Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division enforces the land development code and other ordinances adopted by the board of county commissioners. Enforcement of these ordinances enhances the quality of life for the citizens and property owners of Santa Rosa County and protects property values as well as the public health and safety.

Code Enforcement Responsibilities

Santa Rosa County Code Enforcement, under the Board of County Commissioners, works to enforce the Land Development Code and County Ordinances. Illegal dumping may be reported to Code Enforcement or to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Department at: or 850-981-2109 

Suspected pollution spills to the Santa Rosa County storm water system or to the waters of the United States may be reported by using the Illicit Discharge Form

Report a Violation

Citizens may report potential violations by utilizing the online complaint portal. Complaints must include contact information of the complainant as well as the address or a specific description of the violation location. Citizens may upload pictures there as well. A brief overview of potential violations that Code Enforcement may investigate are listed here.