Public Owned Sewer System



December 8, 2008



Board of County Commissioners

Santa Rosa County/MSBU

6495 Caroline Street , Suite L

Milton, FL 32570


Dear Board of County Commissioners,


I/we the homeowner(s) on Quiet Street (or Quiet Street subdivision) request that a Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) be established for the purpose of installing and maintaining a sewer system in the Quiet Street Subdivision.  We would like to have the sewer system installed from Bird Whistle Street, where the connection will be made to ABC Utility Company’s main line, and run throughout our entire subdivision (or designated area).  I have included a written cost estimate for the project that was provided to me by the XYZ Engineering firm.  It is understood that this is just an estimate and when the job is actually bid out, the cost may vary. 

ABC Utility Company has reviewed the project and has provided a letter, which is
attached. The letter acknowledges they have adequate capacity, the proposed system meets their standards, and is appropriate for the area.

I will be the point of contact for all correspondence. I have received and understand the Program and Policies to establish an MSBU.  



John Q. Public




Mr. John Q. Public

1234 Quiet Street

Navarre, FL 32566


Phone:  999-1234