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Approved Jul 25, 2013 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


LMS Meeting 25 July 2013


Brian Watkins City of Milton

Hunter Walker County Administrator

Sheila Harris

Daniel Hahn

Stephen Furman

Shawn Ward

Kyle Holly United Way

Linda Cardin Town of Jay

Amy Eden American Red Cross

Karen Thornhill

Beckie Cato

Matt Dykstra EM intern

Beth Walter HBTS resident

Sheila Ramsey HBTS resident

Michael Schmidt

Meeting started at 1330

Sheila Harris stated that 6 of 7 drainage projects were completed in the last year, Ramblewood Drive

which was delayed (right of way issues) has now been resubmitted to FEMA and it is hoped that a

contractor will be hired within 90 days to start this project. Harrison Ave completed. The 4

th and 5th

elevation projects are completed (photos shown at meeting). Sewer projects in Bagdad and Navarre

should be complete by the end of the year.

Mr Walker clarified that the county acquired some of the Ramblewood properties and Sheila Harris

confirmed that the county purchased 2 of the properties to be demolished for installation of a larger

stormwater pond that will better capture drainage.

Sheila Harris updated pending HMPG grant submissions. In Feb Settlers Colony application has been

submitted to FEMA and has been there about a month. FEMA will not provide a timeline for approval

but experience indicates it will be 2014. For Isaac allocation the City of Milton submitted for elevation of

the Glover Lane Lift STation. Rebuild NWF has submitted for additional retrofit projects in SRC,

requesting 2.5 million of tier 2.

The Flood Mitigation Program cycle to elevate repetitively flooded properties just opened in 2013 with

some modifications where severe repetitive loss claims (2 incidents with value over the total cost of the

home) now get 100% funding. Regular repetitive loses only have a 10% match. Sheila Harris and Karen

Thornhill are working on this grant. There are about 20 properties being talked to and 8

eligible. Instead of community meetings to spread the word, a press release will be developed and sent

out. The BOCC will be sent a list of potential projects and the projects will take about a year to process.

The flood mitigation task force meeting is on August 22nd. Sheila Harris and Karen Thornhill are

updating the action items for this plan. Sheila Harris asked the committee to share any knowledge of

problem areas considering the rain that just occurred. Sheila Harris asked if the municipalities had any

projects they have completed. Sheila Harris also asked if there were any new projects we needed to add

to the LMS list. Feedback can be given between now and the Aug 22

that this was an annual requirement of the Flood mitigation plan implemented several years ago.

Stephen Furman stated that due to the recentness of the flooding, his office was not yet completed with

the assessment of all the damage they were aware of. Daniel Hahn informed the group of the initiative

to map all the flooding incidents by occurrence. Karen Thornhill said this initiative might give her credit

for CRS discounts for citizens.

Hunter Walker asked how past mitigation has worked since it has been tested this summer. Stephen

Furman described some examples of success around hwy 87. Nor has there been any calls from the

Floridatown area which was a habitual flood area in the past. Stephen Furman said that HBTS and

Navarre second edition are the foremost problem areas due to the age of the subdivisions. Beth Walter

asked for clarification of the area in HBTS being described and whether it extended south of 98, and she

stated some of the ponds broke. Stephen indicated that those were private ponds and this was the first

he had heard of this problem. Stephen said he thought of HBTS as north of 98. Stephen described a

conversation the day prior with Lori Gallup about flooding issues in HBTS. One recommendation is to run

the irrigation systems when it floods because they pull water from the ponds that overflow and may

alleviate some of the problem and give water time to flow out the correct way.

Beth asked Stephen if he expected people to call him with flooding issues and he said they do so

already. Stephen indicated they respond to everything as fast as they can regardless of the means of


Karen indicated she likes to know if a house floods so she can send out an inspector. Hunter indicated

that flooding in homes has always been the benchmark. Beth asked if garages and Florida rooms

counted as part of the house. Hunter indicated that we would rather know than not know. The FEMA

litmus test is structures flooded, living areas, not yard or garage, but we want to know so it is

documented. The conversation continued between Beth and Karen about the need for pictures if

possible as an aid to proving the flooding occurred. Hunter said waterlines work as well if pictures are

not able to be taken at the highest line of flooding. Karen shared information about the ftp site for

uploading pictures.

Stephen indicated a vast majority of flooding reports is nuisance flooding, people can’t get the mailbox,

or kids can’t get to the school bus. This kind of flooding is not as pressing as flooding in a house which

will do damage. Stephen described the borders of Navarre second edition when asked.

Kyle brought up the amount of water on the roads near the visitor center. Neither Karen nor Stephen

received reports.

Sheila Harris described the mitigation nomination paperwork in the packets.

Stephen indicated all the past mitigation in the HBTS area and described how ditches are cleared and

drainage paths are kept as clean as possible but as people clear lots, trim trees and such, sometimes it is

hard to keep up with all of the drainage areas in the county.

Sheila indicated that picture, receipts, and any other type of proof of flooding are important to tracking

and monitoring flooding.

Kyle reported that he has heard about issues on the north side of the bay. Increased iron content and

such. Stephen said it is not uncommon with DOT bringing in clay for road reconstruction.

Stephen said PW walked the park area to see if there was an obvious reason for the high bacteria in the

water. They are trying to relocate some of the ducks in case they are part of the problem because at the

pond they are dirty. Some talk of pollution run off from areas north of 98 as well.

Next LMS is Oct 24

-10 appear to bend meeting. Mr Walker confirmedth