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2010 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
10/26/2010 2010-SP-030 Avalex Blue Heron Office Building Office 362S290000004020000
2665 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
10/22/2010 2010-SP-028 Coldwater Retreat Outdoor Recreational 354N280000001000000
7009 Creek Stone Road, Milton
10/19/2010 2010-SP-009 First Apostolic Church Place of Worship 5574 Highway 90, Milton
10/15/2010 2010-SP-026 Abrams Construction Office 231N291240009000050
3645 Highway 90, Pace
10/08/2010 2010-SP-022 Iglesias Bautista Libertad Place of Worship 4381 Bell Lane, Pace
10/04/2010 2010-SP-025 Murphy Express Convenience Store w/ Gas Station 111N290000026010000 4990 Highway 90, Pace
09/30/2010 2010-SP-021 Nicholas Oyster House Restaurant 401N280090396000030
2784 Avalon Blvd, Milton
09/24/2010 2010-SP-027 Berryhill Manor Assisted Living Facility 322N280000013070000
5544 Swanner Road, Milton
09/23/2010 2010-SP-024 Express Oil - Pace Automotive Service 111N290000022000000
4604 Hwy 90, Pace
09/09/2010 2010-SP-029 Bill Salter Advertising Avalon Blvd Billboard 401N280090638000050
3031 Avalon Blvd, Milton
08/23/2010 2010-SP-020 Standard Cooling Parking Lot Improvement 192S27019000O000010
5302 East Bay Blvd, Gulf Breeze
07/26/2010 2010-SP-019 West Florida Coating Office 051N270000002270000
9286 Highway 87S, Milton
07/02/2010 2010-SP-008 FBC of Garcon Point Place of Worship 191S280000003000000, 191S281480000000081
1780 Garcon Point Rd, Milton
06/09/2010 2010-SP-013 Villa Venyce Fill 362S290000006000000
Gulf Breeze Pkwy
06/01/2010 2010-SP-001 Crescent RV Park RV Park - 37 spaces 212S26078000Q010000
9771 Navarre PKWY, Navarre
05/25/2010 2010-SP-006 Berryhill Day Care Child Care 322N280000009010000
5762 Berryhill Rd, Milton
05/18/2010 2009-SP-048 McKenzie Tank Lines Truck Terminal 281N290000001040000
5000 Sterling Way, Pace
05/12/2010 2010-SP-004 AUTOZONE - Pace Retail 151N290000014000000
Highway 90, Pace
05/12/2010 2010-SP-003 Dollar General - Garcon Point Retail 221N280000044170000
Garcon Point Rd & Henzelman Dr
04/23/2010 2008-SP-071 The Retreat at Tiger Point Condo - 114 Units 322S280000003210000
Country Club Road
04/22/2010 2009-SP-067 Good Neighbor House Thrift Store Retail 212S262740002000200
8600 Esplanade St,
03/03/2010 2009-SP-064 St. Rosa Sound RV Resort RV Park - 86 spaces 202S260000010040000, 202S260000009000000, 202S260000009090000
Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
02/25/2010 2009-SP-058 Family Dollar N. Milton Retail 212N280000006110000
Highway 87N & Manning Rd, Milton
02/18/2010 2010-SP-002 Woodbine UMC Parking Lot 051N290000003230000
5200 Woodbine Rd, Pace
02/16/2010 2009-SP-041 Race Track #R104 Convenience Store w/ gas station 401N280090395000010
Avalon Blvd & San Pablo, Milton
01/20/2010 2009-SP-054 Schuler Mini Storage Mini Storage 212S270000015050000
1883 Sunny Oak, Gulf Breeze
01/19/2010 2009-SP-055 Holley Wastewater Treatment Plant Public Utilities 381S270000001230000
6972 Gordon Evans Rd, Navarre
01/12/2010 2009-SP-068 Tartan Office Building Contractor Office 231N291210034000040
4051 Floridatown Rd Pace