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2007 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/03/2007 2007-SP-109 Tuffy's Auto Service Service Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
12/03/2007 2007-SP-097 A+ Mini Storage Self Storage Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
11/16/2007 2007-SP-133 Benning Motors Car Sales Highway 90, Pace
11/13/2007 2007-SP-122 Coldwell Banker JME Realty Professional Office Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
11/08/2007 2007-SP-108 Ropella Professional Office Industrial Blvd, Milton
11/08/2007 2007-SP-128 ProGo Realty Professional Office W Spencer Field Rd, Pace
11/08/2007 2007-SP-135 Highlander Country Oaks Indoor Entertainment Highway 90, Milton
11/05/2007 2007-SP-044 CVS Gulf Breeze Pharmacy Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
10/12/2007 2007-SP-011 Pineland Nursery Retail Sales Highway 90, Milton
10/05/2007 2007-SP-095 New Harvest Fellowship Church Place of Worship Berryhill Rd, Pace
10/04/2007 2007-SP-129 NW Florida Outboard Service & Repair Bell Creek Rd, Jay
10/01/2007 2007-SP-111 What-A-Burger Restaurant w/Drive Thru Navarre Pkwy & Cotton Bay Ln, Navarre
09/14/2007 2007-SP-110 NWFL Underground Office/Maintenance Building Trump Blvd, Milton
09/13/2007 2007-SP-126 FL231P Oriole Beach Antenna Co-Location Gulf Breeze Pkwy & Oriole Beach Rd, Gulf Breeze
09/13/2007 2007-SP-093 Gulf Breeze Gymnastics Instructional Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
09/12/2007 2007-SP-013 Woodbine Professional Complex Professional Office Woodbine Rd, Pace
09/10/2007 2007-SP-043 Blake Lewis Professional Office Berryhill Rd, Pace
09/07/2007 2007-SP-114 Clearwire PEN041 Antenna Co-Location Audiss Rd, Milton
08/29/2007 2007-SP-080 Barcelona Duplexes Multifamily Barcelona St, Pace
08/29/2007 2007-SP-103 Insurance Auto Auction Wholesale Highway 90, Milton
08/24/2007 2007-SP-091 Starbucks @ Tiger Point Restaurant/Fast Food Gulf Breeze Pkwy & Sterling Point Dr, Gulf Breeze
08/16/2007 2007-SP-106 Clearwire "PEN042" Antenna Co-Location Pine Forest Rd, Milton
08/13/2007 2007-SP-061 Downing Duplex & Storage Multi-family & Storage Anderson Av, Navarre
08/09/2007 2007-SP-066 Montessori School of Navarre Educational/Institutional Gordon Evans Rd, Navarre
08/08/2007 2007-SP-068 Dollar General Retail Berryhill Rd, Pace
08/07/2007 2007-SP-069 Hidden Creek Parking Lot Parking Lot PGA Blvd, Navarre
07/19/2007 2007-SP-035 Gulf Breeze Church of Christ Parking Lot Addition Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
07/19/2007 2007-SP-098 Lifeguard Ambulance Service Ambulance Service Avalon Blvd, Milton
07/19/2007 2007-SP-090 Gulf Coast Family Dentistry Professional Office Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
07/18/2007 2007-SP-096 Stonebrook Plaza Retail Woodbine Rd, Pace
07/18/2007 2007-SP-081 Berryhill Eye Care Medical Office (Change of Use) Berryhill Rd, Milton
07/16/2007 2007-SP-083 Tiger Point Golf Course & Club House Amenities Country Club Rd, Gulf Breeze
07/16/2007 2007-SP-082 Half Hitch Tackle Retail Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
07/16/2007 2007-SP-058 Woodbine United Methodist Place of Worship Woodbine Rd, Pace
07/16/2007 2006-SP-056 Pace Corners Retail Woodbine Rd, Pace
07/06/2007 2007-SP-084 FL157P Brownsdale Co-Location Farrish Rd, Jay
07/06/2007 2007-SP-085 Clearwire "PEN035" Co-Location Adams Rd, Pace
07/06/2007 2007-SP-086 Clearwire "PEN037" Co-Location Berryhill Rd, Milton
07/06/2007 2007-SP-087 Clearwire "PEN040" Co-Location Hamilton Bridge Rd, Milton
07/06/2007 2007-SP-088 Clearwire "PEN044" Co-Location Highway 90, Pace
07/06/2007 2007-SP-089 Harold #51360 Co-Location Miller Bluff Rd, Milton
06/20/2007 2007-SP-032 Pace Plaza Retail Spears Rd, Pace
06/14/2007 2007-SP-064 Cecillio Building Phase II Retail Ortega Park Dr, Navarre
05/30/2007 2007-SP-060 Clearwire "PEN038" Co-Location Dogwood Dr, Milton
05/23/2007 2007-SP-056 Emerald Seas Multifamily Rebuild Gulf Blvd, Navarre Beach
05/22/2007 2007-SP-026 Minor Auto Restoration Commercial Highway 90, East Milton
05/18/2007 2007-SP-053 Jubilee Club House Outdoor Recreation Luther Fowler Rd, Pace
05/15/2007 2007-SP-055 McDaniel Dog Grooming Canine Services Chumuckla Hwy, Pace
05/11/2007 2006-SP-092 Lane Lynchard Maxi Warehouse Office/Warehouse Abercrombie Rd, Navarre
05/04/2007 2007-SP-019 Simmons Multifamily Laredo St, Navarre
05/02/2007 2006-SP-066 Ward Basin Warehouse Office Warehouse Ward Basin Rd, East Milton
04/23/2007 2007-SP-006 Siegel Professional Building Professional Office Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
04/16/2007 2007-SP-042 Hidden Creek Clubhouse Amenity PGA Blvd, Gulf Breeze
04/16/2007 2007-SP-009 Bible Baptist Church of God Place of Worship 4001 Vern St, Pace
04/11/2007 2007-SP-018 Immanuel Baptist Church Place of Worship 4187 Highway 90, Pace
04/09/2007 2007-SP-001 Gulf Power VMF Public Services Bobby Brown Rd, Milton
04/05/2007 2007-SP-037 Beachside Nursery Retail Landscape Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
04/04/2007 2007-SP-028 T-Mobile E-F 843 Cell Tower 9576 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
04/04/2007 2007-SP-031 Pensacola 54 Co-location 2785 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
04/03/2007 2007-SP-005 Gulf Breeze DMV Public Services 2748 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
03/30/2007 2007-SP-012 Baywind Builders Professional Office Highway 87N, Milton
03/30/2007 2007-SP-036 Jubilee Maintenance Area Maintenance Facility Luther Fowler Rd, Pace
03/29/2007 2007-SP-020 Jubilee Discovery House Office Luther Fowler Rd, Pace
03/27/2007 2006-SP-065 Reserve Pointe Multifamily Elks Way, Navarre
03/21/2007 2006-SP-058 Dollar General Retail Highway 90 & Persimmon Hollow Rd, East Milton
03/16/2007 2006-SP-101 Chili's Bar & Grill Restaurant Highway 90, Pace
03/13/2007 2007-SP-027 Air Products Storage Addition 4575 Air Products Plant Rd, Pace
03/12/2007 2007-SP-004 Holley-Navarre Elks Lodge Parking Lot Addition 2002 Elks Way, Navarre
03/06/2007 2007-SP-010 Victory Ballet Studio Instructional 5741 Rolyat Rd, Pace
02/23/2007 2000-SP-043 Ponderosa Apartments Multifamily Panhandle Tr, Navarre
02/13/2007 2006-SP-067 Berryhill Center Retail Berryhill Rd, Pace
01/31/2007 2006-SP-091 Cuppy's Coffee Drive thru Coffee Shop Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
01/30/2007 2006-SP-087 Real Estate Junction Professional Office Woodbine Rd, Pace
01/29/2007 2006-SP-102 NWFL Large Animal Clinic Veterinary Quintette Rd, Pace
01/12/2007 2006-SP-099 Jubilee Golf Course Outdoor Recreational Luther Fowler Rd, Pace
01/12/2007 2006-SP-082 Hope Lumber Commercial East Milton Rd, Milton
01/12/2007 2006-SP-078 Peach State Roofing Construction Gates Way
01/09/2007 2006-SP-061 Kids Discovery Child Care Highway 90, Milton
01/05/2007 2006-SP-084 Nicholas, Parker & Assoc Construction Progress Dr, Milton
01/02/2007 2001-SP-052 West Florida Baptist Academy Church/School Highway 90, Milton