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Approved Mar 22, 2006 - Parks and Recreation Minutes


Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 5:30 p.m.
Administrative Complex Board Meeting Room

The March meeting of the Santa Rosa County Parks and Recreation Committee was held at the Administrative Complex beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22, 2006. The following members were present representing the sports associations and host organizations: Darrin Nicely, Navarre Youth Sports Association, Navarre Sports Complex/Navarre Football-Soccer Park/Holley Ball Field; TomDorsey, Tiger Point Recreational Park; Robert Saville, Futbol Club of Santa Rosa, Inc., Santa Rosa Soccer Park; and Albert Ward, Pace Athletic and Recreation Association, Pace Athletic and Recreational Park/Santa Rosa SportsPlex.

Absent were representatives fromEast Milton Recreational Park, Chumuckla Community Center and Park, Fidelis Community Center and Park, Benny Russell Park, and Swenson Park.

Also present were the Administrative Services/Parks Operations Manager, Tammy Simmons, County Administrator, Hunter Walker.

Guest at the meeting was Joe Tyler and Eric Ervin with Allstar Productions, Dan Millham, and Pat D’Asaro, Bagdad Village Preservation Association.

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

The Administrative Services Manager welcomed all.

Minutes from the January 25, 2006 and February 22, 2006 were approved as written.

The first item of discussion was on the draft park rental fee schedule. The committee approved the below stated policy.

Santa Rosa County
Park Rental Fee Schedule

This policy outlines the process for the rental of park facilities to organizations for the purpose of fund raising activities.

Park rental fees shall be standard for all parks owned by Santa Rosa County and shall be based on the following:

                                                                                                           Weekend Usage                                                                                          Weekend Usage
                                                                                                          Friday, Saturday, &                                                                                        Friday, Saturday, &
                                                       Daily Usage                                      Sunday                                             Daily Usage                                         Sunday

Per Field                                  $10 County Fee                              $25 County Fee                                $10 County Fee                                $25 County Fee

Stand                                       $10 County Fee                              $25 County Fee                                 $10 County Fee                               $25 County Fee
                                                   Required after                                                                                              Required after
Hotel Card                                      event                                    Required after event                                        event                                       Required after event

Event                                         Required after                                                                                              Required after                                Required after event
Summary                                         event                                   Required after event                                       event

Organizations contracted by Santa Rosa County to manage the individual park facilities shall not be charged in conjunction with the running of recreational programs, or conducting tournaments that benefit the cost of running the recreational programs.

Other non-profit organization such as the American Red Cross, Cancer Society, etc. may be exempt from rental charges upon the written approval of Santa Rosa County and the appropriate Park’s managing organization.

All rental fees will be paid to the individual park organization who in turn will reimburse Santa Rosa County their appropriate fees. Hotel cards and event summary forms provided by the County are to be submitted with the fees. These forms will allow for the production of economic impact reports.

Simmons provided the hotel card and event forms to all members present and explained that the policy would include a requirement that the organization submit the completed forms after each event. Pensacola Sports Association will perform the economic impact for each event to the county.

Simmons provided a proposed fee schedule that Administrative Services drafted, Escambia County’s use and fees for county parks, and Bay County’s fee schedule.

Simmons provided a copy of accommodations available within in Santa Rosa County and the web site www.beaches-rivers.com as a reference for accommodations for tourist coming into our county for events.

D’Asaro provided the Beaches to Rivers publication Ó2005 to each member.

Allstar Productions provided an annual economic impact study.

The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.