Since its formation in 1986, the Santa Rosa County Addressing Department has the responsibility of providing and maintaining addresses for all residents and commercial businesses located within Santa Rosa County. The primary goal of the Addressing Department is to follow a systematic and logical approach to ensure a correct address is assigned to each residential or business location. By using a systematic approach to addressing, first responders and emergency personnel are provided with the most accurate and up-to-date address information so they may assist the County's citizens as quickly as possible, even when posted addresses are obscured due to damage or debris from a natural or man-made disaster.

Addressing Ordinance, Policies & Procedures

For information regarding the Addressing Department’s directives from the Board of Commissioners and our official policy, please read Ordinance 2023-11: Street Naming and Numbering Ordinance (PDF) and its accompanying Addressing Policy (PDF). These documents govern and guide the Addressing Department’s day-to-day procedures and coordination with other County departments and offices. The ordinance also provides information on the proper display of street signs and address numbers.

Request an Address

The Addressing Department has a convenient Online Request Form for the issuance of new addresses as well as for the approval of new street and subdivision names. If you would prefer to speak to a representative or if you have any questions, our phone number is (850) 983-1805.

Street Name Check

Street Name Check – Developers, please use this app for an initial review of the street names submitted. By entering the street name, you will be able to discover any duplicate street names before you submit them to our office. Please note that the following guidelines are used when reviewing streets:

  • Street names should be no more than 21 characters in length
  • No duplicate street names will be allowed. (e.g.: Harvest Village Blvd., Harvest Village Ct., etc.) Similar sounding names are considered to be duplications, regardless of spelling and should not be used.
  • Names are to be pronounced as they are spelled and clearly understood. Streets should use the most commonly acceptable spelling. Homonyms are to be avoided. (e.g., Weight St., Wait St.)
  • The use of proper names (i.e., first, and last) of individuals living or passed should be avoided.
  • No post or pre directional is to be used. (e.g., Mason St N or E River Road)
  • No initials or abbreviations are to be used. (e.g., B Lowery Rd). Names may not contain hyphens, slashes, apostrophes, or other special characters.
  • Names should be clear, easy to pronounce, spelled as it is pronounced, and pleasing to the community.