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Approved Sep 22, 2005 - Library Advisory Board Minutes

Library Advisory Committee
September 22, 2005
Milton, Florida 

The Library Advisory Committee met on the above date with the following members present: Michael Sandler, Jacqueline Wiscaver, Martha Lyle, and Peggy Toifel. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker) and Grants Coordinator (Sharon Marsh). Walker called the meeting to order at 5:08 p.m.

Introduction – County Administrator

Walker introduced county staff and the librarians present from Milton (Linda Hendrix) and Navarre (Donna Holovack) branch libraries. Walker asked each committee member to introduce themselves and provide some background information.

Lyle said she is the President of the Pace Friends Group. She said she is a retired school administrator and loves libraries.

Toifel said she is a retired librarian from the University of West Florida, and she is the Treasurer of the Milton Friends of the Library.

Sandler said he is retired with 31 years of military service. He said he has been involved with Santa Rosa County libraries for the past 14 years. Sandler said he is a past president of the Friends of the Navarre Library, and he has been on the West Florida Regional Library Board of Directors for over 8 years.

Walker said Wiscaver is a media specialist at Hobbs Middle School, and Rose is a retired Gulf Breeze Librarian.

Committee Orientation – County Administrator

 Walker said the Library Advisory Committee will be a permanent committee to the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners. He said this committee will serve as the primary advisory body to the Board on library issues similar to West Florida Regional Library System Board of Directors. Walker said the first year will primarily be transition from the West Florida Regional Library System to the Santa Rosa County Library System proposed to be complete by October 1, 2006.

 Walker said the five voting members are appointed by the commissioners and each member’s term will run concurrent with the commissioner that appointed them. He said the Library Advisory Committee is subject to the Florida Sunshine Law requirements. Walker distributed a letter from the county attorney outlining the Florida Sunshine Law, and he reviewed the requirements (Attachment in File). He said the meetings are advertised and open to the public, minutes are taken, and the meetings are recorded.

 Walker said the committee will have monthly meetings, and a time and day mutually convenient will need to be agreed upon.  He said he has provided each member with the name and address of the Library Advisory Committee members (Attachment in File). Sandler asked if a committee member is allowed to email all committee members. Walker said to copy all emails to him and be sensitive to not email something that action may be taken on.

 Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

Walker said election of a Chair and Vice-Chair can be done at the next meeting. He said the committees usually reorganize themselves the first of the calendar year. There was discussion regarding the meeting date and time.

Review Library Transition Timeframe and Tasks

Walker discussed the tentative library conversion schedule (Attachment in File). He said the county is ready to advertise for a Library Director and discussed the process used to develop the job description and minimum requirements (Attachment in File). Walker said the major things that need to be done at this time are to hire a Director and library staff, identify a facility, and purchase the appropriate software to transition by October 1st.  Walker said there will be a lot of transition issues to coordinate with West Florida Regional Library System.

Walker said the State of Florida and West Florida Regional Library System are on notice of what the county proposes to do. He said the county will need to provide a preliminary plan of the library formation and a library transition plan to the State of Florida. Walker said Marsh and the librarians will help with these plans.

Walker said the county is looking for office space, and he will provide possible sites at the next meeting. He said he felt a committee member should be on the Library Director Interview Committee along with county staff. Walker asked the committee to be thinking about their recommendations for a Library Director. He said his hope is to have the Library Director on staff by December 2005.

Toifel discussed the new budget year starting October 1st and library materials processed at the Pensacola Library. She said if we continue to put materials through Pensacola it will delay the cleaning up process. Toifel said Pensacola will need a year to clean up what belongs to Santa Rosa County. She suggested not ordering additional materials until the Director is hired and the transition starts taking place. Sandler said once Tech Services is up and running the county can start processing material. Lyle suggested using some of this year’s funding to do this. She said the Pace Friends of the Library are hoping the materials purchased for the Pace Library can go directly into the new system.

Linda Hendrix, Milton Librarian, discussed library standing orders and review orders. She said the standing orders were submitted in August. Hendrix described the ordering process in Pensacola and said the standing orders can be directed to Santa Rosa County whenever Santa Rosa County is ready to receive invoices for payment. Hendrix said she has cut back on standing orders until the transition details can be worked out and the computer program is in place. She said the software can be installed and operating as early as March. Hendrix said it is a detailed process but workable.

Walker suggested Marsh and the librarians work on the transition plan. Sandler said the sooner we get a facility and technical services up and running the sooner the process can begin. Walker said the county needs to meet with West Florida Regional Library System regarding the transition process.

 Hendrix said she is working with Aleta Floyd on software programs, and a committee will be making site visits to see software in use. Lyle said she would like to attend.

 Walker said the job description for a Tech Services position is underway. He said the position can be advertised sometime in October. Walker said before the next meeting a timeline of implementation can be worked out with West Florida Regional Library System.

There was further discussion regarding the computer system, data that will need to be entered, library cards, and patron registration. Walker said the county can push the computer system as much as possible. There was discussion concerning the RFP (Request for Proposal) process and timeframe. Hendrix discussed the planned software evaluation process. 

Sandler suggested county library information be available on Santa Rosa County’s website. He said citizens can have access to the progress of the library transition. Sandler said there can also be a question and answer link for library patrons. Walker said the goal is the make the change over as easy as possible for patrons. Hendrix said the public is behind this move, and they are voicing a lot of support.

Toifel invited the committee members to attend the October 6, 2005, Friends of the Library Milton meeting. She said she would like to introduce the Library Advisory Committee members at that meeting. Toifel said the meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the meeting room at the Milton Library. She said this will be the Joint Friends of the Library meeting hosted by Milton Friends of the Library.

Sandler suggested the committee members visit each county library branch to see the current state of the facilities.

Toifel asked the Library Advisory Committees’ role with the strategic plan. She said she has a lot of strategic plan information she obtained during a meeting in Tallahassee. Walker said writing the strategic plan will be the responsibility of county staff. Lyle said the goal is to have a really good library system not just another library system. She said she felt the transition will keep the committee busy. Marsh said the strategic plan has to be complete to receive grant funding. She said the strategic plan will need to be developed simultaneously along with the transition plan.

Walker said Faye Roberts, State of Florida, will be at the next meeting. He said Library Director applications and some library sites will be ready for review and/or approval at the next meeting.

Sandler requested name tags and business cards for the Library Board Committee members.

The next scheduled meeting of the Library Advisory Committee will be Thursday, October 20, 2005 at 5:00 p.m.

There being no further business to come before the Library Advisory Committee at this time, the meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.