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2014 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/19/2014 2014-SP-049 A PLUS MINI STORAGE West Building Self Storage 232S270000028030000 7030 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
12/18/2014 2014-SP-047 Gulf Beach Construction Office/Shop 312S280000011010000 3034 Westfield Rd, Gulf Breeze
12/12/2014 2014-SP-036 Greystone Summit Apartments Multi-Family 212S270000001010000 Reserve Blvd, Navarre
10/24/2014 2014-SP-039 WEST FLORIDA MEDICAL OFFICE Medical Office 181N280000055000000 4244 Avalon Blvd, Milton
10/13/2014 2014-SP-035 Trahan Family Funeral Home Funeral Home 282N280000007000000, 6539 Trammel Dr., Milton
10/09/2014 2014-SP-037 PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES Medical Office 131N290000006070000 4591 Santa Villa Dr., Pace
10/09/2014 2015-SP-047 DOLLAR GENERAL #16641 Retail 242S281810000000660 4916 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
09/26/2014 2014-SP-041 MILTON AVIATION OFFICE BUILDING EXPANSION Office/Lounge 312N270000001000000 5800 Aviation RD. Bldg D, Milton
08/12/2014 2014-SP-026 Jeanne's Bourbon Street BBQ Itinerant Vendor 212S260000001000000 8603 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
08/01/2014 2014-SP-019 MCDONALDS - PEA RIDGE Restaurant w/Drive-thru 121N290000001010000 5004 Highway 90, Pace
07/30/2014 2014-SP-031 MOYER PROJECT Sales & Service 202S260000005100000 1981 Highway 87S, Navarre
07/30/2014 2014-SP-033 TPR Properties Cooling Tank & Platform 312N270000001230000 8100 Armstrong Rd, Milton
07/29/2014 2014-SP-029 WALMART 2533 (Liquor Box) Retail 282S280000024000000 3769 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
07/29/2014 2014-SP-030 WALMART 990 (Liquor Box) Retail 141N290000001020000 4963 Highway 90, Pace
07/23/2014 2014-SP-020 Charlie's Bike Shop Retail/Service 242S280930000000060 1798 Abercrombie Rd., Gulf Breeze
07/14/2014 2014-SP-028 CURIOUS APPLES EXPANSION Daycare 092S260000003230000, 2726 Highway 87S, Navarre
07/14/2014 2014-SP-025 J8 CATTLE COMPANY CAMPGROUND & RV PARK Campground 282N270000003000000 5996 Jeff Ates Rd, Milton
06/26/2014 2014-SP-024 GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Place Worship 041N290000032040000 5115 Chumuckla Hwy, Pace
06/04/2014 2014-SP-027 FORT STORAGE PHASE IV Storage 191N28011000101MALL 4114 Avalon Blvd, Milton
05/30/2014 2014-SP-023 FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH BLDG C Place of Worship 252N2900000001140000 5300 Berryhill Rd, Milton
05/29/2014 2014-SP-022 LEAD ACADEMY Classroom 282N290000005070000 4601 Berryhill Rd, Pace
05/28/2014 2014-SP-013 Pro Satellite RELO Cell Tower 272S280000001000000 4459 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
05/09/2014 2014-SP-021 CVS #5249 PACE Parking Lot 161N290000042000000 3888 Highway 90, Pace
05/02/2014 2014-SP-009 HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS NAVARRE BEACH Hotel/Motel 282S269160000000200 8375 Gulf Blvd, Navarre Beach
05/02/2014 2014-SP-015 GRISSETT'S STORAGE YARD Storage Yard 271N280000001060000 3524 Garcon Point Rd, Milton
04/22/2014 2014-SP-016 PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES Parking Lot 131N290000006070000 4591 Santa Villa Dr, Pace
04/10/2014 2014-SP-004 COBBTOWN HOLINESS CHURCH Place of Worship 024N290000007000000 4700 Greenwood Dr, Jay
04/08/2014 2014-SP-012 Good-N-Plenty Itinerant Vendor 312N27000500A000060 8131 Highway 90, Milton
04/08/2014 2014-SP-014 CITY ELECTRIC Office 191N280000002560000 3961 Avalon Blvd, Milton
04/03/2014 2014-SP-018 Toni's Gumbo House Itinerant Vendor 212S260000001020000 8600 Navarre Pkwu, Navarre
04/01/2014 2014-SP-010 GOLDRING GULF DISTRIBUTING Distribution Center 322N270000001000000 8245 Opportunity Dr, Milton
03/31/2014 2014-SP-017 HOMETOWN CONTRACTORS Warehouse 161N290000010010000 4567 Pace Patriot Blvd, Pace
03/21/2014 2014-SP-008 Pine Street Apartments Multi-Family 312S280000028000000 1294 Pine Street, Gulf Breeze
03/14/2014 2014-SP-005 SAMURAI RESTAURANT Restaurant 212S260000001280000 8780 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
03/14/2014 2014-SP-007 SANTA ROSA RV/BOAT STORAGE Outdoor Storage 232S270000026050000 6956 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
02/28/2014 2013-SP-034 Coastal Hardscapes Retail 242S281150001000060 5177 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
01/21/2014 2014-SP-002 SHRIMP BASKET DECK Restaurant 212S2607800BB000000 8900 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
01/16/2014 2013-SP-033 Taco Bell Navarre Restaurant 212S260000001230000 8714 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre