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Zoning Classifications

LDC Article
  East Milton Area Wellfield Protection Overlay District 6.05.25 none
AG-RR Agriculture/Rural Residential 6.05.02 Download
AG1 Agriculture/Estate Residential 6.05.11 Download
AG2 Agriculture 6.05.03 Download
C1M Marina 6.05.16 Download
C2M Marina and Yacht Club 6.05.17 Download
CT Commerce and Technology Park 6.05.18 Download
ER Estate Residential 6.05.11 Download
HC1 Historical - Commercial 6.05.22.C.3 Download
HCD Highway Commercial Development 6.05.15 Download
HD Historical District 6.05.22 none
HON Heart of Navarre Overlay District 6.05.24 none
HR1 Historical - Single Family 6.05.22.C.1 Download
HR2 Historical - Multiple Family 6.05.22.C.2 Download
M1 Restricted Industrial 6.05.19 Download
MID Military Installation District 6.05.27 none
M2 General Industrial 6.05.20 Download
NC Neighborhood Commercial 6.05.14 Download
P1 Passive Park 6.05.01 Download
P2 Active Park 6.05.01 Download
PBD Planned Business District 6.05.13 Download
PID Planned Industrial Development 6.05.21 Download
PIT Borrow Pit and Debris Disposal Facility 6.05.26 Download
PUD Planned Unit Development 6.05.12 Download
R1 Single Family Residential 6.05.05 Download
R1A Single Family Residential 6.05.06 Download
R1M Mixed Residential Subdivision 6.05.07 Download
R2 Medium Density Residential 6.05.08 Download
R2M Medium Density Mixed Residential 6.05.09 Download
R3 Medium High Density Residential 6.05.10 Download
RR-1 Rural Residential Single Family 6.05.04 Download
NB-H Navarre Beach - Hotel 6.07.09 Download
NB-SF Navarre Beach - Single Family 6.07.01 Download
NB-MHD Navarre Beach - Medium High Density 6.07.02 Download
NB-MD Navarre Beach - Medium Density 6.07.03 Download
NB-HD Navarre Beach - High Density 6.07.04 Download
NB-C Navarre Beach - Commercial 6.07.05 Download
NB-PMUD Navarre Beach - Planned Mixed Use Development 6.07.06 Download
NB–CON/REC Navarre Beach - Conservation/Recreation 6.07.07 Download
NB-U Navarre Beach - Utilities 6.07.08 Download
TC1 Navarre Town Center Core Zoning District 6.05.23 Download