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Approved Apr 17, 2008 - Library Advisory Board Minutes

Library Advisory Board
April 17, 2008
Milton, Florida

The Library Advisory Board met on the above date with the following members present: Chairman Peggy Toifel and members Martha Lyle, Michael Sandler, Pat Rose, and Jacqueline Wiscaver. Also present were the County Administrator (Hunter Walker), Library Director (Linda Hendrix), and Human Resources Director (DeVann Cook). Toifel called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

Toifel moved approval without objection of the minutes from the January 17, 2008 meeting.

Director’s Report/Volunteer Program Review

Hendrix said this is National Library Week. She presented a Power Point Presentation on volunteering in libraries and library statistics. (Attachment in file) Hendrix said everyone across the nation is celebrating libraries and library services. She said library workers and volunteers are also being celebrated. Hendrix said there are 26 full time dedicated staff in the county libraries. She said the official Library Volunteer Program is kicking-off this week. Hendrix discussed the volunteer program. She said there will be a Super Volunteer who will coordinate the volunteer program on a countywide basis. Hendrix discussed the role of the Super Volunteer in the library system. She said the Super Volunteer is Peggy Toifel. Hendrix discussed the benefits of being a volunteer and discussed the volunteer process. She said there will be a volunteer flyer available at libraries and on the county library website. (Attachment in file) Hendrix said people interested in becoming a library volunteer can pick up a volunteer application from library staff. (Attachment in file) She said there are 7 different volunteer job descriptions included in the application. Hendrix discussed responsibilities associated with each of the 7 volunteer jobs. She said applications will be reviewed by Toifel. Hendrix said an orientation will be held once a group of volunteers are ready to learn details of volunteering at the library. She said a procedures manual containing a lot of details and guidelines will be reviewed at that time. Hendrix said a background check will be conducted on all library volunteers. She said a background check is required by the county for all departments that have volunteers who will have any interaction with children. Hendrix said the applicant will pay the background check fee at the orientation, and the applicant can request a refund of this fee
after completing 80 volunteer hours if they choose to do so.She said the applicant will be placed in the proper position at one of the libraries once the background process is
completed. Hendrix gave a brief summary of the Library Director’s, Library Manager’s, and Library Coordinator’s involvement within the volunteer program.

Hendrix said the high school volunteer program is different from the regular volunteer program. She said high school volunteers work on scholarship requirements and need a very limited number of hours. Hendrix said the high school volunteer program is handled by each Library Manager.
Toifel said the Friends of the Library groups are going to have separate volunteers. She said eachFriends of the Librarygroup will be responsible for their own volunteers. Toifel said the Friends of the Library group volunteers will have to have background checks if they will be working in the libraries for events. She said there have been good responses from the Friends of the Library group volunteers concerning background requirements.

Hendrix reviewed the 2008 2 nd quarter statistics for the Santa Rosa County Libraries. She said checkouts and computer uses are holding steady from last quarter. Hendrix said the
computers are busy all the time.

Library Foundation Update

Toifel said four new members were added to the Library Foundation Board. She briefly discussed the new members. Toifel said there are brochures from the Library Foundation for distribution that have envelopes attached for donations. She said a Library Foundation website is being created. Toifel said the next Library Foundation meeting is Friday, April 25, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. at the Milton Library.

Other Business/Next Meeting

Hendrix said the libraries have been doing business as usual since January. She said libraries have been ordering books, trying to get best sellers out, making preparations for the summer reading program that begins the first week of June, and getting ready for major upgrades to computer software.

Sandler said he has noticed a lot of people coming into the library with their own laptops utilizing the wireless system. He said this computer use is not being captured in the statistics. Sandler said computer usage is actually higher than the statistics show. Hendrix said there is heavy use of the wireless system from people using their own laptops in and around the libraries. She said people bringing their own laptops to the libraries sometimes create competition for table space. Sandler said the statistics provided for computer usage is strictly computer usage on library computers. Hendrix said there is no way to capture the statistics for personal laptop computer usage in and around the libraries. Sandler said the broadcasting units are strong if people can sit in the library parking lot with their laptop computers and receive wireless services through the library’s brick wall. He said the wireless system is an excellent service that is being provided for the community.

Hendrix said the Jay Library has the highest increases in all areas according to statistics. She said the Jay Library is highly used, and there is competition for table space.

Lyle said the Pace Friends of the Library group is selling used books at Alyssa’s Antiques Shop in Pace. She said there is a sign up that says “buy two get one free” for National Library Week.

Toifel said she wants to acknowledge the Milton Garden Club for landscaping being installed around the Milton Library. She said the landscaping is not complete but what has been done looks quite good. Toifel said she would like to publicly thank the Milton Garden Club. She said the Milton Friends of the Library group purchased the plants, but the Milton Garden Club is doing the hard work installing the plantings.

Toifel said the Milton Friends of the Library group is starting fundraising for a new building. She said the theme of the fundraising effort is “When Pigs Fly.” Toifel said the fundraising will include contests and there will be a barbeque in the fall.

Toifel said the next Library Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2008 at 4:00 p.m.


There being no further business to come before the Library Advisory Board at this time, the meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.