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Disaster Planning sIMpLE TooL THAT sAVEs LIVEs FIVE THIngs One of the wisest and least expensive things you can do to protect your To Do noW family is to purchase a NOAA weather BEForE A radio. NOAA weather radios are DIsAsTEr equipped with a special alarm tone feature and can sound an alert and give you immediate information about a life- threatening situation. During an emergency, National Weather Service forecasters can insert special warning messages concerning imminent threats. The alarm will sound 24 hours a day, even when you are sleeping or when 1 Refer to the hurricane evacuation map found you are not tuned in to commercial radio or TV to receive at the fold-out at the end of this guide. EAS notices. Locate where you live and your evacuation zone on the map or enter your address online In conjunction with federal, state, local emergency at managers and other public ofcials, NOAA also broadcasts Determine if and when you would have to warnings for all types of hazards including natural, evacuate. Remember: All mobile home chemical releases or oil spills, AMBER and Silver alerts, or residents are advised to evacuate, regardless 911 telephone outages. of location. If you need help determining your zone, contact santa Rosa County WARNINGs FOR DEAF OR HARD OF HEARING Emergency Management BEFORE A People who are deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired can sTORM THREATENs at (850) 983-5360. be alerted to severe weather and other hazards by special devices connected to the NOAA Weather Radio receiver. 2 Decide NOW where you would go if ordered DISASTER PR EP ARE DN E SS GUIDE These attention-getting devices may include strobe lights, to evacuate - a friend or relative’s home, a bed shakers and even sirens. For more information visit hotel, or as a last resort, a public shelter. REMEMBER, if you are going to leave the area or go to a hotel, don’t delay. Determine Apps FOR MOBILE DEvICEs your route, leave early and travel the shortest Mobile device apps are a quick way to receive information distance possible. Think tens of miles, not about severe weather and other emergencies. The hundreds. American Red Cross ofers free apps for tornado and severe weather warnings, emergenicies, hurricanes 3 Purchase a battery-powered NOAA weather and more. NOAA also ofers free and low cost apps radio and a non-electric landline phone. Even with life saving tools. Check out your app store for though phone service may not be disturbed, more information on these and other apps available. a cordless phone will not work during power outages. Also be sure you have a car charger sAME & RADIO FREQUENCIEs or portable battery charger for your mobile Some weather radios are equipped with Specifc phone. If there is a power outage, you will Area Message Encoding, or SAME. When properly not be able to charge your mobile phone programmed, the radio will only issue alerts that directly inside your home. impact the specifed SAME area. The primary SAME numbers and NOAA Weather Radio 4 Make sure your street address number is clearly marked on your home. frequencies for Santa Rosa County are: sAME # 012113 Frequency 162.400 5 Whether you rent or own your home, review sAME # 012113 Frequency 162.475 your insurance policies with your agent now. sAME # 012113 Frequency 162.550 General PreParedness 3
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