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One of the most exciting opportunities the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Plaza will bring to the community is that it will become a classroom. We are working with the Santa Rosa County School Board and the University of West Florida to create a patriotic study guide that we are currently calling Freedom. This will become part of the 8th grade 2006/2007 year curriculum in Santa Rosa County school system.

The book will begin with an overview of the park and the Memorial's importance to the community. The study guide will be broken into segments helping students to learn more about their freedom. Proposed format:

Chapter I

  • About the Constitution and why we are who we are.

Chapter II

  • Start with the Revolutionary War and each chapter will follow the timeline panels in the Memorial.
    -(more to come)

Each chapter will be about 8 to 10 pages long. Each class will tour the Memorial so they can see, feel and touch freedom. When they finish the study guide each child will understand the price people have paid for them to be free. As the study guide takes shape we will keep the community updated.