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2016 Approved Land Development Projects

Approved Date
Project Number
Project Name
Project Type
12/21/2016 2016-SP-056 DIXONVILLE FULL GOSPEL COMMUNITY CHURCH Place of Worship 6199 Gainey Ford Rd, Jay 376N280000002000000
12/21/2016 2016-SP-058 MAMA NETT'S AUTO SALES Sales & Trades 4537 Avalon Blvd, Milton 171N280000038050000
12/20/2016 2016-SP-033 GRAND REALTY Office/Storage 4011 Pace Rd, Pace 161N290000018010000
12/07/2016 2016-SP-055 FAIRPOINTE LEASING OFFICE Office/Amenity 3300 College Ct, Gulf Breeze 292S280000038040000
11/17/2016 2016-SP-042 Gulf Point Academy Institutional 7624 East Bay Blvd, Navarre 122S270000012000000
10/20/2016 2016-SP-046 GULF BREEZE ELEVATED TANK Utilies 5839 Gulf Breeze Pkwy 202S270000003030000
10/20/2016 2016-SP-047 TWELVE OAKS - MODULAR CLASSROOM Classroom 2068 Health Care Ave 212S260780000K70000
09/30/2016 2016-SP-018 KIRKLAND OFFICE BUILDING Office Building 8151 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze 082S260000004500000
09/30/2016 2016-SP-043 BLACKWATER TRANSMISSION LAYDOWN YARD Industrial 8486Randy Brown Rd, Milton 322N270000001010000
09/15/2016 2016-SP-041 GRESKOVICH RAPID INFILTRATION BASINS Utilites 7972 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre 192S260000004020000
09/09/2016 2016-SP-031 Pace Lift Station Lift Station Wildflower St, Pace 251N291060000100140
07/28/2016 2016-SP-034 LEAD ACADEMY Phase II Instructional 282N290000005070000 4106 Berryhill Rd, Pace
07/14/2016 2016-SP-029 CAPE HORN PROJECT Industrail 2905 Jeff Ates Rd, Milton 282N270000005000000
07/14/2016 2016-SP-029 CAPE HORN PROJECT Industrial 282N270000005000000 5905 Jeff Ates Rd, Milton
07/07/2016 2016-SP-030 Salter - Avalon East BILLBOARD 3220 Avalon Blvd, Milton 411N280000001010000
07/07/2016 2016-SP-030 Salter - Avalon East BILLBOARD 411N280000001010000 3220 Avalon Blvd, Milton
07/07/2016 2016-SP-011 PUBLIX @ WOODBINE Grocery Store 322N29000002320000 5580 Woodbine Rd Pace
06/23/2016 2016-SP-020 Pik-Itz Arts & Antiques Flea Market 202S260000005540000 1930 Highway 87S, Navarre
06/21/2016 2016-SP-024 Navarre Gardens ALF Assisted Living Facility 232S270000034000000 7254 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
06/03/2016 2016-SP-021 Dewey Destin's Navarre Restaurant 212S260000001200000 8673 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
06/03/2016 2016-SP-028 Caribbean Jerk on Wheels Itinerant Vendor 212S260000001420000 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
06/02/2016 2016-SP-004 Fairpoint Well #7 Public Private Utiltily 302N260000004200000 10300 Pinewood Lane, Milton
05/06/2016 2016-SP-002 NAVARRE GROCERY STORE Grocery Store 242S270000001010000 7360 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre
05/06/2016 2016-SP-023 MILTON VICTORY LIFE CHURCH Place of Worship 021N280000069040000 7235 Highway 90 Milton
05/06/2016 2016-SP-022 POWER SECURE TRAINING FACILITY Training Facility 312N270000001000000 7898 Armstrong Rd Milton
05/06/2016 2016-SP-022 Power Secure Training Facility Training Facility 7898 Armstrong Rd, Milton 312N270000001000000
05/04/2016 2016-SP-017 MT CARMEL UMC SANCTUARY Place of Worship 276N290000014000000 15030 Mt Carmel Rd, Jay
04/13/2016 2016-SP-010 FRUS TANK & BOOSTER STATION Public/Private Utilities 122S270000024000000 7689 East Bay Blvd, Navaare
04/13/2016 2016-SP-015 FRESENIUS MEDICAL CENTER - MODIFICATIONS Parking Lot Renovation 362S290000006120000 2583 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
04/07/2016 2016-SP-014 BAY AREA FOOD BANK Warehouse 312N270000001260000 5709 Industrial Blvd, Milton
04/05/2016 2016-SP-013 WILLIAMSON ELECTRIC HOME OFFEC Trades & Service 302N290000009020000 McCall Rd Pace
03/31/2016 2016-SP-009 PANERA BREAD - SR COMMONS Restaurant 141N290000002050000 4763 Highway 90, Pace
03/30/2016 2016-SP-012 BLACKWATER COMMUNITY SOLAR Public/Private Utilities 32-2N-27-0000-00101-0000 8486 Randy Brown Dr. Milton
03/24/2016 2015-SP-067 Emerald Coast Neurology Medical Office Building 25-2S-28-0000-00504-0000 1645 Nantahala Beach Rd, Gulf Breeze
03/23/2016 2016-SP-008 CEFCO - AVALON Convenience Store w/Gas Pumps 17-1N-28-0000-03800-0000 5955 Highway 90, Milton
03/23/2016 2015-SP-061 Nichols Lake Rd #300474 Tower 13-1N-27-0000-00105-0000 9833 Nichols Lake Rd, Milton
03/22/2016 2016-SP-006 Prestige Landscapes Retail Landscaping 21-2S-26-2740-01200-0290 1801 Presidio St, Navarre
03/07/2016 2015-SP-058 Little Pelican Bayou Campground Outdoor Recreation 12-1N-28-0000-01104-0000 4737 Ward Basin Rd, Milton
02/26/2016 2016-SP-005 A1 Small Engine Repair Trades & Service 09-1N-29-0000-03003-0000 4829 West Spencer Field Rd, Pace
02/16/2016 2015-SP-055 Padgett Veterinary Clinic Veterinary Clinic 24-2S-28-1150-00200-0040 5150 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
01/29/2016 2015-SP-057 Villa Venyce Commercial Building Commercial Building 36-2S-29-0000-00600-0000 2541 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze
01/27/2016 2015-SP-059 Baptist Health Care Medical Office Building Medical Office 16-1N-29-0000-02701-0000 3878 Highway 90, Pace
01/26/2016 2016-SP-001 SANTA ROSA COUNTY SHERIFF - WHSE Warehouse 32-2N-27-0000-00100-0000 5755 East Milton Rd, Milton
01/25/2016 2016-SP-003 Blue Collar Trades & Service 16-1N-29-0000-02000-0000 4025 Pace Rd, Pace