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2002 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/17/2002 2001-SP-059 Intelligent Choice Warehouse Warehouse 8162 Ortega Park, Navarre
12/04/2002 2002-SP-030 Bob Murphy Warehouse Warehouse 5413 Mulat Road
12/02/2002 2002-SP-061 New Macedonia Baptist Church New Sanctuary 4751 Chumuckla Hwy
11/27/2002 2002-SP-088 Dollar General West Navarre Retail 7515 Navarre Pkwy
11/25/2002 2002-SP-084 Reese Pediatrics Office 1368 Country Club Rd, Gulf Breeze
11/22/2002 2002-SP-055 Lowe Road Retail Gasoline Station and Retail 7236 Navarre Pkwy
11/18/2002 2002-SP-080 Bagdad United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall 4540 Forsyth
11/15/2002 2002-SP-079 Dollar General Gulf Breeze Retail 4352 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
11/13/2002 1992-SP-028 Christian Life Church Education 4401 Avalon Blvd
11/13/2002 1998-SP-072 Navarre Maxi Storage Self-Storage 9352 Navarre Pkwy
11/13/2002 2002-SP-085 Florida Department of Transportation Rest Area Expansion Interstate 10
11/12/2002 2002-SP-086 Voicestream Wireless Galt City Telecommunications Tower 6687 Ventura Blvd
11/06/2002 2002-SP-082 Calvin's Heating and Air Trade Service 5595 Chumuckla Hwy
11/05/2002 2002-SP-056 Santa Rosa Aviation Office 5550 North Airport Rd
10/25/2002 2002-SP-063 Florida Pest Control Office 4920 Glover Ln
10/18/2002 2002-SP-077 Tyler's Auto Service Trade Service and Repair 7634 Navarre Pkwy
10/17/2002 2002-SP-052 International House of Pancakes Restaurant 2548 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
10/17/2002 2002-SP-067 Betta Stor It Self-Storage 2999 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
10/08/2002 2002-SP-072 Berrydale Water System Wellhouse #1 Utility 12400 Highway 87 N, Jay
10/08/2002 2002-SP-071 Berrydale Water System Wellhouse #3 Utility 1154 Fleming Bridge Rd, Jay
10/07/2002 2002-SP-060 Tom Street Duplexes Residential 2116-2171 Tom St, Navarre
10/03/2002 2002-SP-054 Avalon Baptist Church Classrooms 4316 Avalon Blvd, Milton
09/30/2002 2002-SP-036 Allentown Volunteer Fire Department Fire Department 9482 Highway 89, Allentown
09/18/2002 2002-SP-047 Rick Lee Warehouse Warehouse 5832 Commerce Rd, Milton
09/12/2002 2002-SP-037 Avalon Volunteer Fire Department Fire Department 5428 Mulat Rd, Milton
09/11/2002 2002-SP-039 Dr. Teresa Mahaffey's Office Office 5565 Woodbine Rd, Pace
08/31/2002 2002-SP-058 Paul Robinson's Warehouse Warehouse 3200 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
08/23/2002 2002-SP-053 Fabbro Marine Manufacturing 5552 Industrial Blvd, Milton
08/21/2002 2002-SP-041 Pace Movie Gallery Retail 4201 Highway 90, Pace
07/27/2002 2002-SP-042 A. E. New Storage Lot Storage 1111 Gulf St, Gulf Breeze
07/25/2002 2002-SP-026 Gulf Breeze Ford Retail 2665 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
07/24/2002 2002-SP-048 Mediacom Equipment Storage Building Storage 4339 Avalon Blvd, Milton
07/19/2002 2002-SP-029 Grande Pointe Mini-Warehouses Warehouses Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
07/17/2002 2002-SP-012 First Baptist of Navarre Church 9302 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
07/16/2002 2002-SP-033 Abercrombie Warehouses Warehouse 1773 Anderson Ave, Gulf Breeze
07/15/2002 2002-SP-034 Tae Kwon Do Center Recreation 3233 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
07/15/2002 2002-SP-046 Dr. John Garner Office 3214 Fordham Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
07/09/2002 2002-SP-022 Baird Chiropractic Office Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
07/01/2002 2002-SP-035 Pace Village Inn Restaurant 4843 Highway 90, Pace
06/27/2002 2002-SP-035 Pace Village Inn Restaurant 4843 Highway 90, Pace
06/27/2002 2002-SP-025 Navarre Sheriff's Substation Public Utility 8597 High School Blvd, Navarre
06/26/2002 2002-SP-031 Midway Fire Station Public Utility College Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
06/13/2002 2002-SP-027 Paradise Shoppes of Navarre Retail 8244 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
06/11/2002 2002-SP-028 Blockbuster Retail 4873 Highway 90, Pace
04/16/2002 2000-SP-059 Guillot Furniture Retail 7020 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
04/15/2002 1999-SP-059 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Recreation and Education 4237 Highway 98, Midway
04/12/2002 2002-SP-023 Gulf Pines RV Park Recreation 8700 Gulf Pines Dr, Milton
04/12/2002 2002-SP-003 Holley Navarre Fire District Utility 6893 Manatee St, Navarre
04/11/2002 2001-SP-105 Chumuckla Community Center Recreation 2355 Highway 182, Pace
04/05/2002 1998-SP-085 Midway Mini Storage Warehouse 5465 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
04/04/2002 2002-SP-014 Payne Barber Shop Trade Service 9441 Nichols Lake Rd, Milton
04/04/2002 2002-SP-020 Batter's Box Family Fun Center Recreation 5566 Woodbine Rd, Pace
04/01/2002 2002-SP-009 Jennifer's Flea Market Retail 4648 Highway 90, Pace
03/28/2002 2002-SP-021 1017A Milton Tower Telecommunications Tower Munson Hwy, Milton
03/21/2002 2002-SP-006 Mediacom Office 1613 Nantahala Beach Rd, Gulf Breeze
03/19/2002 2002-SP-028 Goose and Gander Concessions 5450 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
03/14/2002 2002-SP-007 Airlift Technologies International, Inc Manufacturing 8101 Opportunity Dr, Milton
03/14/2002 2002-SP-005 Quikcrete Manufacturing 7101 Windwood, Milton
03/07/2002 2001-SP-067 Fairpoint Regional Utility Wellhouse #5 Utility 9300 Nichols Lake, Holley
03/07/2002 2001-SP-098 Korner Kwik Stop Boat & RV Storage Self Storage 4895 West Spencerfield Rd, Pace
03/05/2002 1997-SP-117 Soundside Storage Self Storage 4121 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
03/05/2002 2001-SP-008 Gulf Breeze Walgreens Retail 1459 Tiger Point Ln, Gulf Breeze
02/22/2002 2001-SP-100 Black's Warehouse Warehouse 2578 Avalon Blvd, Milton
02/22/2002 2001-SP-094 Cooks Parking Expansion Parking Addition 4050 Avalon Blvd, Milton
02/15/2002 2001-SP-099 Navarre Church of Christ Church 8490 James Harvell Rd, Navarre
02/14/2002 2001-SP-048 Ryans Steakhouse Restaurant 4955 Highway 90, Pace
02/13/2002 2001-SP-079 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church 1753 Sea Lark Ln, Navarre
02/12/2002 2001-SP-091 LA Unwired #38 Cell-Tower Telecommunications 4791 Wildwood, Milton
01/29/2002 2001-SP-092 Suncoast Outdoor Furniture Manufacturing 3990 Briarglen Rd, Milton
01/29/2002 2002-SP-002 Bohemian's Point Retail 5104 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze Highway 98
01/19/2002 2002-SP-001 Poloski Ice Cream Retail 1816 Prado, Navarre
01/17/2002 2001-SP-096 Burklow Mini Storage Storage 4892 Woodbine Rd, Pace
01/16/2002 2001-SP-104 Ron Miller Warehouse Storage 2043 Prado, Navarre
01/10/2002 2001-SP-085 Milton First Assembly of God Church Addition 6163 Dogwood, Milton