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Kids Corner Documents
- A guide for parents and educators - Get Ready!!!
- Impact of Deepwater Horizon on Children and Families - National Commission on Children in Disasters
- Tips for Parents and Guardians - Tips for teachers and administrators
- Tips for Teens

Kids Corner Web Links
- "Mommy, I'm Scared." Ways to Comfort Children during Disasters - (Kids) Family Readiness Kit
- Back to School" Emergency Preparedness - Captain America Promotes Suicide Prevention Awareness
- Checklist for Emergency Preparedness in Schools - Child Health Insurance
- Childrens Disaster Preparedness - Educating your kids
- FEMA for kids - Flat Stanley
- Halloween Safety - Helping Children Cope with Disaster
- Home Security, Crime Prevention and Safety Center for Kids - How to Help Children Cope with a Crisis
- I know what to do - Kids get a plan
- Kids READY Book - Kindergartener's Version of a Public Service Announcement
- Know what to do - Knowledge Empowers
- Latch Key Kid fact sheet - Latch Key Kids
- Looking for a public Health Degree? - Monster Guard
- Partnership for Food Safety Education - Preparedness Coloring book
- Safety Training for Families - Save the Children
- STEM Challenge for Kids - Building Flood Resistant Homes - Storm struck
- Student Tools for Emergency Planning - Talk to teens about drugs
- Texting and cell phone safety - The Unique Needs of Children in Emergencies
- Tornado Preparedness Tips for School Administrators - Web Weather for kids