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Approved Mar 26, 2015 - Local Mitigation Meeting Minutes


LMS Special Meeting March 26, 2015


Hunter Walker (SRC Administrator)

Stephen Furman (SRC Public Works)

Glenn Baily (SRC Public Works)

Brian Watkins (City of Milton)

Beckie Cato (SRC P&Z)

Shawn Ward (SRC P&Z)

Roger Blaylock (SRC Engineer)

Michael Schmidt (SRC Engineer)

Lou Greene (Navarre Resident)

Ray Heidenheim (Villa Venyce HOA)

Meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m.

Hunter Walker introduced himself and called the meeting to order. He asked the attendees to sign in

and to introduce themselves. Mr. Walker explained that this was a special LMS meeting to review the

LMS Plan Update 2016

-2020 and discuss the identified hazards for the plan update. Mr. Walker-House Team EffortA local jurisdiction must review and revise its plan to reflect

Improve utility of the document

recommended by the state; Remove duplications; Keep only text that is required or useful and Improve

ability to find useful information.

Mr. Walker noted that this was our second update. When we first started the Florida Division of

Emergency Management wanted everything within the plan; however, now we’ve all realized we only

need to include hazards that affect Santa Rosa County.

Ms. Cato proceeded to go over the proposed schedule:

March 26 Special Meeting

- Remove information related to hazards unlikely to affect our area as

Update Purpose, Process, Timeline, and Hazards List

April 23 Regular Meeting

April 28 and 30 – Public Outreach Meetings

May 28 Special Meeting

Updated LMS Goals

June 25 Special Meeting

Hazards Assessment and Initiatives Implementation

July 23 Regular Meeting

Updated Project List

August 27 Special Meeting

Hazards Vulnerability Assessment

September 24 Special Meeting

Changes Resulting from Updated Goals and Vulnerability Assessment; and Finalize Project


October 22 Regular Meeting

Completed LMS


The group agreed that the schedule was feasible.

Mr. Ward discussed the identified hazards within the existing 2011 plan. He then spoke about

hazards unlikely or impossible. Mr. Ward referenced a conversation with the Florida Division of

Emergency Management and per FDEM “No specific hazards have to be included in your plan. You

are required to provide justification for any commonly occurring hazards”.

The following hazards were recommended for removal and the group voted unanimously to remove

them from the update:

- Public Outreach Meetings






Land Subsidence








The following hazards were recommended to be updated and remain in the plan. The group voted




Hurricane/Tropical Storm


Storm Surge




Dam Safety


Winter Storms (Freezes)




Tornadoes and Waterspouts


Thunderstorms and Lightening


Heat Waves and Drought


Mr. Ward asked if any new hazards should be included within the update such as human caused

hazards, terrorism or technological hazards. He referenced a document where the fire chief in an

Arkansas county wanted the natural gas pipeline that went through the entire community to be added

to the LMS Plan due to its old infrastructure.

Mr. Watkins said that a gas pipeline does go through Santa Rosa County into Okaloosa County but

recent surveys indicate that it is in good condition and checked frequently.

Mr. Walker ask if there were any of these hazards that would cause us to request FEMA funding and

therefore warrant inclusion in the plan.

Mr. Greene asked about a chemical spill shutting down Interstate 10. Who was responsible? Mr.

Furman and Mr. Blaylock referenced the recent train derailments and indicated that cleanup was the

obligation of the responsible party.

The group decided not to add any additional hazards other than the identified natural hazards.

Everyone felt the County’s Emergency Management Plans identified the non

was a sufficient plan of action.

Mr. Walker asked for any additional questions or comments from the group.

Mr. Walker adjourned the meeting at approximately 2:15 p.m.

Wildfire-natural hazards and that

introduced Ms. Cato.

Ms. Cato gave a PowerPoint presentation that started with an overview timeline. Current LMS expires

June 9, 2016. Update due to State December 9, 2015. The Plan update will be an In

between Planning and Zoning; Grants; Emergency Management and the Computer Department. It will

be concurrent with the update of the Flood Mitigation Plan. Opportunity for Joint Planning; Joint

meetings of the LMS Task Force and the Flood Mitigation Plan (FMP) Task Force. We’ll plan for Public

Information and ongoing development. FMP Task Force meetings already scheduled the next three

months so once that is concluded we’ll move to joint meetings after that for both plan updates. Goals

for this project:

Address the Federal Requirement – “

changes in development, progress in local mitigation efforts, and changes in priorities, and resubmit it

for approval within 5 years in order to continue to be eligible for mitigation project grant funding”. 44

CFR 201.6(d)(3)