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Approved Mar 21, 2012 - Aviation Advisory Minutes

Aviation Advisory Committee
March 21, 2012
Milton, Florida

The Aviation Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Members, Jim Fausz (District 1), Mike Harris (District 2), Brian Watkins (District 3), Chip Mapoles (District 5), and Randy Roy (NAS Whiting Field). County staff present: County Administrator (Hunter Walker), County Engineer (Roger Blaylock), and Administrative Services Manager (Tammy Simmons).

Mapoles called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. The minutes of the November 16, 2011, meeting was approved unanimously.

Walker introduced Brian Watkins, District Three Appointee, replacing Wayne Nelms.

Watkins stated he has been in this area for ten (10) years, he came here with the Navy, and he retired from his last station, Whiting Field, after 27 years in the Navy, and now works for the City of Milton as the City Manager.

Old Business
Archie Collum stated Milton Aviation Partners, MAP, is working on a directory similar to the sign at the Industrial Park entrance, it will state the businesses and the access to them.

Blaylock stated in the interim the county will put up two green signs: one would have AMS with an arrow pointed to the right, and one will have MAP with an arrow pointed forward so that you can delineate at the first decision point which way you need to go.

New Business
Minimum Standard Requirements for Aeronautical Business Activities and Airport Rules and Regulations.

Walker stated he had sent out draft minimum standards requirements for Aeronautical Business Activities and Airport Rules and Regulations which were formulated during the master planning process in October 2006 by PBS&J (John Mafera). These minimum standards and airport rules were taken to the Board of Commissioners in Committee Meeting, January 22, 2007, and they were not moved forward to the agenda at the next Commissioner Meeting according to the Board and never went any further. One of the drivers with the rules and regulations was a couple issues the committee was dealing with: banner towing and crop dusting operations at the airport. Walker stated we have not had any rules and regulations to this point, the minimum standard the county has followed in the past are the leases for both FBO’s and the hangar tenant leases. Walker stated that because these policies go back to 2006, the county can request that Hatch McDonald along with the master plan update, take a look at the Minimum Standards and Airport Rules and Regulations and true them up accordingly with FAA requirements and what activity is currently taking place at Peter Prince Airport. We had the kick-off meeting on the master plan with Hatch Mott McDonald at the February 15, 2012 meeting.

Blaylock stated there is a distinction between being consistent with FAA regulations and a FAA review; we are required to meet all the provisions within FAA regulations as they relate to airport operation and commercial operations because we are FAA funded. FAA does not require and will not review our minimum standards.

Michael Moody appeared before the committee with several questions:

  • What qualifications a committee member has to have to be on this Committee?
  • If any committee members are familiar with the Continuing Florida Aviation System Planning Process (CFASPP)?
  • If any committee members are familiar with the Florida Aviation Project Handbook?
  • If any committee members are familiar with FAA requirements for airport revenue diversion?

Moody further stated to the committee if they are not familiar with any of these items then they are not qualified to set on this committee.

Walker stated committee members are appointed by County Commissioners.

Commissioner Bob Cole stated has been the District 2 County Commissioner for 10 years and during this period he has seen very little attention or growth at the Peter Prince Airport. Cole stated the County recently approved an additional FBO and now the County has some potential for growth at the Airport. Cole stated he can see Peter Prince becoming an incubator for Whiting Aviation Park and the Industrial Park. Cole stated he does not feel the County meets some of FAA rules and regulation; therefore, we need a basic set of operating rules. Cole believes the Minimum Standard Requirements for Aeronautical Business Activities and Airport Rules and Regulations that were presented in 2006 are well written and should be approved so the County is not making up rules as they go. Cole has been working with the County Administrator and the County Engineer for a regional holding facility at Peter Prince for all development at the Airport. Cole stated he had attended the Gulf Power Symposium and was surprised to learn the number one export in the State of Florida is private aviation parts. Cole stated this item was presented to the Board of County Commissioners and the Commissioners sent it back to this Committee for review. Cole stated he feels the FAA is going to be concerned with how we run our airports.

Walker stated the attorney has looked at both leases for the FBO’s and they are going to stand on their own, those are the minimum standards for those businesses and any new rules and regulations would be for future businesses.

Mapoles moved motion to review minimum standards and the rules and regulations, motion was approved unanimously.

Walker stated the County will get with Hatch Mott MacDonald for a proposal to update the minimum standards and rules and regulations and make them congruent with the current FBO leases and FAA requirements.

FBO Issues
Davis Glass discussed AMS’s training program.

Archie Collum stated MAP has completed phase 1, a 5,000 sq. ft. maintenance hangar, Phase 2 is underway, the FBO, which should be complete in 60 days, and Phase 3; the fuel farm, has been ordered. Everything is happening in a timely fashion and sometime in June it should be up and running for business.

Chairman Issues
No items

Pensacola Flight Watch
No items

Blaylock stated the county will install an auto gate with a key code at the Southwest corner of the Airport to address MAP traffic. The new gate will be inset approximately 80-100’so traffic will be able to get off North Airport Road while waiting to enter the Airport. From a security stand point this gate may operate as a one way gate.
Blaylock stated Hatch Mott MacDonald is going to be at Peter Prince Airport the rest of this week, they will be talking with each FBO as they are working on the initial forecast analysis.

Blaylock stated the County has three remaining joint participation agreements that we are working through DOT for T-Hangars on the east side of Peter Prince and the grading plan. The County will be doing a regional pond to facilitate the southeast quadrant.

Blaylock stated power has been run along the access road going to the MAP operation and the water main project is underway.

Other Business
Roy stated Carrier Air Wing SEVEN (CVW-7), the support unit doing operations at the Choctaw successfully did over 2500 operations. Overall it was a success and will continue while Fentress is undergoing the runway overlay project until April – December. Roy stated he will update the Committee when the next attachment comes through. There was good coverage in both Pensacola and Santa Rosa County to make sure everybody was aware that there were operations not typical happening here. Roy believes there are about 122 T-6’s on board. Roy stated the T-34’s last class graduates in April, so it will be strictly T-6’s coming out of Whiting Field.

Next Meeting/Adjournment
The next meeting will be at 5:00 p.m. on April 8, 2012.

Meeting adjourned at 5:57 p.m.