Welcome to SAFER Santa Rosa

Alert Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa County Emergency Management has implemented a county-wide emergency notification system, AlertSantaRosa. Alert Santa Rosa provides everyone who lives and works in Santa Rosa County with the ability to receive emergency notifications and/or severe weather via:

  • Notification via smart phone app "Contact Bridge"
  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone Call (to business, home or cell phone)

By enrolling, you can subscribe to receive notifications about emergencies that may affect your home, business, school, child care and more. Simply visit www.alertsantarosa.com to register up to five street addresses within the county. Text messages will be received from 893-61 or 878-44, and phone calls will generate from 1-850-983-5257. You may want to save these numbers as "Alert Notifications" in your contact list to make them more recognizable. For questions or more information, contact Kevin Sowell, 850-983-5355, or email alertSR@santarosa.fl.gov.

Be prepared – You choose when and how
"If we can´t reach you, we can´t alert you"

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