Floodplain Management

Floodplain management assists customers in meeting the requirements of the Santa Rosa County Land Development Code and the National Flood Insurance Program. This office is the archive for all the flood information for the county, and the other local jurisdictions, including flood insurance rate maps, elevation certificates, letters of map amendment and flood insurance studies. This office is also responsible for the Community Rating System or CRS information. CRS is a voluntary program which based on activities performed determines a discount from 5% to 40% on flood insurance rates. This office assists the special projects and grants department with Mitigation of flood prone structures. The following information can be obtained from our office by emailing our floodplain manager.

  • Assistance with Letters of Map Amendment
  • Copies of Elevation Certificates 
  • Copies of Flood Insurance Rate Maps
  • Flood Map Determinations
  • Grandfathering Assistance
  • Requirements for Construction in a Special Flood Hazard Area
  • Substantial Damage Determinations

Please contact the floodplain manager at 850-981-7029 for more information.

Dumping is Prohibited

Dumping is a violation of Santa Rosa County Ordinance 06-26. Do not dump or throw anything into the ditches, streams, creeks, or rivers. Even grass clippings and branches can accumulate and plug channels, creeks and streams. A blocked channel cannot carry water and when it rains the water has to go somewhere. Every piece of trash contributes to flooding.

Keeping Ditches Clean

If your property is next to a ditch or stream, please do your part and keep the banks clear of brush and debris. Santa Rosa County has a maintenance program which can help remove major blockages such as debris in ditches. Please call 626-0191 or fill out a work order online.

Flood-Related Resource Documents