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2009 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/21/2009 2009-SP-066 Norris Grocery Store Retail 322N270000002050000
9447 Highway 87 S Milton
12/17/2009 2008-SP-109 Regions Bank - Pea Ridge Financial Institution 141N290000002020000
Highway 90, Pace
12/11/2009 2009-SP-057 Independent Church of God Place of Worship 101N280000017010000
4831 Parch Rd, Milton
12/02/2009 2009-SP-060 Navarre First Assembly of God Classroom 212S2607800KK060000
9594 Navarre Pkwy
11/04/2009 2009-SP-059 Pop's Produce Produce Stand 021N280000076010000
7212 Highway 90 Milton
11/02/2009 2009-SP-051 Live Oak Church Place of Worship 122S270000025080000
7304 East Bay Blvd, Navarre
11/02/2009 2009-SP-049 Trinity Baptist Church Parking Lot Improvements 131N290000006030000
5301 Highway 90, Pace
11/02/2009 2008-SP-065 WAT Florida Buddharam Place of Worship 212S2607800HH060000
2137 Fox Den Drive
10/29/2009 2009-SP-003 Tom Thumb - Tiger Point Convenience Store w/ Gas Pumps 282S280000001250000
Gulf Breeze Parkway
10/29/2009 2009-SP-056 Wilder-Lamar Billboard 262S280000007040000
Gulf Breeze Pkwy
10/20/2009 2009-SP-053 Harvester Credit Union Financial Institution 151N290000001040000
4487 Highway 90, Pace
10/15/2009 2009-SP-050 Quality Assurance Machining Machine Shop 322N270000001140000
Opportunity Dr., Milton
10/07/2009 2009-SP-047 Aradia's Closet Retail 131N290000018000000
5055 Highway 90, Pace
09/30/2009 2009-SP-045 Sears Building Retail 131N290000010150000
4563 Bell Lane, Pace
09/30/2009 2009-SP-012 Skye Import Paint & Body Shop 272S28472000D000050
4373 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
09/22/2009 2009-SP-043 Last Chance Recovery Office w/ Outdoor Storage 212S2607800OO270000
9730 Navarre Pkwy
09/14/2009 2009-SP-046 LDS Church - Jay Paving of Parking Lot 014N300000006050000
2828 Harvest Rd, Jay
08/18/2009 2009-SP-044 McLellan Campground Outdoor Recreational Campground 091N270000004000000
8883 Highway 87 S Milton
08/05/2009 2009-SP-002 Suncoast Concrete LCD/C&D Pit 342N270000001050000
9117 Highway 90 Milton
07/31/2009 2009-SP-022 Infinity Builders Equipment Storage 071N290000009010000
4645 Woodbine Road, Pace
07/31/2009 2009-SP-042 Beach Express Car Wash Car Wash 292S280000038020000
3399 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
07/29/2009 2009-SP-034 AT&T Retail Retail 141N290000002080000
Highway 90
07/21/2009 2009-SP-031 West Region Land Management Office Office - Warehouse 352N280000013020000
5453 Davisson Rd, Milton
06/18/2009 2009-SP-024 Sweet Season Corn Maze Recreational Activities 204N280000008000000
2260 Horn Road, Milton
06/15/2009 2009-SP-030 Boondocks Restaurant 212S260000001430000
8651 Navarre Pkwy
05/25/2009 2009-SP-026 PoBoy Enterprises Retail 021N280000081000000
7219 Highway 90, Milton
05/22/2009 2009-SP-029 Broxson Station - Lamar Billboard 362S290000012000000
2712 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
05/22/2009 2009-SP-025 Goodwill Store Retail 221N290000001320000
4325 Woodbine Rd, Pace
05/15/2009 2009-SP-028 Farmer's Opry House - Wyatt Billboard 123N300000013000000
Chumuckla and Highway 182
05/14/2009 2009-SP-001 Nocon Professional Office - Medical 192S270000001030000
5327 Gulf Breeze Parkway
05/07/2009 2009-SP-018 FairPlay Zone Retail - Indoor Recreational 292S280000036140000
3417 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
04/30/2009 2009-SP-017 Superior Granite Retail Sales 161N290000015000000
4590 Jernigan Road, Pace
04/20/2009 2009-SP-013 McGee Storage 192S270000023250000
Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
04/13/2009 2008-SP-003 Living Sensation Gymnasium 101N290000004130000
4405 S. Spencer Field Road, Pace
04/03/2009 2009-SP-019 American Tower - Climate Outdoor Bill Board 272S28000003701000
4289 Gulf Breeze Parkway
04/02/2009 2008-SP-107 True Worship Assembly of God Church Place of Worship 275N280000004060000
13267 Highway 87 North, Jay
03/25/2009 2009-SP-011 SRC Jail Addition Institutional/Correctional - 128 beds 322N270000001000000
5755 East Milton Rd, Milton
03/18/2009 2009-SP-010 Anchor Ice Retail 131N290000024000000
Highway 90 Bell Lane, Pace
03/18/2009 2008-SP-108 Avalon Landing - Phase II R.V. Park 401N280900202000010, 401N280900203000030, 401N280900203000070
Avalon Blvd, Milton, Florida
03/16/2009 2008-SP-101 Gulf Breeze Field Operation - SSRU Public Utilities Maintenance Facility 362S290000003090000
1116 Coronado Drive, Gulf Breeze
03/13/2009 2008-SP-089 VFW Post 4407 Private Club 242S280000004010000
1783 Abercrombie
03/02/2009 2009-SP-014 Chi-Pace Climate Outdoor Billboard 221N290000004000000
4250 Woodbine Road, Pace
02/20/2009 2009-SP-006 Pelican Palms RV Park RV Park - 8 Units 261N280000009050000
Garcon Point Rd (South of the Interstate)
02/20/2009 2009-SP-004 Slippery Mermaid Restaurant 212S260000001240000
8779 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
02/12/2009 2008-SP-106 Prestige Fire Office Warehouse 312N270000001270000
Armstrong Road, Milton
02/04/2009 2008-SP-096 Pineland Nursery Retail 322N270000003000000
8365 Highway 90 Milton,
02/02/2009 2009-SP-005 East Milton C&D Pit C&D Disposal Facility 282N270000004020000, 282N270000004060000, 272N270000002000000, 272N270000001010000
Jeff Ates Road, Milton
01/27/2009 2009-SP-007 SRC Council on Aging - Bagdad Community Center/Office 151N280120060000010
Pooley St, Bagdad Comm. District #2
01/26/2009 2008-SP-100 Greene House Realty Professional Office 082S260000004420000
8189 East Bay Blvd, Navarre
01/23/2009 2008-SP-099 Larry Hall Construction Office Addition 081N290000056000000
4740 Woodbine Rd Pace
01/14/2009 2008-SP-092 Kinetic Warehouse 322N270000001070000
Industrial Blvd, Milton