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2013 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/12/013 2013-SP-032 CHUMUCKLA COMMUNITY CHURCH Parking Lot 313N290000001000000 8008 Chumuckla Hwy, Pace
12/06/2013 2013-SP-031 Dollar General #14779 Retail 362N290000004010000 5325 Berryhill Rd, Milton
11/21/2013 2013-SP-030 Tiger Point Storage Expansion Self Storage 272S280000015030000 4310 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
10/23/2013 2013-SP-028 Santa Rosa Fairgrounds Amusement 282N270000005000000 6115 East Milton Rd, Milton
09/30/2013 2013-SP-027 FORT STORAGE PHASE III RV STORAGE Pole Barn 191N28011000101MALL 4114 Avalon Blvd, Milton
09/20/2013 2013-SP-013 Aero Training & Rental Outdoor Storage 052S260000023000000 3432 Highway 87 S, Navarre
09/18/2013 2013-SP-014 McDonald's - Avalon Double Drive Thru 401N280090410000100 Avalon Blvd, Milton
09/12/2013 2013-SP-022 Alligator Swamp Substation Expansion Utilites 131N300000002010000 Vinewood Ln, Pace
09/10/2013 2013-SP-025 Garcon Point Professional Services Itinerant Vendor 271N280000001030000 3662 Slalom Dr, Milton
08/28/2013 2013-SP-020 Fox Pond Tower Cell Tower 303N290000009020000 Tidwell Rd, Milton
08/19/2013 2013-SP-024 Dandy's Country Market Parking Lot 161N292110000000500 3840 Highway 90, Pace
08/15/2013 2013-SP-021 Midway Water Sysem Station 2 Utilities 122S270000024000000 7689 East Bay Blvd, Navarre
08/01/2013 2013-SP-023 Timmy Ray's BBQ Itinerant Vendor 325N2900000009000000 13195 Chumuckla Hwy, Pace
07/15/2013 2013-SP-016 Living Truth Church Place of Worship 263N300000008080000 8897 Byrom Campbell Rd, Pace
06/20/2013 2013-SP-019 BarefootExpresso, LLC Itinerant Vendor 212S260000001200000 8673 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
06/14/2013 2013-SP-018 Taminco - No. 4 Methylamines Expansion Chemical Plant 251N290000001000000 4575 Highway 90, Pace
06/11/2013 2013-SP-017 Guarantee Title of Northwest Florida Office 101N290000023030000 4284 Justice Ave, Pace
05/16/2013 2012-SP-029 C&S Signs Limited Manufacturing & Assembly 091N270000008060000 8895 S Lynn Rd, Milton
05/09/2013 2012-SP-030 Milton Forklift Repair Facility 011N280000016060000 7687 Johnson Rd, Milton
04/17/2013 2013-SP-015 Hidden Treasure Watersports Outdoor Amusement 212S260000001200000 8673 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
04/10/2013 2013-SP-006 Milton Chevrolet Show Room Remodel 171N280000042000000 5925 Highway 90, Milton
04/04/2013 2013-SP-012 Tiger Point Office Park Parking Lot 292S28543800A000080 3404 Santa Rosa Dr, Gulf Breeze
03/26/2013 2013-SP-002 American Family Care Medical Office 141N290000002060000 4713 Highway 90, Pace
03/25/2013 2013-SP-009 Navarre Landscape Materials Retail 212S26078000K090000 9575 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
03/21/2013 2013-SP-004 Ronny's Car Wash Car Wash 221N290000004020000 4254 Woodbine Rd, Pace
03/20/2013 2013-SP-003 Fresenius Medical Center Medical Office 362S290000006120000 2583 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
03/20/2013 2013-SP-005 Cozy Cottages Mobile Home Park Mobile Home Park 162N280000059000000 ABC Park Court, Milton
03/07/2013 2013-SP-008 Messenger Warehouse Warehouse 191N280110000002430 5880Commerce Rd, Milton
03/06/2013 2012-SP-031 Proressional Collision Automobile Body Repair 202S265770006000030 8175 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
03/05/2013 2012-SP-016 Gulf Power Blackwater Transmission Facility Maintenance Building 322N270000001010000 8486 Randy Brown Rd, Milton
02/18/2013 2012-SP-032 GBUMC Soundside Campus Storm Water & Road 272S280000037090000 4115 Soundside Drive, Gulf Breeze
01/30/2013 2012-SP-033 Sherry's Itinerant Vendor 312N270000500A000060 8131 Highway 90, Milton
01/23/2013 2012-SP-034 Sorrelle Salon Salon 231N291240048000110 4366 Fifth Avenue, Pace
01/09/2013 2013-SP-001 Salter - Murphy Billboard 161N290000031010000 4586 Chumuckla Highway, Pace