Code Enforcement

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List


  1. Can I operate a business in my home?

The standard answer is yes, but there are limitations.  We recommend that you consult with the Planning and Zoning Code Enforcement Department for details at 850-981-7090.


2.      Can I put a directional sign down the road giving directions to my home for sale?

No.  This is classified as a real estate sign.  Real Estate signs may be placed only on the property that is listed for sale.  Going off that property would require a zoning approval and possibly a building permit.


3. What kinds of signs can I put up for my business?

There are two categories of signs that can be displayed at a business, space permitting.  Permanent and temporary.  Permanent signs consist of Freestanding, which are the road signs or on-premise signs that stand next to the highway, and Wall Signs, which are the signs attached or painted on the walls of the buildings.  Temporary signs consist of signs that are not permanently affixed to the property; for example on a trailer or A frame stand alone signs with nothing fastening them to the ground.  All of these signs require zoning approvals be obtained from Planning and Zoning and possibly building permits from the Building Inspection Department.  For more details regarding the sign regulations please contact Planning and Zoning Code Enforcement Department at 850-981-7090.


4.  My neighbor is parking a large truck/motorhome in his yard.  Does Santa Rosa County have any rules against this?

There are no county enforced regulations prohibiting the parking of motor homes in front yards.  There may however be deed restrictions, (covenants on deed), on individual parcels of property that may prohibit or restrict it.  Some large trucks may be prohibited if used in the operation of a home occupation if located in a recorded subdivision.  For more information regarding this activity please contact the Planning and Zoning Code Enforcement Department at 850-981-7090.


5.  My neighbor is keeping livestock in his yard.  Is this legal in Santa Rosa County?

Santa Rosa County does have some restrictions pertaining to livestock.  Livestock, which shall include all animals of the equine, bovine, or swine class, including goats, sheep, mules, horses, hogs, cattle, ostriches, and other grazing animals, shall not be kept in a recorded subdivision.  However the keeping of horses shall be allowed in a recorded subdivision where the restrictive covenants provide for the keeping of horses.  Additionally, horses may be kept in any recorded subdivision on a parcel two acres in size or greater, providing that the restrictive covenants do not prohibit the keeping of horses.


6.  An activity near my home is making too much noise.  What are the rules about this in Santa Rosa County?

Santa Rosa County does have a noise ordinance.  It is limited to noises such as radios, televisions or any amplified noise; some construction noises; operation of power tools; yelling and shouting; horns and signaling devices; loading and unloading of trucks and barges.  It gives times and zoning districts that noises can be a nuisance and a violation.  For more information please contact the Planning and Zoning Code Enforcement Department at 850-981-7090.


7. My neighbor is brining trash in his yard and the smoke and smell are coming onto my land.  Is this legal in Santa Rosa County?

Burning of trash is allowed under certain conditions.  The smoke is not addressed in the ordinance.  It deals with the conditions in which burning may occur.  A concerned citizen should contact the Florida Division of Forestry at 850-957-6140 for more information on burning.


8.  My neighbor's property is an eyesore, is dangerous, and needs to be cleaned up.  How do I start that process with the County?

Initiate the process by contacting the Planning and Zoning Code Enforcement Department at 850-981-7090.  We will make a case on the complaint and verify a violation exist then have it cleaned up.