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Engineering Department

The county engineering division is comprised of three departments: Engineering, Environmental, and Navarre Beach Utilities.

The Engineering Department provides technical support to all county operations and departments. Services include engineering planning, surveying, environmental and regulatory permitting, design and construction document preparation, and inspection for multiple county projects involving stormwater management, traffic management and control systems, roadway improvements, airport infrastructure, hazard mitigation, county owned water & wastewater systems and industrial park infrastructure improvements. Additionally, all commercial site plans and subdivision developments are reviewed to determine potable water, and wastewater concurrency and compliance with the county’s stormwater requirements with the Land Development Code. The Department reviews four submittal phases - preliminary plat, construction plans, final plat, paved road and drainage maintenance of subdivision developments and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for each phase of development.

All subdivisions are submitted directly to the Engineering Department while commercial site plans are submitted directly to Development Services

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