,000. Karen

Thornhill explained that houses built between 2002 and 2006 were not required to have shuttered

windows, that a prior grant did not cover this project.

Ms. Harris moved on to the stormwater/drainage improvement projects for Santa Rosa County, the first

being Ranchette. Mr. Furman briefed the meeting on a description of the subject property and the

needs to be addressed in this project. He pointed out that the project may involve buying property from

the cemetery in the area. He stated that the cost estimate is just over a million dollars, just in a swag,

trying to factor in land purchases. Mr. Harris stated there were 29 homes affected, 10 minor and 3

major in the April rains and believes that this would be one of the County’s top priorities. Mr. Furman

also shared that there was a lot of septic tank failures because of sustained, prolonged, standing water

following the rains. Mr. Walker asked about the chance of that being an LMI and Mr. Furman said not

likely. Mr. Gomillion asked a question about rentals in this area and it was stated that there are rental

homes, but no duplexes. There was more discussion regarding the specific plan for the project.

The next project discussed was Sandy Beach. Mr. Furman explained the subject property and the

proposed project. Mr. Whitfield shared information as well. Mr. Walker asked about the number of

homes affected and Mr. Furman replied that there were 5 homes, 4 which flooded and one that had

water in the garage.

Santa Rosa Shores East/Good Shepard Lutheran Church/Joseph Circle/Soundside Drive/Central Parkway

was the next project discussed. Mr. Furman provided background on the project and the subject

property. He pointed out that Soundside Drive has been considered as a separate project. Ms. Harris

stated that the estimated cost is 1.2 million and Mr. Furman confirmed this this was the best estimate

without an actual design to work from. Mr. Furman was not sure of how many homes, knows there was

at least 2 or 3 homes there on west side of Joseph and 1 home just south of Lisa Court.

The next property discussed with the South End Health Dept. Mr. Whitfield confirmed that this

property is still closed. Mr. Furman discussed the subject property and the proposed project. Mr.

Furman conformed that the cost estimate is $470,000.00.

The last one is the south end discussed was Villa Venyce (Venetian Way/Lido Blvd/Coronado). Mr.

Harris discussed the subject property and potential projects after pointing out that she has not formally

pulled in engineering or public works. She stated that there were 8 properties affected in recent

flooding: 0 major, 1 minor and 5 affected and 2 additional properties filled out the online damage

assessment. She shared that historically we have reports on 85 properties, half of which were surge,

with the remaining 40 plus that have been impacted in one way or another in prior flooding back to

October of 1995. They were not all inside, majority are flood claims but some were yard and garage

flooding. She stated that it is not clear to her whether the Villa Venyce HMGP project work already

completed has improved this area and if we had not had a 500 year event would these properties have

been fine? Owners on Villa Venyce Court still believe there is an issue with most rain events. There was

discussion regarding this property and Settler’s Colony property/project, pointing out this project was

excluded from Settler’s Colony due to budgets, etc. Ms. Harris stated that the prior estimate for this

project back in 2011 was $560,000. Ms. Harris asked for comments. Mr. Blaylock shared that there is

HMGP nested in this project.

The next properties discussed were those located in the Pace area, beginning with Maranatha

Way/Chipper Lane. Mr. Furman discussed the subject property and proposed project. Mr. Walker

discussed the history of complaints for this area. Mr. Furman said that the swag for this project is about

a million. The discussion included the theory that the construction of Twelve Oaks and Winner’s Gait

subdivisions built to the 100 year standard helped this area from worse flooding during the 500 year


Patterson Lane was discussed next. Mr. Furman discussed the subject property and proposed project.

He stated that this project would be toward the bottom of the list, that the estimated cost is $500,000,

but there were several houses affected so it certainly should be on the list.

The next project discussed was Norris Road/PHS/Hilarita/Belvedere/Pace Patriot Blvd. Ms. Harris

reported that 20 properties were affected in the recent April flooding, 0 major, 3 minor, 14 affected and

3 additional damage assessments online and discussed the subject properties. Mr. Blaylock discussed

the proposed project for this property. Mr. Blaylock pointed out that the County has worked on several

small projects in this area in the past. The cost estimate for the current proposed project I 1.5 million.

The last project discussed was Hammersmith. Mr. Blaylock discuss the subject property and proposed

project. He stated that this area has been discussed with different proposals in the past. The flooding

has affected the backyards of 2 homes. The estimated cost is $575,000.

After the overview, Ms. Harris stated that everyone would get a copy of the backup information on the

projects and asked for input on presentation of information. Mr. Walker suggested that the County

receive a summary of each project, including a summary map, specifics on flooding damage, a list of

homes damaged/affected, an all in one package.

Brad Baker made an additional comment regarding the damage assessment parameters, that what may

considered affected with 3 inches of water below the outlets turns into major after the waters sits for an

extended amount of time and seeps up the walls. Mr. Thornhill stated that the FEMA guidelines for this

sitting time is 72 hours and if there is a septic tank on subject property it is bumped back to 24 hours. A

question was asked about if the County reports included a timeline for standing water and Ms. Thornhill

replied yes, that the initial assessment is amended to include the effects of standing water, septic tank

factors. Mr. Baker said FEMA does this also on their follow

-up in their response to applications for-30 applicationsnd, 3rd tier funds and there was discussion regarding thisth.



Ms. Harris asked for questions and made closing comments that included a statement that the letter

from Florida regarding the amount of funds available would hopefully be received by September 18,

2014. She also stated that the time cycle would indicate applications would be due in December.

Mr. Szymanski asked a question about the evaluation guidelines and the weight of issues, specifically

about the high cost of a project affecting its rank. Ms. Harris addressed this question referring to “bang

for your buck” theory. Mr. Walker further addressed the question talking about the evaluation

guidelines. Mr. Blaylock pointed out that the current swag is 8.5 to 9 million based on the discussions

this afternoon. Ms. Harris referred to the fact that after Ivan and Dennis there were 20

filed but because she was not a part of the process at the time, not sure how the County reached the

decision on applications to make, etc. Mr. Blaylock stated that the process was probably not as formal

but that the evaluation parameters were similar and Mr. Walker reinforced this.

Courtney Winstead asked a question to understand where the final decision regarding a project came

from and Ms. Harris explained the process and that the final decision came from the County

Commissioners. She further explained that after approval by the County Commissioners each entity will

make their applications and explained that all applicants are attempting to obtain money from one

source of funds (most likely 4 million). Mr. Walker further discussed the application process with Mr.

Baker adding that this is the standard in emergency management across the State, that cities have to

come through the County, that they can’t apply on their own. Ms. Harris also explained that this is why

we have the LMS, that the State requires the counties to have an LMS in order to be eligible for the

HMPG grants. Mr. Whitfield referred to the 2

issue. There was discussion regarding changing the next meeting date to September 25

Meeting was adjourned by Mr. Walker at 3:13 p.m. c.d.t.