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About Development Services Center

The Development Services Center is Santa Rosa County's centralized location for all County Services related to development. Employees from the Building Inspections, Planning & Zoning, Engineering Departments involved with the development review, permitting, and inspection processes are co-located within the DSC.
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The DSC was created in response to a recognized need for a more collaborative and comprehensive approach to customer service. The DSC enables residents and property owners to accomplish all of their development related county business at one location, with the help of well trained and organized county employees.

A Brief Description of our Services

  • Addressing - Issues and verifies property addresses and official street names
  • Code Compliance - Investigates complaints regarding zoning and building code violations, contractors or nuisances
  • Commercial Projects - Reviews, permits, and inspects commercial or multi-family residential projects
  • Contractor Licensing - Administers the contractor licensing process
  • Fire and Life Safety - Performs fire and life safety plan reviews and scheduled inspections
  • Flood Plain Management - Issues flood determinations and enforces federal, state, and local flood regulations
  • Project Management - Manages commercial projects from pre-application stage to completion
  • Residential Projects - Reviews, permits, and inspects single family dwellings and accessory structures
  • Review Boards - Staffs and advises development related citizen review boards, such as the Zoning Board, or ZB, and the Building Board of Adjustments, or BBOA
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2016 Zoning Board Schedule 161882 kb

2016 Zoning Board Meeting Schedule with application deadlines

Access Management Application 231908 kb

Application for approval of new driveways located on access management roadways.

Accessory Exemption 280234 kb

Exemption form for residential storage buildings under 600 square feet.

Affidavit of Inspection 55944 kb

Form for architechs, engineers or persons licensed under Chapter 468 FS, to complete when they have completed an inspection on a permitted project.

Affidavit of Plan Review 12337 kb

Form for engineers to complete when they have completed a plan review.

Agricultural Farm Building Exemption 238333 kb

Form to apply for a permit exemption for an agricultural farm building.

Airport Zone Disclosure Form 18236 kb

Disclosure form required to be completed as part of real estate sales/leases of property located in Military or Private Airport Notification Zones.

Authorization To Obtain Permits 105559 kb
Bagdad Certificate of Appropriateness 154241 kb
Becoming a Licensed Contractor 96747 kb

Testing information needed to become a licensed contractor in Santa Rosa County.

Building Plan Revision Form 121915 kb

Form to be completed when submitting additional information or revisions required by the building inspection plan review staff.

Cancel a Permit 162138 kb

The form needed to request the canceling of a permit. Form can be completed by a homeowner or by a contractor.

Coastal Construction Application 139717 kb

Application for zoning approval of coastal construction activities (i.e. docks, piers, seawalls, etc.).

Commercial Building Permit Application 547271 kb

Application for commercial structures including but not limited to: new construction, interior remodels, worship buildings, antenas, and wind turbines.

Comp Plan Map Series 14830525 kb
Conditional Use Application 207682 kb
Copy Request Form 127064 kb
Demolition Application 369632 kb
Electrical Application 211188 kb

Application for new and existing wiring and wire-related work including phones and security systems.

Elevation Certificate Template 169472 kb
Form used to verify the elevation of structures located in the Special Flood Hazard Area. Must be signed and sealed by a Land Surveyor to be valid.
Erosion Control Methods for Residential Lots 1448512 kb

Diagram of common methods used for erosion control.

Escrow Account Establishment 108990 kb

Request for the initial set up of an escrow account.

Escrow Account Refund Request 93292 kb

Request for a refund to an escrow account.

Escrow Authorization 93952 kb

Permission for specified personnel to use funds from a escrow account.

Escrow Closeout Request 93869 kb

Form used when requesting the closing of an escrow account.

Family Homestead and Parent Parcel Application 128520 kb

Application for approval of family homestead or parent parcel (unplatted) subdivision.

Fire Alarm 205068 kb

Application for a Fire Alarm, repair or new.

Fire Pump 181758 kb

Application for a Fire Pump, repair or new.

Fire Sprinkler 277850 kb

Application for a Fire Sprinkler, repair or new.

Fireworks Display 1310269 kb

Application to request a public fireworks display.

Five Year Schedule Table 202002 kb
Gas Application 187666 kb

Application for new and existing piping and pipe-related work including water heaters and liquid petroleum tanks.

Hold Harmless 91290 kb

Agreement required by all new licensees desiring to either obtain a certificate of competency or register their State Certified license with Santa Rosa County.

Hood Suppression or Paint Booth 270759 kb

Application for hood suspression, paint booth suppression or hazardous storage.

Itinerant Vendor Application 121775 kb

Application for itinerant vendor approval (i.e. mobile food vending, vegetable/fruit stands, etc.).

Land Clearing Application 142202 kb

Application for Land Clearing

License Registration Check List 132762 kb

A list of items required to register with Santa Rosa County

Low Voltage Alarm System Project with Label 183888 kb

Application to be submitted when low voltage alarm work has commenced using a low voltage label issued by out office to an alarm contractor upon their request.

Mechanical Application 331531 kb

Application for new and existing duct and air-related work including coolers and air conditioners.

Minor Land Clearing Application 145341 kb

Application for minor land clearing (no land disturbing, root raking)

Minor Subdivision Application 132285 kb

Application for minor (unplatted) subdivision approval.

Mobile Home Application 823499 kb

Application for the tie down or set up of a mobile home.

Notice of Commencement 46107 kb

Form that must be completed and recorded at the Clerks Office for work that is over $2500.

Off-Premise Sign Construction Permit Application 169522 kb

Construction permit application for billboards and off-premise directional signs. Zoning approval must be obtained before a construction permit can be issued (see the Off-Premise Sign Zoning Approval Application).

Off-Premise Sign Zoning Approval Application 144310 kb

Application for zoning approval for billboards and off-premise directional signs.

On-Premise Sign Application 269356 kb

Permit application for ground, wall or temporary signs located on-site.

Owner Builder Packet for Residential 522442 kb

Application for property owners who want to build a new single family home on their lot for their use.

Owner Disclosure 39344 kb

Form required for all permits pulled by the property owner.

Permit Extension Request 129254 kb
Plumbing Application 489700 kb

Application for new and existing plumbing and plumbing-related work.

Pool Application 157932 kb

Application for a swimming pool or spa.

Protected Tree Removal Application 171920 kb

Application for protected tree removal

Refund Request for Permit 216695 kb
Replacement HVAC Certification 123084 kb

Template that HVAC contractors can use when replacing a condensing and evaporator unit.

Residential Building Permit Application 279036 kb

Application for residential structures including but not limited to: new construction, interior remodels, accessory structures over 600 sq ft and installation of windows and hurricane shutters.

Rezoning - Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment 151335 kb
Rezoning - Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment 144686 kb
Rezoning Only - No Comprehensive Plan Amendment 143677 kb
Roofing Application 581353 kb

Application for roofing permit for residential structures. Application include a water barrier affidavit which is required when roofing material is torn off and new material installed.

Roofing Application 402503 kb

Applications for roofing permit.

Scope of Work 119989 kb

Form needed in addition to the application when doing small projects that do not require plans.

Site Plan Approval Application 162130 kb

Application for site plan approval for commercial and multi-family residential projects.

Site Plan Final Inspection Request Form 128750 kb

Form to be submitted to request a site final inspection for projects that require site plan approval.

Site Utility Application 451166 kb

New site systems including but not limited to: man holes, catch basins, and storm drain pipes.

Special Event Permit 146604 kb

Permit application for the placement and use of tents, canopies, membrane structures, grand stands or special seating.

Special Exception Application 165398 kb
Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement (50% paperwork) 42138 kb
Instructions for filling out the Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement (50% paperwork).
Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement (50% paperwork) Page One 839168 kb

First page of the form that is used to verify that a structure being improved or repaired does not exceed 50% of the market value of the structure before the improvement or the damage. This form can be filled out by either a homeowner or a licensed contractor.

Substantial Damage/Substantial Improvement (50% paperwork) Page Two 77824 kb

Second page of the form that is used to verify that a structure being improved or repaired does not exceed 50% of the market value of the structure before the improvement or the damage. This form can be filled out by either a homeowner or a licensed contractor.

Temporary Power Request 130154 kb

Application for power to a structure that has not received all approved finals.

Underground Fire Main Application 268587 kb

Application needed to apply for an underground fire main.

V Zone Certificate 23991 kb

This form must be signed and sealed by an engineer or architect verifying the breakaway walls are correctly installed and that the placement of the pilings matches the building plans for structures in VE Zones or Coastal A Zones.

Vairance Application 148116 kb

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