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2001 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/21/2001 2001-SP-103 East Whiting Tower Telecommunications Tower 9076 Munson Hwy, Milton
12/21/2001 2001-SP-103 East Whiting Tower Telecommunications Tower 9076 Munson Hwy, Milton
12/20/2001 2001-SP-087 Goodyear Tire and Service Center Automotive Repair 8460 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
12/19/2001 2001-SP-095 Emerald Coast Pediatric Medical Office 5834 Berryhill Rd, Milton
12/17/2001 1999-SP-079 Calvary Chapel Church Addition 1140 Harrison Ave, Gulf Breeze
12/14/2001 2001-SP-097 Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Activity Center 6294 Buckskin Dr, Milton
12/11/2001 1998-SP-093 Midway Mini Storage Storage Buildings 5465 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
11/27/2001 2001-SP-068 Westfield Road Mini-Warehouses Warehouse 3025 Westfield Rd, Gulf Breeze
11/26/2001 2001-SP-093 The Season's at Harvest Village Phased Retail Units 7552 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
11/26/2001 2001-SP-090 L. A. Unwired Communications Tower 5266 Berryhill Rd, Milton
11/21/2001 2001-SP-089 True Grace Fellowship Assembly of God Church 5178 Willard Norris Rd, Milton
11/21/2001 2001-SP-074 Dardenwald Retail Complex Retail 5660 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
11/21/2001 2001-SP-089 True Grace Assembly of God Church 5178 Willard Norris Rd, Milton
11/20/2001 2001-SP-062 Midway Fire Station #1 Public Utility 1801 Abercrombie, Midway
11/16/2001 2001-SP-082 Tom Thumb #68 Convenience Store 6853 Highway 87 N, Milton
11/16/2001 2001-SP-086 Cooperative Extension Service County Office 6263 Dogwood St
11/05/2001 2001-SP-088 Berryhill Cell Tower Private Storage 4951 Berryhill Rd, Milton
11/02/2001 2001-SP-034 Navarre Beach Boat Ramp Public Facility Navarre Beach Causeway, Navarre Beach
11/02/2001 2001-SP-068 Holley Navarre Water and Sewer Utility 8575 Turkey Bluff Rd, Navarre
11/02/2001 2001-SP-073 Eastern Beach Service Storage Warehouse Pine St, Gulf Breeze
11/02/2001 2001-SP-075 Woodbine Professional Office Complex Office Complex 4854 Woodbine, Pace
11/02/2001 2001-SP-083 Robbins Builders Warehouse/Office 8173 East Bay Blvd, Navarre
11/01/2001 2001-SP-035 Navarre Beach State Park Park Masterplan Gulf Blvd, Navarre
10/31/2001 2001-SP-066 Fairpoint Utility Wellhouse #4 Utility 9508 Cornfield Way, Holley
10/31/2001 2001-SP-049 Pineview United Methodist Church Church Addition 1400 Pineview, Jay
10/30/2001 2001-SP-080 Woodlawn Commons Park Private Recreation Park Woodlake, Navarre
10/30/2001 2001-SP-072 Chumuckla Highway Retail Retail Complex 4503 Chumuckla Hwy, Pace
10/29/2001 2001-SP-083 Holley by the Sea Cell Tower Telecommunications Tower Joe Pruitt Rd, Navarre
10/26/2001 2001-SP-063 Fairpoint Utility Wellhouse #1 Utility Holley
10/25/2001 2001-SP-056 Pace Water Supply Utility 4401 Woodbine Rd, Pace
10/25/2001 2001-SP-078 Gulf Power Alligator Swamp Sub-Station Utility Vinewood, Pace
10/24/2001 2001-SP-051 Point Baker Water Utility 6837 Highway 89, Milton
10/18/2001 2001-SP-060 East Milton Recreation Complex Gymnasium Bobby Brown Rd, Milton
10/18/2001 1998-SP-051 Crown Point Plaza Phase II Retail 8986 Ortega Park Dr, Navarre
10/15/2001 2001-SP-070 First American Bank of Pensacola Bank 4811 Highway 90, Pace
10/15/2001 2001-SP-081 Escambia River Electric Cooperative Propane Tank 3425 Highway 4, Jay
10/12/2001 1998-SP-039 Tanglewood Golf Course Golf Cart Barn 5916 Tanglewood Dr
10/04/2001 2001-SP-037 Fountain Professional Center Office Complex 9000 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
10/04/2001 2001-SP-077 Tom Thumb #35 Store Addition 5085 Glover Ln, Milton
09/28/2001 2001-SP-076 Barnhill's Buffet Building Addition 3075 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
09/21/2001 2001-SP-058 Downs Collision Center Auto Body and Repair 3650 Highway 90, Pace
09/21/2001 2001-SP-052 West Florida Baptist Academy School Addition 5625 Highway 90, Pace
09/20/2001 2001-SP-050 Wallace Storage Building Warehouse 3013 Westfield Rd, Gulf Breeze
09/16/2001 2001-SP-065 Fairpoint Utility Wellhouse Wellhouse Haymeadow Rd, Holley
09/16/2001 2001-SP-064 Fairpoint Utility Wellhouse Wellhouse Haymeadow Rd, Holley
09/07/2001 2001-SP-047 Santeler and Sons Heating and Air Commercial 616 Elindiea, Milton
09/06/2001 2001-SP-061 Southland Builder's Farmer's Market Market 8949 Byrom Campbell, Chumuckla
08/20/2001 2001-SP-042 Florida Department of Transportation Maintenance Complex Maintenance Yard 6025 Old Bagdad Hwy, Milton
08/10/2001 2001-SP-061 West Spencer Field Shops Office Complex 4865-4873 West Spencer Field Rd, Pace
07/17/2001 2001-SP-036 Cecilio Building Office Complex 8374-8756 Ortega Park Dr, Navarre
07/12/2001 2001-SP-046 Twelve Oaks Administration 2046 Healthcare Ave, Navarre
07/06/2001 2001-SP-040 Office Depot Retail 4930 Highway 90/Cardinal Ln, Pace
07/02/2001 2001-SP-030 Gordon Sprague Private Tennis Court 3070 Westfield Rd, Gulf Breeze
06/28/2001 2001-SP-024 Immanuel Baptist Church Sanctuary 4187 Highway 90/Alba, Pace
06/26/2001 1996-SP-068 Holley Navarre Water Maintenance Building 8575 Turkey Bluff Rd, Navarre
06/22/2001 2001-SP-011 Waffle House Restaurant 4900 Highway 90, Spencer, Pace
06/20/2001 2001-SP-031 Pensacola Fuel Injection Vehicle Maintenance Station 5811 Myrtle, Pace
06/19/2001 2001-SP-027 Ruby Tuesday Restaurant 4907 Highway 90, Pace
06/19/2001 2001-SP-032 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Parking/Stormwater 1692 Mohawk Trail, Navarre
06/13/2001 2001-SP-028 Murphy Oil Gasoline Station 3789 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
06/12/2001 2001-SP-026 Ruby Tuesday Restaurant 3805 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
06/08/2001 2001-SP-029 Porter's Plants Plant Nursery Addition 3042 Highway 87 N, Holley
06/07/2001 2001-SP-039 Diamond BP Gasoline Station Canopy 12200 Chumuckla Hwy, Jay
05/29/2001 2001-SP-019 Truck Driver Instruction School School East Milton Rd, Milton
05/25/2001 2001-SP-033 Price Fence Company Renovation 2354 Jones St, Milton
05/07/2001 1994-SP-018 C & S Signs Office Addition 5760 Commerce Rd, Pace
04/23/2001 2001-SP-023 Midway First Assembly Fellowship Hall 5649 East Bay Blvd, Midway
04/20/2001 1997-SP-004 Arcadia Self Storage Addition 4626 Lori Ln, Pace
04/17/2001 2001-SP-022 Stuckey's/Dairy Queen Canopy Addition 3765 Garcon Point Rd, Garcon Point
04/16/2001 2001-SP-020 Florida Tower #1088 Tower 5760 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
04/02/2001 2001-SP-007 Jim Dular Development Commercial/Residential Mix 8783 Navarre Beach Pkwy, Navarre
03/30/2001 2001-SP-018 Crain Supply Addition Addition 5780 Quintette Rd, Pace
03/30/2001 2001-SP-014 Pea Ridge Properties Phase III Road Addition Highway 90 Pace
03/27/2001 2001-SP-010 Rainey's Dry Goods Retail 5613 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
03/16/2001 2000-SP-027 Florida Gas Compressor Station Plant Addition Munson Hwy
03/14/2001 2001-SP-016 Sailor's Grill Bakery Addition 1451 Navarre Beach, Navarre
03/14/2001 2001-SP-013 Trinity Baptist Storage Building 5301 Highway 90, Pace
03/13/2001 1997-SP-122 Berryhill Manor Addition 5544 Swanner Rd, Milton
03/12/2001 2001-SP-012 Hudson's Restaurant 5711 Ibis Rd, Pace
03/08/2001 2001-SP-009 Navarre Paint and Body Auto Repair 8175 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
03/06/2001 2001-SP-015 Cook's Paint and Body Addition/Renovation 4432 Floridatown Rd, Pace
03/02/2001 2000-SP-071 Stonebrook Plaza Commercial 5636 Woodbine Rd, Pace
03/02/2001 2001-SP-006 First Apostolic Church Daycare Daycare 5574 Highway 90, Pace
02/28/2001 2000-SP-070 Linda Amore Retail Retail 4140 Berryhill, Pace
02/22/2001 2001-SP-005 Navarre Boat/RV Storage Storage 8138 Third Ave, Navarre
02/22/2001 1997-SP-069 Filipino/American Association Private Club 6171 Highway 87, Milton
02/13/2001 2001-SP-001 Southtrust Bank Bank 8726 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
02/07/2001 2001-SP-003 Systematix Light Industrial Commerce Rd, Pace
01/29/2001 1999-SP-020 Chelsea Title Phase 2 Office Highway 90, Milton
01/29/2001 2001-SP-002 Potts Building Complex Commercial 5900 Highway 98, Gulf Breeze
01/25/2001 2001-SP-004 Ortega Park Road Private Road Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
01/23/2001 2000-SP-076 Highway 98 Commercial Complex Commercial 2852 Highway 98, Gulf Breeze
01/22/2001 2000-SP-078 Santa Rosa Energy Center Industrial 5005 Sterling Way, Pace
01/19/2001 2000-SP-074 Seaview Interiors Furniture Store 8768 Navarre Pkwy
01/18/2001 1996-SP-014 Security Self Storage Addition 4375 Highway 90, Pace
01/16/2001 1997-SP-114 Florida Fitness Parking Addition 8059 Highway 98, Navarre
01/09/2001 1997-SP-121 Santa Rosa Storage Addition Highway 98, Midway
01/04/2001 2000-SP-075 Joy Bible Baptist Church Addition 8613 Highway 90, Milton