SAFER Santa Rosa: Committees

~ Board of Directors ~
Chairman Chip Fox Baptist Association Faith Based
Vice Chairman Brian Boney Wal-Mart Business
Treasurer Josh Stickland Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund CPA Business
Secretary Jimmie Melvin Sandy Ridge Business
Board Member Dan Woodcock United Bank Business
Board Member Paige Wester Troy University Business
Board Member Janis Wilson POE In Action Non-Profit
Board Member Shirley Cornett Interfaith Ministries Non-Profit
Board Member Brenda Roland Retired Senior Volunteer Program Non-Profit
Board Member Suzanne Rowland Bay Area Food Bank Non-Profit
Board Member Claudie Franklin Fellowship of Churches Faith Based
Board Member Brian Nall Ferris Hill Baptist Church Faith Based
Board Member Jim Marcomb Faith Based
Board Member Stephen Furman Public Works Government
Board Member Sandra Parks O'Hara County Health Department Government
Board Member Michelle Tait Representative Broxson’s Office Government



~ Committees ~

Daniel Hahn (

The Administration committee assists in the daily functioning of SAFER Santa Rosa. It assists the Secretary and Treasurer with SAFER related activities in order to maintain proper management of SAFER Santa Rosa. Committee members may assist with organization of SAFER records, minutes and funds.

Business Continuity

The purpose of the Business Continuity committee is to serve as the business operations support for preparedness efforts such as resources, continuation of business operations, logistical support, etc. and to assist in recovery phases of operations. Business Continuity may work with preparedness, recovery and logistics committees to support other areas of SAFER Santa Rosa response and recovery efforts.

Case Management
Brenda Roland (
Helena Baillio (

The Case Management committee's purpose is to network organizations including government, non-profit and faith-based entities that provide case management services to the public as part of their organizational mission or disaster response. This committee works with disaster victims and/or homeless individuals and families directly. It will work under Recovery during and after disaster. Case Management will work with Unmet needs to coordinate activities and/or referrals for services during no disaster periods. Client confidentiality is a priority.

Health Committee
Sandra Park - Co-Chair (

Working to create a county-wide and community-wide movement with a shared vision for health. Working to develop a team approach to solving the health problems in the community. Our vision is to ensure health and wellness for the citizens and visitors to our community by leading the way in efforts of wellness, exercise, nutrition, and overall health.

Brian Boney (
Jimmie Melvin - Co-Chair (

The Logistics committee will assist members with the management and distribution of donations given to SAFER. It should also assist with the movement of SAFER Santa Rosa provided or acquired equipment, goods and supplies where necessary in order to assist citizens after a disaster.

Public Relations/ Marketing
Melanie McMillan (

The Public Relations/ Marketing committee's responsibilities include marketing and promotion of the SAFER Santa Rosa, events and trainings, assistance with development of promotional materials and development of fundraising activities to support SAFERs overall mission with its members and the general public.

Kyle Holley ( )

This committee is activated when a need arises. The Recovery committee can work on short term or long term issues associated with a disaster. Coordinate and communicate the individual efforts of SAFER member organizations by leveraging a limited supply of resources to maximize and sustain the recovery process, while individually addressing survivor needs.

Safe Kids
Jaqui Thomas (

Separate from the SAFER Kids barricade project, the Safe Kids committee is targeting youth safety through programs meant to educate, inform, and train youth in Santa Rosa how to be safer during play and at school. Some of the initiatives of this committee will deal with child visibility at night, various aspects of literacy (financial, relationships, etc…), as well as other initiatives. Safe Kids committee will also advocate for, and support, the SAFER kids project, which is the barricade project for keeping kids safe at public events.

Unmet Needs
Karen Barber ( )

The Unmet needs committee addresses all aspects of individual disasters like homelessness, cold weather shelters, and any issue that is beyond the scope of another committee. Unmet needs should identify and assess individual and family disaster related unmet needs and apply the resources of SAFER Santa Rosa partners to meet those needs. The Bridges out of Poverty program is a perfect example of what the Unmet needs committee can and should be doing to address the individual/family disaster of poverty.

Brenda Roland (

This committee is responsible for soliciting the community for volunteers to partner with a non profit and to become active with a church or otherwise volunteer to help the needy in our community. It will be responsible to register volunteers through established volunteer centers for a time when they are needed. It will also handle training volunteers in VRC operations and registering volunteer hours.