Navarre Beach

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List


1.  Can I pay my bill here? 

Yes, you may pay your Water/Sewer, Lease, MSBU, Canal and Hangar fee in our   Navarre Beach office.


2.  Can I obtain my Navarre Beach ID Pass here? 

Yes, the passes are valid January 1 until December 31 of each year and at no cost to our residents.


3.  Questions about Dangerous Surf Warning System? 

We have two LED signs, one at each end of the island with messages regarding the surf conditions.  We also have Flags that are flown at the public parking lots; indicating either a Red Flag (Dangerous Conditions) or Yellow Flag (Swim with caution).


4.  Why doesn't your receipting count? 

The SRC Finance Department does not allow our receipting to be entered into the computer as it is done.  Our receipting is for our office only.  Payments are re-receipted when they arrive in Milton.


5.  Zoning on Navarre Beach? 

We have the GIS Zoning Map as well as the Zoning book that gives zoning and setbacks for Navarre Beach.


6.  We receive calls from prospective purchasers, realtors and builders to confirm addresses on Navarre Beach.

Navarre Beach assigns addresses on Navarre Beach and notifies the county agencies as well as utilities of any and all changes.


7.  What utilities are handled by the County on Navarre Beach? 

We receive a lot of calls from newcomers; they are under the impression that Garbage Pickup is a part of their Water Bill.  On Navarre Beach, Garbage Pickup is done by private industry.  Navarre Beach is Water/Sewer only.


8.  Why do I have to pay a minimum Water/Sewer bill if no water has been used? 

The BOCC has ruled that a minimum payment of $42 will be made, even if there is no consumption.  Turning your water off at the meter does not mean that you will not have a water bill.


9.  What kind of Fill Material can I use on my lot on Navarre Beach? 

Sand and it must comply with existing sand and a sample inspected before you haul the sand to the lot.


10.  Other inquiries on Navarre Beach Projects….ie; State Park, Parking lots and Boat Ramps, etc. 

We provide the most current information that we have available.  If there is no current information available, we do our best to gather information for our customers.