Flood Mitigation Task Force

Over the past several years, Santa Rosa County has made significant progress in its efforts to address flooding problems in the county. Seeking to build upon the progress that has already been made, a Flood Mitigation Plan Task Force, comprised of both staff members and community residents, has been assembled to develop a plan to address flooding issues.

Standard Flood Mitigation Plan Process

The Flood Mitigation Plan was prepared according to a standard planning process regulated by FEMA, by following the 10 steps listed below:

  1. Organize to prepare the plan
  2. Involve the public
  3. Coordinate with other agencies
  4. Assess the hazard
  5. Assess the problem
  6. Set goals
  7. Review possible activities
  8. Draft an action plan
  9. Adopt the plan
  10. Implement, evaluate and revise

Public Participation

Public participation in future flood mitigation planning efforts is desired. For more information, please contact the grants department at 850-983-1848.