Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Firefighters

There are many other volunteer programs and organizations in the county. Becoming a volunteer firefighter is another option for contributing your time and energy back into the community. For more information call Tom Lloyd at (850)983-4608 or visit the station nearest you. Visit the Santa Rosa County Fire Departments website for more information.

Santa Rosa County Firefighters Association

Santa Rosa County Firefighters Association incorporated March 20, 1975. Santa Rosa County Firefighters Association is a non-profit corporation and is not an organization under Santa Rosa County Local Government.

Mission Statement

The Santa Rosa County Firefighters' Association will strive to advance the common interests of the fire service in Santa Rosa County. The Association will recognize and respect the independent structure of each member organization while providing a forum for mutual support and cooperation. The Association will endeavor to work toward improved levels of service in fire protection, emergency medical response, disaster response, technical rescue, public education and fire prevention throughout Santa Rosa County while encouraging training and legislation to promote the highest standards possible.


The Santa Rosa County Firefighters' Association exists solely for the purpose of providing a forum to advance the common interests of the Fire and Emergency Medical Response Services of Santa Rosa County. This organization shall: endeavor to consistently seek means to raise levels of services provided throughout Santa Rosa County; work to improve overall public relations of the organization and its member agencies; advance and endorse legislation beneficial to the fire service and the public; protect and preserve the integrity of the association and its member agencies; foster improved coordination and cooperation between agencies; promote implementation and utilization of consistent joint operational standards; encourage development and provision of joint training opportunities; advocate on behalf of the joint needs of the various member agencies; advance firefighter safety through advocacy, training, public education and coordination between agencies; coordinate joint mutual aid capabilities within the county, state, and region; direct joint emergency management functions of the various member agencies; gather and disseminate information of interest to member agencies; serve as a medium for exchange of ideas on common concerns to member agencies.

Board of Directors

  • John Reble - President
  • Robbie Whitfield - 1st Vice President
  • Jonathon Kanzigg - 2nd Vice President
  • Sandy Luntsford - Treasurer
  • Jim Custred - Secretary


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