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2008 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/29/2008 2008-SP-103 Florida Insurance Agency Professional Office-Rehab 231N291240048000010
3763 Highway 90, Pace
12/18/2008 2008-SP-087 Laredo - Simmons Phase Ii Multi-Family-Duplex 212S262740009000110
8517 Laredo St., Navarre
12/10/2008 2008-SP-086 Blackwater River Correctional Facility Prison Jeff Ates Road, Milton
11/21/2008 2008-SP-075 Covenant Church of God Place of Worship - Day Care School Lane, Pace
11/13/2008 2008-SP-074 Calvary Chapel Gulf Breeze Access Road & Parking Lot Improvements Harrison Avenue, Gulf Breeze
11/07/2008 2008-SP-098 Climate Outdoor - Black Billboard Highway 90 Milton
10/29/2008 2008-SP-078 Santa Rosa Moto Cross Outdoor Recreation Fairlands Rd, Milton
10/28/2008 2008-SP-095 Gulf Power VMC Storage Addition Bobby Brown Rd, Milton
10/28/2008 2008-SP-081 Hurd Finley Professional Office Quintette Rd, Pace
10/28/2008 2008-SP-077 Sound Haven Multi-Family - 101 Units Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
10/17/2008 2008-SP-068 FIL-AM Meeting Hall Amenity Addition Highway 87 N, Milton
10/16/2008 2008-SP-082 Sacred Heart at Tiger Point Medical Offices Gulf Breeze Pkwy & Tiger Point Blvd, Gulf Breeze
10/14/2008 2007-SP-125 Dolphin Court Duplexes Duplex Paloma St, Navarre
10/10/2008 2008-SP-085 Homeplace Distribution Center Warehouse Technology Av
09/24/2008 2008-SP-083 Ashley Plantation Community Center Amenity Adlerbrook Blvd, Pace
09/22/2008 2008-SP-010 Ric Lee Warehouse Storage Commerce Rd, Milton
09/09/2008 2008-SP-072 Soundside Animal Hospital Veterinary Clinic Harvest Village Ct, Navarre
09/04/2008 2008-SP-014 Oatman RV & Boat Storage Outdoor Storage Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
08/25/2008 2008-SP-073 Smith Tractor Tower RTK Tower Squigley Rd, Jay
08/21/2008 2008-SP-066 Sun Trust Bank Financial Institution Highway 90 & Watkins Rd, Pace
08/07/2008 2008-SP-048 Okki-Tequila Restaurant Keshav-Taylor Rd, Milton
07/30/2008 2008-SP-070 God's Standard Outreach Community Church Place of Worship Old Highway 90, Milton
07/25/2008 2008-SP-017 Cats Cars Retail Sales Highway 90, Milton
07/21/2008 2008-SP-050 Coyote Land Sand & Clay Mine Excavation Pit Five Forks Rd, Navarre
07/18/2008 2008-SP-037 Pen Air FCU Financial Institution Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
07/09/2008 2008-SP-057 Gulf Breeze Plumbing Office Warehouse Garcon Point Rd, Milton
06/23/2008 2008-SP-023 Well 6 & Pipeline Public Utilities Jeno Rd, Milton
06/13/2008 2008-SP-022 Laredo Simmons - Multifamily Laredo St, Navarre
06/11/2008 2008-SP-034 Hackney Office/Warehouse East Milton Rd, Milton
05/30/2008 2007-SP-075 South Santa Rosa Utilities Public Utility Clay Cir, Gulf Breeze
05/29/2008 2008-SP-049 Nichols Marina Marina 7408 Bain Dr, Milton
05/19/2008 2008-SP-016 O'Reilly Auto Parts - Pace Retail 4536 Highway 90, Pace
05/15/2008 2007-SP-116 Webster Electric Commercial 5616 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
05/15/2008 2008-SP-036 Wal-Mart Parking Lot Rehabilitation 4965 Highway 90, Pace
05/15/2008 2008-SP-032 Hair Discovery & Consignment Retail/Service 4372 Floridatown Rd, Pace
05/15/2008 2008-SP-024 Milton Concrete Plant Industrial 6205 Da Lisa Rd, Milton
05/09/2008 2007-SP-142 Bay Area Food Bank Office/Warehouse Industrial Blvd
05/09/2008 2007-SP-121 Quayside Retreat Multi-family Christensen Dr, Navarre
05/05/2008 2008-SP-008 Navy Federal Credit Union Financial Institution Highway 90, Pace
04/18/2008 2007-SP-140 DeGraaf Systems, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating Floridatown Rd, Pace
04/17/2008 2008-SP-018 Beach Colony Resort Phase II Multi-Family Gulf Blvd, Navarre Beach
03/31/2008 2008-SP-019 Milton Asphalt Plant Grp III Industrial Wastle Rd, Milton
03/26/2008 2007-SP-141 Jeff Ates Well & Tank Site Public Utilities Jeff Ates Rd, Milton
03/19/2008 2007-SP-112 Hide-A-Way Lounge Bar/Lounge Avalon Blvd, Milton
02/29/2008 2007-SP-094 Gulf Coast Community Bank Financial Institution Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
02/27/2008 2007-SP-137 Pace Self Storage Office Warehouse Pace Rd, Pace
02/05/2008 2007-SP-054 Dogwood Self Storage Mini-Warehouse Dogwood Dr, Milton
02/02/2008 2007-SP-007 Milton Iron & Metal Office Addition St Joseph St, Milton
01/31/2008 2008-SP-006 Architectural Street Metal Air Conditioning & Heating East Bay Blvd, Navarre
01/11/2008 2007-SP-134 Pine Terrace Baptist Church Place of Worship Pine Blossom Rd, Milton
01/08/2008 2007-SP-131 Commercial & Coin Laundry Warehouse Tradewinds Dr, Gulf Breeze
01/02/2008 2007-SP-127 McKeehan Bail Bonds Office Punjob Rd, Milton