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Approved Feb 16, 2006 - Library Advisory Board Minutes

Library Advisory Board
February 16, 2006
Milton, Florida

The Library Advisory Board met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Peggy Toifel, Vice Chairman Jacqueline Wiscaver, and members Michael Sandler, Martha Lyle, and Patricia Rose. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), Grants Coordinator (Sharon Marsh), and Library Director (Linda Hendrix). Toifelcalled the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

Toifel moved approval without objection of the minutes from the January 19, 2006 meeting.

Transition Plan Progress
Hendrix reviewed the progress of the transition plan in detail. She said she met with West Florida Regional Library staff regarding separation of Santa Rosa County’s data. Hendrix
discussed Santa Rosa County libraries having a booth during several scheduled activities in Santa Rosa County to provide library information to the citizens.

Hendrix said after thorough review of the Request for Proposals, Polaris Library Systems was selected to provide library software.

Walker said Marsh has provided an updated transition plan and the timeline is moving along as scheduled (Attachment in File). He said the one item the county is a little behind
on is the building.

Toifel said a lot of things have taken place in one month, and she commended county staff on the progress.

Strategic Planning Meeting Report
Hendrix presented a Power Point Presentation regarding the state of the Santa Rosa County Libraries as presented at the Citizen’s Strategic Planning Committee meeting (Attachment in file).

Toifel said Fay Roberts, Library Program Specialist, with State Library and Archives of Florida, facilitated the first meeting of the Library Strategic Planning Citizens Committee. She said the purpose of the committee meetings is to put Santa Rosa County Library Systemwithin the framework of county needs. Toifelreviewed the final selection of committee members (Attachment in File) and briefly reviewed the discussion, planning process, vision, needs and draft service priorities identified during the Strategic Planning Committee meeting (Attachment in File). Hendrix said county staff will be looking at the service areas to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. She said she willalso obtain input from county library staff.

Tiofel reviewed the needs to be accomplished before the next Strategic Planning Committee meeting.

Sandler moved approval of the report of the Citizen’s Strategic Planning Committee for Santa Rosa Libraries; Rose seconded, and the vote carried unanimously (5-0).

Rose said we want to be careful not to have duplication of efforts. Sandler suggested asking the Strategic Planning Committee to comment on the next most useful location of an additional library facility. Hendrix said several of the Florida libraries have developed 20 year facility plans using population projections, and she has been reviewing these models for future facilities inSanta Rosa County.

Other Business/Adjournment
Toifel said the Town of Jay now has a Friends of the Library group. Sandler commented on Stateof Florida Library Day which occurs each spring. He recommended the Board of
County Commissioners approve a proclamation recognizing March as Santa Rosa County Library month. Walker said he felt the proclamation is a good idea. He said this will
provide a good opportunity to present a brief update of the Library transition process to the Board of County Commissioners as well.

Hendrix said she plans to attend National Library Day and speak to the State Legislatures about encouraging appropriation of more funds to State Aid grants. She invited the Library Board members to attend. Lyle discussed her past attendance before the State Legislature advocating for the Pace Library. Hendrix discussed information she will provide to the Library Board members regarding task forces working on the way state aid is provided.

Toifel said she is compiling a network of Santa Rosa County Friends of the Library groups.She said she will provide this information to anyone interested.

The next scheduled meeting of the Library Advisory Board is Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 4:00 p.m.

There being no further business to come before the Library Advisory Board at this time, the meeting adjourned at 4:48 p.m.